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(1723) Kristy
Fri, 3 March 2017 11:09:49 +0000

Hi there
I went to BP garage today in Berea East London. I was served by a gentleman called Bongani. All i can say is what wonderful service I received. Did he not only just do what I asked he went the extea mile by telling me how I can prevent my car from overheating. He smiled and was so friendly. I will definitely be going back there.
That man definitely deserves a raise. Awesome service!!!
Kristy Hattingh

(1722) joseph
Wed, 1 March 2017 14:54:09 +0000

i would to know to know how bp can sell petrol at their load petrol station for £1 22and round the cornor on the Coventry road bp station is £1.19 its a disgrace and nothing but a scam come on bp give us your reason for this

(1721) Donovan Geduld
Wed, 22 February 2017 08:30:31 +0000

Hi I fill up at BP in Promenade, Mitchell's Plain. Cape Town. I got a complaint that recently added 4more new pumps and they only have 1 air pump that is operational. For a Garage that have 12 petrol pumps there should be 12 air pumps. They don't have paper towels and maybe 3 window cleaner. Are they not suppose to keep the Standard of BP up. They make millions a week and give us this service. Can someone look into this pls.

(1720) Tiffany
Sun, 19 February 2017 10:59:13 +0000

Bp Belmont, NC 28012 wilkonson blvd

I went to this station at 430am to get gas. I purchased $6 in gas and left. By 10am i had an extra $6 charge to my card and went to let them know I was overcharged. The employees call the manager Pam and end the end she told me to give her proof, at thos time I had already had it pulled up and shown as a completed charge. I actually get charged 1.50 every time i swip my card so thT charge was there twice as well. Pam then told me (over the phone) that she would need a paper copy of the bank statement. I said thats fine I'll go print one out right now...then she says oh no thats not going to work and continues to gives me excuses on why i can't getmy money back right there. She also gave me the wrong phone number for the home office so I can try to get the situation resolved. She was very unprofessional and had her employees looking dumbfounded because they didnt understand why they couldn't return my money they saw the proof themselves. The management should be more customer oriented and I have yet to receive any money back.

Gravatar (1719) Noah Gautreaux
Fri, 17 February 2017 13:01:01 +0000

I lost $180.000 due to the oil spill I work directly with the seafood industry we hire an attorney that kept us in the dark with our claim changed attorney an found out he didn't not complete the form we have a claim number but y'all will not allow us to continue due to the date

(1718) Sharee Boyle
Tue, 14 February 2017 12:39:29 +0000

Yesterday I stopped for petrol at BP Greenlane Gt Sth Rd at about 4.30pm, petrol would not flow from the pump, I tried getting the attention of the man at the counter no luck, when he decided he should help I got mimed instructions, next he went to come out but was so busy giving instructions to someone who looked like they were sweeping the floor? by this time I had spent 6 minutes in the rain and was very annoyed. I left and next stop was Z, there the service was completely different, I hadn't even got the pump out of the machine and there was the forecourt attendant with a smile helping out. No more BP for me I am a Z convert after this experiance.

(1717) Shahid Mehmood
Sat, 11 February 2017 05:25:48 +0000

This complaint is against the manager of BP garage situated at Eastcote Road, Welling, London.
The manager of this station provide me employment on this garrage and i worked there about 205 Hours.
Later on my university started and i told them that i can only come 2 days in a week.
They told me that they will inform me.
I worked in december but till today i did not get my wages from there.
I am continiously demanding my wages from the manager but he is flatly refusing me from paying my wages.
So please help me in this if you can.

(1716) Lynn
Wed, 8 February 2017 20:29:13 +0000

This for the downtown BP located at 1229 N Dixie hwy west palm beach Florida . The cashier name is Jessie she wear short curly hair and Spanish. She was extremely rude to me Saturday morning 2/4/2017. She just rude in general she catches an attitude when I asked for the receipt of my purchase. Then she over charged me on newports first I see the actual price and then she changes it to something higher and then the next day that following Sunday I came in my total was $8.89 and then it changed to $2.12 I noticed it but she had a line and before I could say something I still gave her a bill of $10.00. I work hard for my money so for a cashier to take that from me is not right she lucky I did not call the police on her to run back cameras but I would NEVER come back to this gas station as long as they have someone like her working there.

