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Volcanoes in Gulf Right Where BP Drilled: Gulf is Not Oil, It’s a 621 False Flag Ritual

Posted on July 02, 2010 by bp complaints

www.AntimatterRadio.com science alert! Host: Jeffrey Grupp. Volcanoes in Gulf Right Where BP Drilled: Gulf is Not Oil, It’s a 621 False Flag Ritual.
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www.tunepix.com The Sludge Report #610 They’re about to get her capped folks. Don’t know about you, but I’m putting my faith in BP. Hell, it’s looking so good out there now that I think they should bring the Hummer back. Pay no attention to that strange orange color in your turtle soup folks,,,,we add dispersants,,,,courtesy of Big Oil.
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  1. NakedCreep says:

    Stupid numerologists and conspiracists.

    I’m skeptic of you skeptics.

  2. taylojo says:

    It may be mud, but I was on the beach in alabama 3 weeks ago and the “tar balls” were very black and felt like oil in my hand. Maybe it is a mud/oil mixture.

  3. tennesuze says:

    You are a breath of fresh air!! Thanks!

  4. sean32laf says:

    @jfehle numerology in mathematics has a pattern used to describe an association with something or an event. If we take these numbers 621, and try to demonize something in accordance with a religious doctrine you can say its really 6 to the 3rd power or 666 and that equals 216 or the number 9, that is the highest number in a numerological sense. Anyone that looks for the devil will always find it, the same applies to God.

  5. jfehle says:

    The damage has already been done. This numerology BS is absurd.

    BP and others knew they were risking the entire operation to cut costs. They are criminally negligible.

    The only thing that matters now is stopping the flow and cleaning up the mess. Do not add to the hysteria. It doesn’t help the cause.

  6. Guidemysoulallah says:


  7. poodooyou1 says:

    216 is an anagram for 6x6x6= 216. 666!
    its also Prince William Birthday today.

  8. cjw1010 says:

    your an idiot like do you really think its mud? Have you actually been in their and seen it? Ive been down their to help clean up and its defiantly oil idk why its reddish brown, but its not mud, mud doesn’t come up like tar balls, and doesn’t kill fish and other wildlife. Also i do believe in the illuminate so dont think that im just arrogant and dont believe they would actually do it.

  9. spellbinder00 says:

    I came across an article yesterday that I did a video on youtube about the radioactive materials being detected in the oil thats washing up on shore. Found at Rense: Urgent – Radioactive Oil From BP Blowout!
    Posted At Godlike Productions 6-18-10 Geiger Counter Results On Gulf Oil – Vid
    It appears a guy found a pvc pipe covered in Gulf oil and decided to check it for radiation since he had a Geiger Counter. His video shows 5 to 10 rads off the sample. This could be a bigger problem.

  10. buckylala says:

    Maybe 6212010 is when america/illuminate is going to get their ass kicked! It’s about time… No not by the spinless people here but by our friend with balls RUSSIA!

  11. ChemTrailSkys says:


  12. gabrielredux says:

    interesting indeed, thnx

  13. frenchhy says:

    you had me till you said “bazillion” lol

  14. cjsinclair says:

    @AntimatterRadio I had the same thought, after laughing my ass off about your rant about your critics.. I guess that’s why we have huge brains.. lol.

  15. lefrebure says:

    One other thing. There are 911 days between 6/21/2010 and 12/21/2012. Could June 21st be the countdown to whatever it is they are going to carry out to mislead the human race on 12/21/2012? I know it is actually 912 days and 2012 is a leap year and will have an extra day but remember, everything they do is symbolic. Any takers?

  16. lefrebure says:

    Just being playful! The Illuminati are also using the 621 to tell us to f..k you! F is the 6th letter and U is the 21st letter of english alphabet. F U!!!!!!
    B is the 2nd letter and P is the 16th letter B P!!!!!
    The atomic number 6 is Carbon 2 is Helium 1 is Hydrogen
    These elements are the basis of creation (so they say) and they are used to destroy!

  17. Indigo656 says:

    @kevin604bc Yes and lil wayne also says ” I know what they don’t want to tell you, just hope your heaven sent, and hell proof.

  18. Indigo656 says:

    @icoson 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

  19. OscillatorCollective says:

    look out for the summer solstice 6/21/2010…and it seems people are beginning to know that this is a volcano…

  20. kevin604bc says:

    In the new lil wayne and eminem video “drop the world” the number 621 appears clearly through out the vid. The videos set in the future where chaos has taken over, people are wearing gas masks on while the cities on fire and people are rioting and missiles are being fired.

