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White House Oval Office Address Obama Oil Spill – Roachenator Slayer Special

Posted on July 02, 2010 by bp complaints

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman react to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the oil spill. Here are the highlights of what the trio said: Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.” Matthews compared Obama to Carter. Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.” Matthews: “No direction.” Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.” Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.” Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a “commander-in-chief.” Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel prize. “I’ll barf if he does it one more time.” Matthews: “A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk.” Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.” For cool people only \m/ BARACK OILBAMA uses oil spill as an excuse to push extreme far left wing politics “In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, indelibly by 9/11. I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come. And one of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is going to be to make sure that we draw the right lessons from this disaster and that we move forward in a bold way in a direction that finally gives us the kind of future-oriented — or the kind of visionary energy policy that we so vitally need and has been absent for so long. … [N]ow is

Youtube will only broadcast the 1st 10 minutes of this 16 minute interview. To see the entire interview with this Transocean Horizon Explosion Survivor please go to www.drillingahead.com You can also view our discussion at www.drillingahead.com
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  1. BurkeDevlin66 says:

    it is what it is=your president is a disgrace to the office and is just pure shit

  2. zawjatsaid1 says:

    this video is pathetic.

  3. mucstrafluapnor says:

    cool video

  4. xxramblingsxx says:

    democrats are dangerous; they do weaken the US. Unfortunately, they have more than just a socialist fan club following. They have the labor unions, everyone on welfare, and more importantly, they own and control the media.


    Demoncrats are fucking eco-terrorists, economic terrorists, and outright terrorists who have been conducting false flag operations like crazy starting under the swine Bill Clinton, through to 9/11 to today. Seasons in the Abyss!

  6. acrisostomo16 says:

    What does this stupid video have to do with oil spill dumm a!!

  7. Katasol says:

    Wow, this video couldn’t be anymore retarded. If you’re gona do a “anti government” video at least do a good job. You have him with pictures eating and picking his nose? Fucking STUPID! You make anti government activist’s look like morons. Just shoot yourself now.

  8. plum26754 says:

    The truth usually is gross. Like Hope and Change morphing into, dream on and I wish he would have…Yes We Can dissolving into, No We Never Intended To You Stupid Food Wasters!

  9. ObamaLikesFlies says:


  10. bb44332211 says:

    Obama never ran a business,
    never made anything, never earned any money,
    was never a governor,
    never served in the military.
    His only life experience was serving ACORN.

  11. xXxBerKxXxTR says:

    You are an ASSHOLE!

  12. quickquestionyyy says:

    You Americans spend billions on other countries being more safe and having secure borders, but you’ve done little recently to keep your own country safe. I’m not criticizing just this recent shift in America, I’m just saying that there’re a number of free democracies that are in trouble and don’t even know it. Recent politicians in many countries are weak, are forgetting their heritage and forgetting the importance of and sacrifices made for their values.

  13. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist the term leftist comes from the idea of the monarchy type of government. the rightist idea comes from no government what soever
    those so called socialist anarchists arnt really for anarchy they are for complete and total control of government. wake up man

  14. JayJayhope says:

    @CaptainBubblePhD Judgeing by the way he picks his nose in public, I’d say he has a nasal fixation too.

  15. JayJayhope says:

    @flournoys Respect is EARNED, not awarded. So far, no go.

  16. greengringo2003 says:

    FLUSH that TRAITOROUS TURD out of the White House!!

  17. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist yes you may be right about that but. both the dems and reps are owned by that same group

  18. ronpaulisacommunist says:

    @kchomer1 I know for a fact that most of the politicians and all of the dictators of the world are leftists/socialists who all belong to an international satanic ufo cult who have been working for centuries for the overthrow of the entire planet.

  19. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist i agree on that, while their at it they should throught he Republicans in the hole too. get out of the false left right paradigm

  20. ronpaulisacommunist says:

    @kchomer1 i’m all for getting rid of the entire demoniKKKratic party whole sale, they belong in prison

  21. ronpaulisacommunist says:

    @kchomer1 some reps and some libertarians and some independents are just as bad as the demonkkkrats, but “all” demonkkkrats are scum

  22. Codger45caliber says:

    Obama, closet homosexual, oral fixation, narcissist in chief, autobiographer, globalist, socialist, an empty suit handpicked by Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and George Soros.

  23. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist youre very mistaken about that

  24. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist im all for getting rid of obama. you’re either as dumb as dirt or youre the roachenator in disguise

  25. kchomer1 says:

    @ronpaulisacommunist sorry youve been misinformed i dont help dems or reps get into office


    regardless why were they drilling a known volcanic asphalt site?

  27. banzaimotorcross says:


  28. bobodd5 says:

    yes i guess the test was shite eh right???

  29. bobodd5 says:

    and why didnt the valve shut??? eh transocean eh??? what on yer bike

  30. Jai666666666 says:

    So you didn’t hear Satan’s voice telling you to blow it up? And no one was possessed by demonic spirits at the moment all hell blew loose? I find that very hard to believe, but if you say so.

  31. megadarwin135 says:

    A heard a survivor say: “I heard several explosions and then hell broke loose”
    What He heard were the explosives planted by the North Korean zappers on the legs of the rig.
    You want More?
    Google, freedomtalk.forum

  32. toddholladay says:

    at the begining he speaks of tests.Today when Bp was being questioned by congress the bp president said he didn’t have data on test yet..So they needed confirmation on rig to continue…why doesn’t he have it 3 weeks later. SOLVED….no test was taken or it didn’t pass.

  33. FATHERFORD says:

    Any chance there could be a Part 2 placed on youtube? Some of us at work can’t view the video at drillingahead.

  34. derrickhand301 says:

    Sorry to pop your bubble-But nobody was in a book depository window wearing panty hose….

  35. WorldMechanic says:

    1) drillingahead has a e perticular interest in feeding a biased opinion

    2.) If he did not actually see it and the workers who did are dead how would he know? Even if it was gas he dont know what caused the explosion.

    3.) for the BOP to not work just after testing thats almost impossible to believe

  36. rbiggz says:

    This was a much needed interview. Thank you for the post.

  37. mumbels24 says:

    Thanks for the post!

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