(1715) Bev Harpham
Mon, 6 February 2017 10:49:52 +0000

Feb 5, 2016 I was at your BP gas station in Lacon, Illinois at about 10:00a.m. I dispensed coffee and took the cup to the creamer of Half N Half. The creamer dispenser was not secured down, of which I did not know at the time, and the big dispenser moved and the hot coffee spilled onto my hand. My skin blistered immediately. I asked the lady on duty immediately for some ice. She first put some ice into a napkin and then I asked for ice in a plastic bag which she quickly found and gave me. She also gave me some burn cream and a some bandages. My daughter and I were on our way to Chicago and I kept the ice on the burn until the ice was melted. I put some of the burn cream on but it did not help. I told my daughter I thought it would be best for me to see a doctor so she took me to a walgreens that had a clinic in Boilingbrook. She told me that it was a second degree burn as it was blistering. She also prescribed a cream for me to put on the burn and told me to have my doctor in Peoria look at it. I would like BP to take care of my doctor bills. The creamer dispenser should have been secured down or maybe a sign that indicated beware the unit will move. Please advise how I should handle this. Thank you Bev Harpham

(1714) Roger Sequeira
Mon, 6 February 2017 02:32:00 +0000

To whom it may concern.

I used to work for BP and am passionate about customer service. I am a tourist guide and came across this complaint and need you to please escalate this issue.

I think BP’s name in this case is being ruined by one of the Managers or Owner-Manager at the Buffelsjag Rivier Garage.

It used to be a popular stop for many Tourist Buses and they use the toilets and of course go into the shop as well but from what I read in the guides Facebook page this person has a huge problem with customer service and it seems it is not only with tourist buses. I am sure if people dig deeper there will be other complaints against his behaviour.

If I were in charge I would investigate further and I think this kind of behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud. Tour Operators are now starting to boycott the fuel stop and going elsewhere.

This is from the Tourist Guides' Facebook Page.

Christiaan Kruger
January 31 at 10:48pm
I'm currently doing a tour wirh 35 pax on a HRoss bus. Today I was confronted by the very rude manager of the BP at Buffeljagsrivier because we stopped at his garage and used the toilets. I was rudely told tour buses are not welcome at his facility anymore unless we support his shop. He said his toilets are not public toilets and we must please make use of other stops. Well its falseI because the tourists always buy stuff to eat and drink at his shop. He is obviously not a friend of tourists and I would not see me again!! Please let us know if you had a similar incident with him
Top of Form

Roy Colvin He's famous!
· January 31 at 10:54pm

Jason W Booysen Wow cant believe it i've recently completed my course and live in swellendam thats sad for our town and busness
· January 31 at 11:08pm

Jason W Booysen replied · 1 Reply

Monika Rieder That has happened numerous times before. Manager should be reported to BP HQ. Such a bad businessman. Guests always used to buy stuff.
· January 31 at 11:13pm

Garth Johnson He certainly doesn't know or care about 'how to win friends and influence people'. Agree, report him to BP. Not that they will care but it's a start.
· February 1 at 6:16am

Alistair Reizenberg This isn't the first time...sadly.

On the Flip side, a huge business opportunity for a tourist friendly business, with clean toilets!
· February 1 at 6:32am

Liese Mossner-Sequeira I shall talk to somebody at head office to see where we stand.
· February 1 at 7:13am

Malcolm Glaser
· February 1 at 7:46am

Andre Van Den Berg The same happend to my guests when i stoped there a while back
· February 1 at 8:24am

Ubi Stohr Will all guides who has had a problem here send me a email as to what happened.... I will forward all to BP headoffice..my email ubicmsb@yahoo.com
· February 1 at 9:39am · Edited

Liese Mossner-Sequeira replied · 1 Reply

Gertd Van Wyk Chris sorry to hear about that .....but on our previous trip i informed you about that ,and here you experience it first hand
· February 1 at 9:48am

Yasmin Johnson How bad manners you should report it to the Petro co involved
· February 1 at 9:53am

Rudman Louis Wow that is a shocker I can't believe you do find Managers that got an attitude like him still in today's life??? I am shocked.
· February 1 at 12:07pm

Phillip Du Plessis BP should retrain this guy.
· February 1 at 8:30pm

Philip De Bruyn Is he the manager or owner?If he is the manager get hold of the owner!

(1713) Pieter Vermeulen
Sat, 4 February 2017 06:51:33 +0000

Berg bron BP I pulled in to get my Chevy bakkie wash. Paid my R75. Car behind me Audi gets vacuum immediately. Nissan in Fort of me door open gets washed. Every one walks pass my bakkie. Pull into the wash bay to the front. Splash some soap water on my bakkie steam blast the Audi. I sat there for 5 min no one attended to me. So if you not driving a Million Rand car you nothing at the carage!!!! I am a discovery menber. I fill up with BP 3 time a week. I must be treaten like I am nothinges! !!