  21. supatipanno says:

    Just heard Obama on the radio today that because of the “oil spill” he will encourage Americans to adopt Green technology and stop their dependence on SUV’s etc. This is just SO convenient isnt it to push his Leftist Green agenda.

  22. globalmindthinking says:

    I like this Channel

  23. robertackerlind says:

    hmm oceans turning red where have we heard that before?

  24. 7974brewfamily says:

    @ROONEYgr8 This is a quick vid watch?v=PD8RYEVy-sY

  25. thalonelygirl says:

    @iAMr3VOLution1 Thanks! Good to know I’m not alone!

  26. 13thLabyrinth says:

    Give a honk to see if the US Navy has time for the homeland? Where is the armada of military ships saving our homeland? I’m with you my friend. I think they have sold us out!

  27. opal1920able says:

    worst case scenario it spills for years until the resevoir is empty

  28. opal1920able says:

    5000 dollars, plus dying fishing men loosing their right to sue, cause they got kids and wife with a bun in the oven to support.

  29. StripedAssedApe says:

    Big Shell??

    Awesome as always, Joe!

  30. MrGnarus says:

    @shogo7g you should get video of that and post it

  31. Mohamedhp says:

    God help americans, feel sorry for this oil situation 🙁

    Thanks Joe for trying to keep the people in the light…

  32. Harpenboper says:

    I wonder how long before Americans want my fresh Canadian water.

  33. bjjbear73 says:

    Can a redneck, hillbilly, hunter and gun nut get a honk for the fact that I know this ecological disaster is so deep and pervasive that millions of humans and animals will die? Many hunters are tree huggers, too. A honk for the irony, too!

  34. skeletonmom says:

    Putting a metal box over the gush to contain it reminds me of an underwater Superfund site attempt…

  35. katseye888 says:

    @Lockemeister I knew he wouldn’t lead because he COULDN’T lead anything other than an aggitation march for his community with ACORN at his back.

  36. AncilWayneSmith says:

    You are the coolest dude on the planet!!!

  37. gmfutube says:

    The plan for the Deepwater Horizon well, filed with the federal Minerals Management Service, said repeatedly that it was “unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities.”

    The company conceded a spill would impact beaches, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas, but argued that “due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected.”

  38. gmfutube says:

    @gmfutube Petrochemical giant BP didn’t file a plan to specifically handle a major oil spill from an uncontrolled blowout at its Deepwater Horizon project because the federal agency that regulates offshore rigs changed its rules two years ago to exempt certain projects in the central Gulf region

  39. gmfutube says:

    Shell Oil is ready to drill in the Arctic Ocean this summer and asked a federal appeals court Thursday to rule quickly on a challenge by environmentalists concerned about the risk of a major spill after the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

    “It (Shell) noted that minerals service had acknowledged an Arctic Ocean spill
    could have devastating effects and be difficult to clean up but
    concluded a large spill was “too remote and speculative an event” to
    warrant analysis.”

  40. gmfutube says:

    @gmfutube Don’t you love how open they are about owning the legislative process?

    The ones in DC are a little more private…as in private meetings with Cheney

  41. gmfutube says:

    Briggs *head of Louisiana Oil & Gas Association) also said his association will hold off on many of the initiatives it had planned to introduce during this year’s state legislative session, including one bill that would have offered a tax incentive to the industry to re-enter old wells rather than drill new ones.

    “I don’t create bills not to pass them,”

  42. gmfutube says:

    @Mindcrime1994 shrimp season was opened early before the slick moved in close.

  43. NatureCitizan says:

    ur reports are the best 🙂
    u brint it to the point in each session

    open ur eyes peeps, help saving the planet!
    do ur part!

  44. Fuzorz says:

    this “spill” definition is truly misleading. many people outside the US hear “spill”
    and assume its some spill from a ship etc & have no idea what is happening..

  45. 55ella2007k says:

    Update: Report now confirmed. The containment box has failed.

  46. JvampDude says:

    @MrBankRuns yeah!! Let’s grow that yummy monsanto GMO!!! woohoo!!!

  47. 700eyesonly007 says:

    ON THE GULF OF MEXICO— A BP PLC official is saying icelike crystals formed inside of an oil containment box when it was placed over a massive oil leak and that crews have had to move the contraption away to study the problem. Published AP – May 08 2010 02:50PM EST
    The drug question…my guess, crack.

  48. MolechHunter says:

    Obama was busy reading the Koran and playing with his Turban collection.

  49. MolechHunter says:

    Oil Sludge report

  50. BLynchCAN says:

    Well put, true ‘spill’ makes it sound smaller. Maybe an oil eruption would be better.

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