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Presidential BP oil spill restoration task force meets Monday in New Orleans – NOLA.com 0

Posted on February 27, 2011 by bp complaints


Presidential BP oil spill restoration task force meets Monday in New Orleans
The federal-state Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, formed by President Barack Obama in response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, will meet Monday for the second time in New Orleans to review

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Feinberg meets with St. Bernard officials, claimants – WWL First News 0

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Feinberg meets with St. Bernard officials, claimants
WWL First News
Feinberg is hearing from parish officials and business owners and fisherman who lost money because of the Gulf oil disaster. Feinberg has been on the hot
Oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg meets with St. Bernard Parish NOLA.com

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Feinberg meets personally with Ala. biz people – WSFA 0

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Feinberg meets personally with Ala. biz people
(AP) – Several Alabama business people came away satisfied after one-on-one meetings with the head of BP's oil spill claims office, Ken Feinberg.
Federal pay czar speaks at Mizzou business schoolFOX2now.com
Aggrieved oil spill claimants happier after Ken Feinberg meetingal.com (blog)
Bay reaps 0 million in oil spill claims // See REPORTThe News Herald
Press-Register – al.com (blog) –KeysNet –WLOX
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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Chairman Lisa Jackson meets with … – NOLA.com 0

Posted on October 05, 2010 by bp complaints

Kansas City Star

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Chairman Lisa Jackson meets with
Ray Mabus last week in his own report to Obama on how to move from responding to the oil spill to recovery of the coast's ecology and economy.
NOAA administrator notes good science's role oil spill response in gulfOil & Gas Journal
Transcript: NOAA Administrator's Keynote Address on NOAA Science and the Gulf NOAA
The Talon: Oil Spill in the Gulf: Meltdown in D.Cmy.hsj.org
Pensacola News Journal –NASDAQ –Wall Street Journal (blog)
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Round 5: Investigative Panel Meets Again on Gulf Spill – Christian Broadcasting Network 0

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Round 5: Investigative Panel Meets Again on Gulf Spill
Christian Broadcasting Network
The next round of hearings on the cause of April's deadly rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and the subsequent oil spill are scheduled to begin Monday
Carcinogen Levels Skyrocket After Gulf Oil SpillThe Epoch Times
Gulf Drilling Ban Could End Months Before Emergency Spill Fleet is Ready for FairWarning
Gulf oil spill: Lingering disaster?The News Herald
domain-B –NorthJersey.com –WKRG-TV
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Gulf Oil Spill Meets Dead Zone: What Lies Beneath – Huffington Post (blog) 0

Posted on August 05, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf Oil Spill Meets Dead Zone: What Lies Beneath
Huffington Post (blog)
In this oil spill aftermath, we can still clearly witness, "the evidence of things not seen" below our ravaged Gulf waters. Will we join with BP in denying
Gulf Dead Zone shows potential long-term impact of BP disasterFacing South (blog)

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‘Not everything is perfect’: BP brass meets Destin business leaders as city struggles to protect pass (PHOTOS) 1

Posted on July 04, 2010 by bp complaints

‘Not everything is perfect’: BP brass meets Destin business leaders as city struggles to protect pass (PHOTOS)
After a closed door meeting with BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles, local business owners left Wednesday’s meeting with mixed reactions. “I think they did a good job of listening to the local businesses and addressing their concerns as best…
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Governor Jindal Meets with Vice President, Calls For Greater Sense of Urgency from Feds 0

Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints


President Obama Meets with the Cabinet to Discuss Economy, Iraq, BP Oil Spill and Energy and Climate Legislation 0

Posted on June 23, 2010 by bp complaints

Click here to see the video.

Yesterday, President Obama held a Cabinet meeting at the White House to discuss a variety of topics with the Cabinet ranging from economic growth, national security and the war in Iraq, the BP Oil Spill, and the need for comprehensive energy and climate legislation. 

Following the meeting the President gave brief remarks in the Roosevelt Room.  The President began his remarks by mentioning the Cabinet’s discussion of economic growth.   Over the past five months we have seen job and economic growth, but the President emphasized that there is still more work to be done to help the “millions of Americans out there who are looking for work, or looking for more hours, or are behind on their payments because they experienced unemployment very recently.”

Vice President Biden also gave a briefing on Iraq:

We also got a full briefing from our national security team as well as Vice President Biden on Iraq.  It hasn’t received a lot of attention lately, but we are on pace to meet every target that we set at the beginning of this administration, to have our combat troops out and to transfer security responsibilities to the Iraqis.  And we had a discussion about the progress that’s been made in terms of government formation there.