(1712) Katherine LaRose
Wed, 25 January 2017 16:14:50 +0000

I stopped in at your station on 7th street in St. Louis MO and the cashier could not even sell me a Lottery ticket, I thought I would give you a chance I usually use the station across the street. I bought gas, breakfast sandwich but he had no idea how to sell me a lottery ticket so now I will go back to your competitor.

(1711) Terry Kendrix
Mon, 23 January 2017 13:30:13 +0000

This is a complaint about a manager at a BP gas station on Colfax and Chambers in Aurora, CO. This lady named Christie works there (Manager). I just moved here 6 months ago and have spent in excess of $300 a month there buying cigarettes and merchandise. This manager was commenting to her employees how I'm too hot to be with my wife. Only reason I know is one told me about it. The problem started today when she refused service to my wife when I sent her for a pack of cigarettes. Christie claims she had an attitude every day so she refused to sell her a pack of cigarettes. BP, please solve this problem. My wife barely talks and wouldn't hurt a fly. This lady is a lying, jelous, conniving women. I bet the 7-11 down the street would love an extra $400 a month. My wife is mentally disabled. She doesn't understand, and she's not involved. Shame on you Christie! All I wanted was a pack of cigarettes. Who TF cares if she can't get laid so she retaliates. This is against BP policy.I know this. I read the code of conduct.

(1710) Leon van der Merwe
Fri, 20 January 2017 04:59:53 +0000

Dear reader
Yesterday at about 18:00 I stopped to fill my car up at Queenwood BP filling station. I always get out of my car while my car is filled up. I noticed that the attendant next to my car spilled petrol over a ladies car who was sitting in her car next to where I was assisted. He then just closed her car’s petrol cap and gave her the keys back. I then said that he must at least rinse the petrol of her car. He was trying to make me a liar and he was very sarcastic. His name is Tshepo (I think that is the spelling). I went inside to call the manager to report his behavior. A trainee was assisting me and Tshepo called him and said to the Manager that the trainee also heard me called him a p...s. I was shocked and mentioned to the manager that I never in my life use that word, NEVER! I said that I am leaving as I was too shocked; I also mentioned that I will never put petrol in there ever again after I used that station for many years. How can I except this and also the fact that the trainee is involved in lies.
I don’t know what more to say.
Thank you for understanding my frustration.

(1709) Renee Smith
Fri, 20 January 2017 01:54:53 +0000

When I first walked into the BP gas station 4910 on Harvard avenue in Newburgh Hts Ohio I noticed how friendly the atmosphere was. I was greeted real nice by two very generous workers that go by the names Elise or Alysse, ( I wasn't to sure how she spelled her name) and the young gentleman Austin who I kept mistaking for Justin. He laughed, and said "People mistake my name sometimes with Justin." After being greeted I was unsure of the different pop sales and candy sales they had going on and the kind lady Elise explained to me that the little bottles were buy one get one for a dollar and that our king size snickers were 2 for $3. This impressed me how great her customer service was because no matter how busy it was when she was taking care of other customers she made me feel just as important as every other customer that was being serviced. This demonstrated to me that she new what she was doing and was able to multitask and answer my questions at the same time. Now the young gentleman named Austin, I could tell he was a hard worker because he was all over the store taking care of stock and whatever else needed tending to right around the time I had approached him. When I eventually did approach him I had asked him because I was curious about the fuel discount cards and wanted to know more about them and how you apply for them. He told me that you can get a discount on your fuel purchase with your rewards you accumulate. The thing that really impressed me about this young gentleman is he was pretty Frank with me up front about him only knowing little about the rewards but he still had the ambition to find out more info for me because he valued my interest as a customer. He also took time out of his day to direct me to where the applications where for the fuel discount cards. Out of all my 61 years as an elder woman I have never seen excellent customer service be delivered and demonstrated the way I did when I walked in that store. Most younger generation part time employees won't give the time and day and is all about just getting through their shift, making money, and going home. I can tell these two workers wanted to be there despite how busy it was, and how busy they were, and all the other things that they needed to get done, they still found time and made me feel like a guest and not just another customer. I feel something can be learned from these two employees!

(1708) Alan Bailey
Thu, 19 January 2017 11:09:54 +0000

1/19/2017 9:15am
I ran out of gas and went into the BP. On 163 Rd st.in the Bronx to get a gas can and gas. The can was marked 2gal.14.99+ tax and the one gal.was unmarked and I was charged for the 2 gal.price plus gas.I pointed out the price to the cashier and he still charged the higher price.

(1707) K Bashir
Tue, 17 January 2017 03:37:11 +0000

Hi mate ,
Tonight 03:10 I was on bp patrol station 314 Coventry road b236hl for fuel . Customer service is really bad. The guy was on duty is really rude & no manners for speaking with customer. He said I'm just sitting for relax u disturb me . Waste my 10mins.
I'm very unhappy from the guy u appointed.

