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Kevin Costner’s Oil Spill Solution

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

Actor Kevin Costner took to Capitol Hill to testify before lawmakers about his machine that can filter oil from water. Kaylee Hartung reports.

BP says Reporters are NOT Allowed to film the dead animals from the Oil Spill. Turtles Dolphins and other creatures are washing up on shore on many beaches. US Coast Guard is preventing the media from covering Louisianas oil-soaked Gulf shoreline! CBS journalists were threatened with arrest by BP contractors and the Coast Guard when they attempted to film the public beach. BP is running the show, not the Coast Guard and the government! Americans have no freedoms in the BP Zone of influence!

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  1. fairalways says:

    @816cameron Far better oil/water separator by Genoil. Go to Genoil.ca

    Costner’s isn’t up to Coast Guard code. There are many REAL oil/water separation techs. Genoil’s is best. It took this tragedy and a big name actor for the public to know about these technologies, which aren’t new.

  2. 816cameron says:

    Bravo Kevin and all those who have worked to engineer and build this possible solution!!
    So where is even a single “prototype” of ANY solution from ANY of the BIGGEST oil companies on the planet? HUH? The deafening silence of such ingenuity from BIG OIL exemplifies the height of ARROGANCE by them. Nuclear power, are you watching and learning anything from this?

  3. anddihier says:

    I think its strange he had this built and spent so much money doing it–very strange??? Who thinks like that–do we have that many spills?-Really?
    But they do need a big vacumn type machine to get this oil off the water…those chemicals are pushing it to the bottom of the ocean??–Thats not the answer–making it worse?

  4. fairalways says:

    @horstizzle Why? Do you know anything about these technologies? I do. I’ve been an investor for over 8 years. Costner’s separator doesn’t meet Coast guard standards. There are many better separators, Genoil’s being best (smallest footprint, most efficient, scalable).

    If you’ve something contributory to say, please do. otherwise you’re not helping.

  5. horstizzle says:

    @fairalways fudge ur canadian company

  6. horstizzle says:

    @dcjhrj it was not one engineer u fukn dumass.. the man invested in developing it.. it wasn’t made allready

  7. JawsHarp says:

    Kevin put his money where his heart was …. BP should be thanking him in bucket fulls .. of separated oil … NOW !!!!!!!

    ..and folks, the Age of Oil Is OVER. Too primitive for such a (so-called) advanced civilization.

  8. fairalways says:

    This is a joke. Far better oil/water separator by Genoil. Go to Genoil.ca

  9. philoplatt says:

    Make a 60′ by 21″ screw and thread it in that pipe. Spread the news: screw the Gulf oil hole!

  10. theothertroll says:

    Costner IS hocking a product that is a crock of shit compared to the real viable solution that is cheap, abundant and a 100% effective solution …hay.
    Once the oil is being mopped up Obama can sit on the pipe and take a dump – he’s so full of shit he’ll probably stop the leak with one grunt.

  11. bubblefunk2 says:

    32 machines are not enough….. how many are in operation??…. it doesn’t seem like they are really trying to do anything about it

  12. alexanderd75 says:

    @Raymond09871 I did not say they are going to jail .. I said they are looking at jail time … at least that’s what the news said a while ago …. may be propaganda .. I don’t know .. but it sounds reasonable given their crimes.

  13. Raymond09871 says:

    @alexanderd75 BP executives are looking at jail time? Where yours eveidence of this? Any link?

  14. chvick says:

    @alexanderd75 I agree. It’s ridiculous

  15. jefgain says:

    but what about stopping it?

  16. LuminousCosmos says:

    Good on Costner for giving it a go.

  17. ReverendShort says:

    @dcjhrj The engineer who developed it is actually his brother. That is why he invested in it during the Valdez spill.

  18. ManiacKomplex says:

    LOL this technology existed how long? so do Americans not care they look more apathetic and stupid each day that goes by?

  19. alexanderd75 says:

    @chvick I understand perfectly … cleaning the spill means nothing without stopping the ‘leak’ …. but there are a great many viable solutions that are available to STOP the ‘LEAK’ .. I submitted one myself that doesn’t fight the oil pressure AT ALL … works perfectly .. BP just won’t implement them cause there cheap .. and stupid … and hence, looking at jail time.

  20. chvick says:

    @alexanderd75 Clearly you didn’t understand my comment… This filter does not STOP the oil from spilling! It filters the water from what HAS been spilled! I’m not contradicting these ideas it’s just they have to figure out how to stop the SPILLING before you can clean up properly? Is that not logic enough for you?

  21. BLACKKINGMOGUL999 says:

    give CPR,back too the gulf it seems every thing is red tape, rules and codes. well these birds, dolphins, turtles, shrimps, wild fish, have no voice too say i want too my home back, WELL Okay Mr. Government after you finish, wrapping B.P. in bandages and cheese cloth, get those dam machines out there we can’t wait until July for pure clean waters too return the booms wont help, the skimmers want either you have too fight a fire with water not gas, water is the key to life the gulf want’s life

  22. BLACKKINGMOGUL999 says:

    Well B.P. already order 32 of the machines so why in or God’s green earth want the big fat government entrapment red tape get off and under from there 100 thousand dollar cherry pine and red oak shinny desk let this machine product, turn the gulf from peanut butter- maple syrup brown back too emerald green blue, man this machine is not going hurt any one i am sure Kevin knows that training well be a big help in working with this machine, stop living in the pass of 1901 and let the machines,

  23. alexanderd75 says:

    @chvick Your kidding right … there have been over 1000 OK ideas for STOP it, and about 5 REALLY good one, they just won’t get off there primitive asses and do anything right. Why do you think all the executives and BP are looking at jail time???