We also discussed the importance of the transition from a Defense-weighted U.S. approach to a more State Department-weighted approach, and the need to make sure that we are adequately funding and supporting all the diplomatic measures that are going to be necessary so that we can partner effectively with a new Iraqi government over the long haul.

The Cabinet also discussed the BP Oil Spill and measures that have been taken over the past few weeks to stop the leak, clean up the oil and compensate those whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the oil spill. 

We had a discussion about the oil spill in the Gulf and the important measures that are being taken both in capping the well, in making sure that we are dealing with the consequences on the shorelines and estuaries and bays across the Gulf, and also making sure that ordinary Americans who are being devastated economically are compensated properly.

Ken Feinberg has already traveled to the Gulf, and he is meeting with governors and local officials with the billion fund that has been set up.  We want to make sure that that money is moving out as quickly as possible, as fairly as possible, and that some of the people who I’ve had a chance to talk to down in the Gulf who are just desperate for relief are getting help as quickly as possible.

Finally the Cabinet discussed the importance of passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation:

And finally, we talked about energy.  In the context of the oil spill, as I said last week during my Oval Office address, this has to be a wakeup call to the country that we are prepared and ready to move forward on a new energy strategy that the American people desperately want but for which there’s been insufficient political will.  It is time for us to move to a clean energy future.  I think the American people understand that it is a jobs creator, that it is a national security enhancer, that it is what is needed environmentally.

And we have the opportunity to build on actions that have already been taken in the House of Representatives.  The Senate has an opportunity before the August recess and the elections to stand up and move forward on something that could have enormous, positive consequences for generations to come.  And the entire Cabinet here recognizes, with all the other stuff that they’re doing, that if we get energy right, that an awful lot of things can happen as a consequence.


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President Obama Meets with Congressional Leaders on the BP Spill and the Months Ahead 0

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

This morning the President hosted Congressional leaders from both parties to talk through the months ahead and make sure they are as productive as possible.  As the President made clear in remarks afterwards, the top priorities have to be the BP oil spill and putting people back to work:

Obviously the top of our list was our continued response to the crisis in the Gulf and what’s happening with the oil spill.  We gave them an update on all the measures that are being taken, the single largest national response in United States history to an environmental disaster.  But we had a frank conversation about the fact that the laws that have been in place have not been adequate for a crisis of this magnitude.  The Oil Pollution Act was passed at a time when people didn’t envision drilling four miles under the sea for oil.

And so it’s going to be important that, based on facts, based on experts, based on a thorough examination of what went wrong here and where things have gone right, but also where things have gone wrong, that we update the laws to make sure that the people in the Gulf, the fishermen, the hotel owners, families who are dependent for their livelihoods in the Gulf, that they are all made whole and that we are in a much better position to respond to any such crisis in the future.

So that was a prominent part of the discussion, and I was pleased to see bipartisan agreement that we have to deal with that in an aggressive, forward-leaning way.

Even as we deal with that crisis, we’ve still got an economy that’s on the mend, but there are a lot of people out there who are still out of work.  There are a lot of families who are still struggling to pay the bills.  And so a major part of our discussion was how could we continue to build on the progress that’s been made in the economy and, in particular, how can we make sure that that has an impact on job growth and the day-to-day improvements that people are seeing in their own lives.

The President talked about the urgency of passing extensions for unemployment insurance and other measures to help families stay above water while they’re looking for work, which will in turn make sure the recovery continues with some stability.  He also expressed confidence that a strong package to help small businesses grow and hire is coming together.

Also on the agenda is finishing financial reform, a supplemental to fund our troops, and continued work on ways to reduce the deficit, an area the President was particularly hopeful of finding bipartisan solutions on.

The President closed speaking passionately about the need for a new energy policy for the long term to begin now:
In that same category of thinking about the next generation, I want to close by just talking about my personal belief that we have to move on an energy agenda that is forward-looking, that creates jobs, that assures that we are leaders in solar and wind and biodiesel, but recognizes that we are going to be reliant on fossil fuels for many years to come, that we are going to still be using oil and we’re still going to be using other fossil fuels, but that we have to start planning now and putting the infrastructure in place now, putting the research and development in place now so that we end up being leaders in our energy future.

I’m actually going to have a group of CEOs this afternoon who’ve come in from a wide range of different industries — people from Bill Gates of Microsoft to the former chairman of DuPont who have come up with a series of recommendations about how we need to move much more aggressively on the energy agenda.

And although obviously our immediate task is to deal with a crisis that is affecting millions of people down in the Gulf, we can’t keep our eye off the importance of having an energy policy that meets the needs of the next generation and ensures that the United States is the leader when it comes to energy policy.  We are not yet that leader, and that’s what I want us to do.

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