(1706) S.Halligan
Mon, 16 January 2017 17:28:29 +0000

This complaint is against Bp Outbound Somerton Victoria Australia.This complaint is the second after no reply from BP Australia. I was an employee at BP Outbound for 8 years and the unethical business practices and the lack of professionalism still overwhelmes me. Not only were the senior management ( Trevor Dance and Co) bullies to lower management but ignorant to business requirements. The manager at BP Somerton (Narelle Butt) was negligent on many occasions. This was at the professional expense of others forcing staff to ignore health and safety and serve rotten meat to the public. I also witnessed Narelle Butt abuse her position of manager by bullying a lot of staff including one employee who was bullied relentlessly for 2 years until she resigned. Bp have an anti bullying policy and procedure which is not worth the paper it is written on. I would like to see action taken from a higher level of Senior management.

(1705) Wendy Harding
Sun, 8 January 2017 10:09:21 +0000

At 9:20 am on January 8, 2017, I began filling my van with gas at pump 3 at the BP station on Summerville Road, Phenix City, Al. I noticed that gas was dripping onto the ground just below the hose attached to the gas nozzle attached to the pump. It made a gas puddle of about 8 inches in diameter on the ground. I stopped pumping gas and went inside to tell the attendant. I think this is a fire hazard. The attendant did not seem too alarmed and basically was saying the same thing as I was telling her. It made me wonder if this had been reported and the station did not do anything about it.

Gravatar (1704) Khan, Iqbal
Thu, 5 January 2017 14:22:56 +0000

Date: 06/01/17, Time: 02:11hrs, Receipt: 2291648
Sub: Problem: Pump's digits kept going up for extra extra 5 dollars even after releasing fuel trigger.
Refund and compensation sought: $5 (fuel) + $15 (inconvenience).
BP at 226 Morrison Rd. Midland was selling gas 82.9c/L. At finish of my shift, I filled my taxi with full tank from Caltex at 375 Great eastern Hwy Midland 79.9/L (6th Jan, time: 01:33am). After leaving pump I felt it still required a liter or two extra for fuel needle to read full.
I drove to BP at 226 Morrison Rd. Midland (which is closing on 13th Jan), I filled 3 dollars gas and released fuel trigger. Surprisingly pump's digits kept going up even with relatively faster speed. I faced to the counter serving person, raised both of my hands and waved them cross way to shut the pump of. She didn't bother. I quickly loosed the nozzle. Digits stopped but now it was reading 'No flow'. To me, if there is a gas flow with trigger released, then it is a safety hazard. Secondly, why I should be charged when there was no gas supply.
I complained the serving lady who acknowledged seeing me waving my hands. She demanded that I should have made photo of this malfunctioning. Surprised? She was angry and argumentative.
It was a bad experience and ended with a sense of suffering.
I demand refund of 5 dollars for fuel and 15 dollars for this which otherwise was not my obligation.

Gravatar (1703) Vera Georgiou
Tue, 3 January 2017 18:36:02 +0000

I have been getting my large latte from BP Merrimac on Gooding Drive in Merrimac 4226 since 27 dec 2007 every morning (give or take the odd one i miss) I have been a staunch and regular customer and seen many staff changes but also gotten to know you're wonderful long term staff like Rob, Sherie, Heather, Laura who are your best. I remember when coffee was $2 something back then and have seen it go up to $4.80 until recently. Our coffee is more expensive than Sydney!!!! I always did enjoy the 5th coffee free which kind of softened the blow a little. However now i think BP have pushed it too far with charging $5 and no rewards system! !!! I've sadly stopped getting my coffee and now fuel from BP in sheer principle that you've pushed the greed of revenue too far. It's sad as I've been a loyal customer for 9 years just ask your staff. I know it's a new look BP but now ridiculously overpriced. I now go to 7 11 for coffee half the price. Sad and very disappointing.