  24. GPTwinpappa says:

    He funded the research, he did not “buy the patent:”.

  25. FFarmerCharlie says:

    after a long think tank of some of my peers we came down with 2 possible solutions:
    Drain the ocean and use duct tape. or
    take all the dead babies and stick them in the hole.

  26. crlwllns says:

    A “FORIEGN NATIONAL”, Who’s WIFE ADMITS His Home Country Is In KENYA, Just Gave ANOTHER FORIEGN NATIONAL, PERMISSION To DUMP OVER 1 MILLION GALLONS Of A “POTENT NEUROTOXIN” (LETHAL @ 2ppm!) Into The GULF Of MEXICO!! And, “YOU’RE UPSET”?!? (IF, I dumped this ‘Stuff’, in the Gulf, My ASS would be LOCKED UP 4 E-V-E-R! Ofcourse it KILLS! It’s made that way!)

  27. electrodes1300 says:

    B.P. was threatening to arrest people. So what did Obama do, deputize the oil company workers? Or did they hire them through KBR as the rough and ready type?

  28. AmericanMale1953 says:

    @annabennett34 Hey, he can’t lose no matter what, he has his money already. Just like the Clintons – career politicians.

  29. taragolden says:

    so so sad.

  30. MrTabby5000 says:

    This is obamas 911 he wont win again ever.

  31. kevinfeola says:

    why cant the wild life foundation get the animals out of the ocean this is fukin bull shit

  32. DininDalael says:

    What pisses me off is how BP gets to control access and everything, as f they own that partof the water! The People should force that blocaked and take matters in their own hands when it comes to the cleanup.

  33. kmesprtan says:

    thats so fucking sad and all because of these rich executive cocksuckers who dont care about anything other then there profits plz make these fuckers pay

  34. blaziermissy says:

    @THExSILENTxMUFFIN just damn I can’t believe you’d make that comment. Dead sea turtles as usual.

    I’ve spent a lot of time on beaches and never seen one dead sea turtle. Call it luck…

  35. Winterfairy777 says:

    BP ruling the USA now?! who the hell are they to tell anyone where they can go…and the coast guards are they working for the USA or BP? Looks like they are working for BP. WTF is that?!

  36. annabennett34 says:

    JESUS! When the hell is our “president” going to get his non-experienced ass in gear? BP RULES!?!?!?! WTF? These are our waters you sorry money hungry leaches. I can’t believe the lack luster response of supposedly the most powerful leader in the world. Obama should never have been elected and now he is showing why? What will you do Mr. PRESIDENT???? Sit there and try to look presidential? Have you called together experts to figure out a solution or do you even care? I am ashamed of you

  37. WhenToWatch says:

    the dispersants are probably also killing these animals. They’re checking for oil as the cause, but the dispersants are totally toxic as well.

  38. cuteyoshipup says:

    @THExSILENTxMUFFIN probably because they are choking on other pollutants 🙁

  39. galacticwacko says:

    the Coast Guard is RUN by BP? And yall don’t see a problem with that? It aint no OIL SPILL peeps… It is a VOLCANO that was PURPOSEFULLY pierced to KILL US!!! Problem is that people think we are dealing with HUmans… we are NOT… we are wealing with HYBRIDs fathered by fallen angels….

  40. inbetweentics says:

    did you all see the footage on cnn from anderson cooper interviewing the bp survivors?

    they said there was a big argument the day of the explosion – the drillers were not in agreement with bp management that wanted to cut corners and use a less safe method on the riser pipe – bp told off the drilling management and said do it to save time and money.

    the survivors also said that bp would fire workers for taking more safety precautions because it took longer

    search anderson cooper bp survivors

  41. libresylokos713 says:


  42. zanthorx says:

    @BabyJustWin Because no other countries have the ability to research and invent new technology (even if it’s old.)

  43. Gyro911 says:

    Obama what a fuckin idiot, his initial main concern was to have BP pay for their mess while not realizing the obvious that they were going to drag their feet to stop the leak which would have catastrophic impact on the local fishing industry, the environment, and peoples health. He had no other plan to mobilize other resources other then BP and now after 50 days and 69% dissaproval rating, hes getting a wake up call that he has no leadership skills and is percieved as a scripted puppet

  44. WolfyTradeMark says:

    Who said the gulf coast beaches were bp’s? Just because its their oil that spilled doesn’t mean that they can order anyone around!
    And another thing, if they have the time to put a freaken camera down there, why can’t the put that much effort into fixing it?
    One more thing, have you even heard any of the government helping? Everyone is too busy trying to blame someone for the oil spill. THE FREAKEN GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO HELP GOD DAMN IT! NOT JUST SIT ON THEIR ASSES!

  45. AmericanMale1953 says:

    Where do we sign up for the class action lawsuit? One million USD per US citizen!
    🙂 We have to live with this then we need to be compensated for DAMAGES!

  46. Mrsteddyz says:

    @iwhitecastle really, well now all you have to do is go down to the water and pump it out you ignorant pig

  47. nikkosada says:

    Bullshit! these are our beaches! not bp!!

  48. Fringe111 says:

    @inbetweentics I’ll have to change that. That’s You Tube for ya

  49. DieDeutsch says:

    @Europe85 What do you mean?

  50. Europe85 says:

    The seals have been broken, Revelations.

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