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Kevin Costner’s Oil Spill Solution 50

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

Actor Kevin Costner took to Capitol Hill to testify before lawmakers about his machine that can filter oil from water. Kaylee Hartung reports.

BP says Reporters are NOT Allowed to film the dead animals from the Oil Spill. Turtles Dolphins and other creatures are washing up on shore on many beaches. US Coast Guard is preventing the media from covering Louisianas oil-soaked Gulf shoreline! CBS journalists were threatened with arrest by BP contractors and the Coast Guard when they attempted to film the public beach. BP is running the show, not the Coast Guard and the government! Americans have no freedoms in the BP Zone of influence!

Video: Kevin Costner’s Sweet Oil Centrifuge IN ACTION! 0

Posted on May 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Video: Kevin Costner’s Sweet Oil Centrifuge IN ACTION!
Kevin Costner and a group of scientists, including Costner’s brother Dan, demonstrated the million dollar machine that uses centrifugal force to separate oil from water in New Orleans earlier this week, hoping to convince BP that it can be used to clean up the oil spilling from the Deepwater Horizon rig. The “Ocean Therapy” machines use centrifugal force to separate oil from water, and have …
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