(1702) Frank M
Wed, 28 December 2016 22:30:19 +0000

BP Gas station located at 5665 Sunrise Highway, Holbrook, NY 11741. This is a Self Service gas station. I went to this gas station on December 27, 2016, at 5:50 p.m. When I pulled into the gas station I had seen the gas sign lit up at $2.59 reg 87 gas / cash price. I used my debit card at the pump and began pumping fuel. I didn't realize that the pump would automatically consider my debit card a credit card and charged me the credit price instead of cash. I can accept that, my mistake. With that being said, I expect that the gas is going to cost me a few cents more per gallon as a result of the credit price. However, as I'm pumping, I noticed that the credit price is $3.49 per gallon, $0.80 cents more than the regular price. How does this gas station justify an additional $0.80 cents per gallon charge? If you were to pump 10 gallons of fuel that's $8.00 more than cash price. Most other gas stations will charge an extra $0.10 cents. I understand there is an extra cost to the gas station per credit transaction, but this is ridiculous. Is this the way BP wants to be portrayed? I can't believe BP and this gas station owner would take advantage of people. I approached the worker at the station and he first explained that if I wanted to pay with my debit card I should have come into the station. Second, when I explained about the extra $0.80 cents charge for the cash/credit prince he replied, "The price is the price" that too bad. Disgusting, I'll never go to BP again.

Gravatar (1701) George Dearden
Wed, 28 December 2016 18:41:42 +0000

I would to submit a strong complain regarding the condition and cleanliness of the BP service station at Amberley in Queensland.
I have two photos that I can email if required.
Thank you George Dearden

(1700) Mrs mitchell
Wed, 28 December 2016 07:42:18 +0000

I always use the bp service station 66-76 Cambridge street st Neots pe19 qpj (shay express) there is one man that serves in there (don know name as no name badge) that never seems to give me my nectar points so yesterday I challenged him asking for my points and receipt to show them he refused to give me receipt and yet again didn't swipe my card! I have reason to beleve he is collecting points himself! I told him I was going to report him and he said go ahead!! As I was pulling out of the station he was laughing at me and just waved at my husband ( Who as you can imagine was not impressed!!) I hope you can take action i await your response

(1699) E Don
Fri, 23 December 2016 01:23:08 +0000

As a regular customer and card holder of BP fuel services, I experienced an unacceptable situation at one of the local BP station located on the out skirts of Atlanta.
The signage of this particular BP clearly indicated Regular Gas at a price of 2.25 per gallon. After arriving at the pump, I inserted my credit card and a zip code was requested. I entered the ZIP and proceeded with my purchase. Before pumping the fuel, I noticed that the price at the pump indicated 2.35 cents rather than the 2.25 displayed on the signage. I attempted to cancel with no success. I then decided to complete the sale and address the issue with the store attendant. After finalizing my purchase, I entered the station and spoke with the attendant that stated the cash fuel purchases are 2.25 per gallon and credit cards are 2.35. I left the station keeping in mind that I will contact the appropriate authorities and advise them of this phishing tactic. I have visited several BPs throughout the city and never had this to happen. Out of all the stations that I have visited to purchase fuel, this is the first one that display on their signage one price and a different one at the pumps. The price on the signage is the price you pay at the pump, unless you have gained credits on your BP card, then and only then the price will change by lowering below the listed price in accordance to your earned credits on your card. I have addressed this issue to other BP stations that I frequent and even they are amazed. To me this is like a merchant tagging merchandise in his or her store with one price and charging it to another at the register. This is against the law. The store in question is located just off of the exit of 285 south bound on Cascade Rd…Term 88814…Stan 11865382877…Site ID 8983173

(1698) Arthur Manning
Wed, 21 December 2016 19:38:50 +0000

As I review my mileage data for my Chrysler Sebring over the last few months, I notice a sudden drop from an average of 25 mpg to 20 mpg after filling up at Kwik Stop site 9771262 dated 9/26/16 time:19:33 transaction #9144664 (13.638 gallons ultimate @$2.769)

I find it strange that my mileage should drop so much, and am suspicious about your gas mixture at that station.

I normally purchase gas from your Station here in Dubuque at 4639 Pennsylvania - site# 8433807

You should investigate this station.

(1697) alex reed
Mon, 19 December 2016 15:19:10 +0000

I Mr. reed was at the midway bp in st.paul mn I purchased the wrong antifreeze. the told me I couldn't return it. they had a illegal sign that was not conspicuous and 14 points bold. which mn state law requires how do I get my 13.98 back

(1696) David
Mon, 19 December 2016 08:48:54 +0000

Just been to purchase diesel from your Castlford outlet near junction 32 forecourt full of litter-bins fun to overflowing-no disposable gloves in any of dispenses-a tad disappointed-don't mind paying for top quality petroleum-but don't want to a transfer waste station to purchase goods .

Gravatar (1695) laurence faragher
Sun, 18 December 2016 15:52:23 +0000

Driving towards service car park from service road met a bp tanker in middle of the road the his wheels equalispaced either side of the double white line. I was unable to exit past his vehicle and he sounded his horn as a aproached the rear of his vehicle. I reversed back up to his cab and pointed out the white line.
He muttered something about getting so I said "your in the middle of the road across the double white line to wich he replied "what a load of shit". I think your drivers should know the highway code and be more curious and not shout profanities to the public.
He was North bound at Leicester Forest East services at about 20
:10 Sunday 18th December. e3Vf9

(1694) Byron Goldberg
Sat, 17 December 2016 06:18:29 +0000

Yesterday 16 December 2016 we filled up petrol at a BP station in Gordon's Bay (BP station on beach road). Once the petrol attendant was done filling up the car we noticed that 51 litres was put in the tank however the tank can take a maximum of 45 litres (this has been checked according to the vehicle user manual). Therefore the Metre was not set at zero after the previous car's tank was filled. I noticed that a taxi was filled up prior to my vehicle being filled and it is common knowledge that prettily attendants have been filling up taxis for a cheaper rate and charging other vehicles to cover the cost. It is highly impossible that my VW can take more than 45 litres without leaking and overflowing therefore I am certain I was over charged and this amounts to theft.

Gravatar (1693) JC Maree
Tue, 13 December 2016 17:58:19 +0000

I herewith wish to complain that the BP OLD FARM ROAD FAERIE GLEN PRETORIA EAST service station I wanted to enquire with the manager why I had to wait for for almost 5 minutes to be served when there were no other vehicles in the service yard. The current service model used in South Africa forces me to be dependant on you level of service and I am not able to fill my own vebicle. I asked the attendant when he finally showed to fill my tank with diesel fuel, I am aware that my mere ZAR 700.00 is a drop in your corporate bucket but it represents a signicant part of my income and my means to reach my place of employment. I then proceeded to buy an array of goods from you P&P Express store and asked the lady at the counter if I may speak to the manager on duty to address my service dissapointment re the slow service. She then informed me that there are no method of reaching the manager as they have no phone lines outbound and that she will not be willing for me to use her phone to make the call. I then explained to her that it is not my duty nor should they not be able to reach the manager at 22H45.. since you offer a 24 hour service. She then again flatly refused to be of service and I then called the manager from my mobile phone at my cost.I will admit that at this stage of the interaction I was beyond reason with anger. I then spoke to the manager and all I can tell you is that I NEVER IN MY LIFE ENCOUNTERED SUCH A SPINELESS USELESS INDIVIDUAL!!! She simply would not appologise for anything apart from telling me that they had problems with their phone lines and that the staff are enabled to get voice time on their private phones if needed be. I am absolutely sho0cked that a business dealing with dangerous flammable substances rely on THIS METHOD of communication!? Apart from the fact that their action assured that I will NEVER return there for business I want to know how BP will explai THIS regarding health and safety law? The manager swithed her phone off when I later phoned to inform her that I do not wish to deal with her anymore but rather bring this to the attention of BP SA and you partner P&P Express. SHOCKED AND DISSAPOINTED!!! REPLY WITH URGENCY AS I WILL TAKE THIS TO THE MEDIA. Regards J Maree. Ps. Do not insult me with a system generated reply. This will only aggrevate the issue.

(1692) Jim D Greek54
Tue, 13 December 2016 11:36:17 +0000

BP retailer WB Station LLC, at 2845 E New York Avenue, Deland, FL 32724 is a crook and a thief. While gas prices are hovering around $2.13, he is charging $2.799 for REGULAR!!!!! He knows he is the only station right off I-4 for almost 20-25 miles and takes full advantage of it. My computer was flashing late at night passing his exit and I got off. His shop was closed, but the pumps were working and I couldn't believe my eyes. Needless to say, I only put a small amount into my car to get me to the next station. Question for Mr. WB Station LLC: Is it worth selling only 5 gallons at $2.799 rather than a full tank at $2.l3?

(1691) John Beck
Sat, 10 December 2016 00:30:42 +0000

I drive a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 which is tuned for 93 octane. I went to the BP station nearest to me (which I always do) and asked for the gas attendant to fill it up with 93. Being that I have never had an issue there I didn't double check that he selected the proper grade fuel. Before I could catch it, I had $40 worth of fuel in my 93 octane tuned vehicle. I explained this to the attendant and he simply replied it's all the same and did not care that he now could possibly hurt my vehicles performance and/or engine. How is it that your attendants just not care what they are doing? I now have to burn this fuel to empty (which isn't good for the fuel pump) and spend another $40+ on fuel hopefully not hurting my vehicle in the process.

Site ID: 9570201
TRAN#: 9076315

Gravatar (1690) Connor
Fri, 9 December 2016 20:13:52 +0000

Hi i went to BP at 295 Quarry Rd, Ryde NSW 2112 to refill the gas. Staff said 'I can't do that now cause it's busy now then come 2hours later' there was only one car... so lazy

(1689) Amanda Harris
Sun, 4 December 2016 11:26:03 +0000

My wife and I live in Radiokop and use BP Radiokop frequently, to fill up with fuel and have our cars washed. Chance, at the carwash always friendly and willing to let us leave our cars to be washed and collected later.
Today, Sunday 4th December 2016 was a completely different story. Chance was not on duty and there was no-one with a drivers license that my wife could leave her car with so it could be washed but if my wife asked Patrick the manager, there wouldn't be a problem. My wife asked Patrick if she could leave her car keys with him so her car could be washed. Patrick was clearly not impressed with this request, took her keys reluctantly and when my wife enquired if there was a problem with her request was told in a very off handed manner that it wasn't a problem, but clearly it was. My wife paid for a "GOLD" wash which we are both under the impression is a wash and vacuum inside. On arriving back home, we discovered that the car had only been washed on the outside, the inside had not been vacuumed or cleaned.
2 questions now remain:
Is it against BP Radiokop's policy that no-one "drop and wash"? If so, there should be a notice informing customers of this.
Was Patrick so p...d off about being asked by a customer if they could leave their car to be washed that he deliberately left the car locked so the carwash staff could not do the required work that was paid for?
Disappointing service and VERY, VERY unfriendly and uncooperative management.

(1688) stephen sherrington
Thu, 1 December 2016 11:03:27 +0000

Good afternoon.

I used the bp petrol station on the warwick bypass warwick CV35 8RH today 1st dec 2016 to purchase almost £80 of fuel.

I had to use the toilet whilst I was there and when finished I was in the shop with 4/5 other customers. I was outraged to hear a white male in a BP shirt make a comment in a loud voice so everyone could hear about the smell. As amusing as this sounds the unprofessional manner of your member of staff was very embarrassing.not just to myself but the other people in there. as an employer myself I can assure you he would no longer be employed.
I would like to hear your actions taken on this matter.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

(1687) Bridgette
Mon, 28 November 2016 15:01:49 +0000

I hated it when the manager doesnt know anything about customer service at bp garage mamelodi gardens

(1686) Bridgett
Mon, 28 November 2016 14:57:03 +0000

I jst went to bp garage @ mamelodi gardens,when I got the I used the exit to instead of an entrance door the security the said to me very rude to go back and use the entrance door or else he will go and tell the staff not to assist me,becouse he was very aggresive to me I said im not gonna go back,then he went quickly to the counter and tel the lady not to assist me when I got the,the lady refuse to assist me and I asked to see the manager then the manager said to me I could have begged the security and sould apologise to hm

Gravatar (1685) Manoj
Wed, 23 November 2016 11:39:02 +0000

U have rude staff at corner of Main Street and hutton st at Osborne park at 12.35am on 24 november 2016.please sort him I m daily customer of u since 2013.tnx

(1684) Louis Craucamp
Mon, 21 November 2016 13:46:05 +0000

Good day,

The BP in Stead Avenue, Queenswood, Pretoria South Africa is being reported. 012 333 5630

On the evening of 21 November 2016, at 19H45, I went to fill up my vehicle. I stopped at pump number 5. 93 Octane was transferred from your tank into my vehicle. Upon closer inspection, I realised that the hose is leaking fuel. I took a video clip of the said leakage. The attendant said that the problem has been reported but nothing was done about it.

Why must I risk my life or that of my family because of BP's negligence?

I asked that the owner or manager come out to have a look at this problem. I am not willing to pay for fuel that was wasted. The owner said that I must come back tomorrow. I said that I'm coming with a Safety Officer or a Fire Inspector to have a look at the said leakage. The owner replied that I must do that.

There are several residential flats in a 1000 meter radius. How much money does BP/Owner of premises have to pay compensation for roughly 500 families???

Louis Craucamp
+27 82 658 2594
+27 12 327 6133

(1683) kabelo Baloyi
Thu, 17 November 2016 02:47:31 +0000

Kabelo Baloyi Bp attendant
Bp Sinoville SA
0787589378 / 0825131667
7 Nov 2016 09H34

I recently discovered that my boss ( Rassie Erusmus ) was not submitting my providence fund at MIBCO for 2 years.I launched a complain about it and he denies me working for BP at that time.And i figured I'm not the only attendant with the similar problem at his company. So I'm wondering why a respectful company like BP is giving franchises to such crooks.Even leave days are not as required by law.

Consent and disappointed
Help about this matter

(1682) Modipadi Mahlase
Wed, 16 November 2016 00:46:28 +0000

I went tO Limpopo Toyota BP stasie (cnr landros and excelsior str) in polokwane this morning after i saw that thier unleaded petrol was R13.15 per litre. I was suprised when i was charged R13.41 per litre. Shame on you BP for misleading customers.i tried to get an explanation but noone knew why.I even have pictures to prove this.I urge everyone reading this to always check the actual price on the pump as it will be more higher than what is advertised on thier electronic boards.Drive to another petrol station that is honest

(1681) Maurice
Sun, 13 November 2016 06:30:44 +0000

I'm laying a formal complaint for strandfontein bp service station pumps that are continually increasing in value in Rands but absolutely no petrol are coming out. The owner and petrol attendances are aware of these faulty pumps but does absolutely nothing about this. They informed me that the owner, Mr Naidoo is well aware but keep delaying servicing these pumps. Now I'm questioning, would they be fine if drove off with a few Rands worth of petrol because it's okay for me to accept them keeping my petrol that I paid for? Is this not stealing, you know it's wrong but you pretend don't do right? I say, yes. I want this resolve asap and the owner to be held liable for losses in petrol.
I await for your response with anticipation.

(1680) Timothy Elliott
Sat, 12 November 2016 16:59:11 +0000

I'm so tired of walking through a wall of smoke at the BP station at 420 Howdershell, Florissant Missouri. Could the employees side please?

Gravatar (1679) Charles Thomas
Sat, 12 November 2016 02:39:02 +0000

I unfortunately left me cell phone next to the credit machine at their 6950 S. Madison AVE INDPLS, IN 46227 Location. My lost iPhone has been periodically updating that someone here has my cell phone. However, due to a supposed heavy language barrier I have been unable to retrieve my phone. My IPhone search brings me to the only open business at 2AM and I have a receipt and credit card to match. I have been by this establishment twice with no help from two men who say they are 'new'. I asked for the managers or owner number and it wasn't given to me, the clerk suggesting 'there is now manager.' Perhaps that is true but there is an owner... at 1:51:53 I completed a CC transaction where I know I left my phone. They told me that tomorrow I would get a call from another 'new' guy but I plan on filing a police report if I do not hear from them.

(1678) Neil
Fri, 11 November 2016 19:59:03 +0000

On Friday, November 11, I went to the BP station in South Setauket, NY on Route 347 in which they only had one choice of gas in 93 Octane, so I decided to get it anyways only because the once in a while it won't hurt my car. The main problem I had was in previous times I went to that station to get gas, the pumps pumped out gas slow, but my experience over there was horrible in that it took me over 10 minutes to pump about 7 gallons of gas and spend my $20. Even if there are other cars over there in which there were, it shouldn't take that amount of time to pump that amount of gas. My experience will be in that I will never go there again as I usually pump my gas at the one on Rosevale Avenue in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY in which I have no problems.

(1677) S Govender
Wed, 9 November 2016 13:44:23 +0000

BP Grays Inn Road, tyre pressure inflator and gauges are always out of order. Customers are told to drive to another pump after filling their tank, to have their tyre pressure checked. Petrol attendants have informed the garage owner on several occasions however he is not addressing the problem. I am now forced to consider other brands of fuel due to the poor service at this garage.

(1676) Leteisha
Fri, 4 November 2016 08:21:35 +0000

Bp Bulahdelah, 3 time's I have had food that isn't what I've ordered or inedible or it's taken over 30 minutes for an order and the staff that handled my complaint where rude.

Gravatar (1675) Darrin Bailey
Tue, 1 November 2016 14:33:54 +0000

I've been patronizing the bp station on 8th and Jefferson st,Nashville Tn for the last 2yrs.This morning I was asked to remove my backpack to continue shopping.Never have I been so embarrassed and shocked cause this had never happened in the previous 2yrs that I've been goin there!! I believe it's because of the homeless people that visit the store.I believe that may be discriminatory.Everyone shouldn't be treated the way I was this morning for any reason!! Thank you! Is there anything I can do to not remove my backpack and treated with some respect when I visit that location again?? Thank you..

(1674) Russell King
Tue, 1 November 2016 09:25:49 +0000

Following a number of emails recently with your bp careline, I write to express my disappointment that the following is still outstanding; I have been incorrectly charged twice for a car tank fuel of Diesel, due to a fault on your Cash Register. I was advised in person at the time I would not be charged. The best offer I have had so far is to attend the Service station myself (which is out of my way) to sort it our with the manager who has agreed there is a discrepancy. No attempt or suggestion has been made for anyone to sort this out remotely or any compensation, bearing in mind BP have had £59 of my money now for a month. I await to hear from you on this matter and trust your response is a little more pro-active than previously received.


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