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Posted on July 02, 2010 by bp complaints

One month after the DEEPWATER HORIZON burned and capsized off the coast of Louisiana, the oil continues to gush into the sea. Several attempts to divert and capture the oil have failed. Presently BP has promised to attempt a TOPKILL which would force cement and other materials into the riser pipe and plug it up. This was supposed to have happened over this past weekend, but has been delayed. Meanwhile, 100 miles to the Northwest the fudgelike mix of oil and dispersant has begun coming into the fragile marshes and estuaries of Grand Isle, Louisiana, devastating the wildlife and wiping out miles and miles of oyster leases. Chris Hernandez takes us to his families oyster lease, where the oil is coming in with every high tide, leaving behind the poisonous sludge and killing everything it comes in contact with. This is just the beginning. When the well is capped and the oil stops gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, the spill will continue impacting the coastal shores for up to 45 days. On our 2 hour ride around the oyster leases, we saw absolutely no attempts being made to boom the oil. This as dozens of containers filled with thousands of feet of boom sit unused on the dock, a 10 minute boat ride away. And its been sitting there for 2 weeks.
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  1. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @Erh4bi – By the way, with you being located in Afghanistan, what would you know about American news or America even?

  2. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @Erh4bi – How did Fox News supposedly, “take the side of BP against the American people”? Since when did BP go against the American people? America is BP’s largest customer.
    What do I expect from capitalism? What I’ve always expected; freedom and prosperity for anyone who seeks it and is willing to work for it. 🙂

  3. Erh4bi says:


    Or could be since they are corporate owned that BP can influence them. I know Fox News has openly taken the side of BP against the American people. What else do you expect from capitalism?

  4. lexiiii3333 says:

    God help us all.

  5. gmfutube says:

    @JohnQuincyAdams1 So why is FOX ignoring it?

    Kindra Arnesen took FOX out on her boat, but they have refused to air the piece.

  6. dale3858 says:

    @JohnQuincyAdams1 Of course I forgot to mention the people, sorry. I’m 52 so I’m no child and I understand how people feel about swearing and it is not really a civilized way to communicate. But sometimes words can best describe a situation and rage, being nice and civilized does not get any attention, a lot more people should be angered and enraged at what happens these days around the world, these days nice words accomplish nothing. Putting a nice civilized little spin on things is wrong.

  7. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @dale3858 – You didn’t hurt my eyes or feelings, of course. But the use of childish/vulgar language is completely disrespectful of everyone.
    The innocent animals dying? What of the PEOPLE who are having their lives destroyed? What about PEOPLE?!
    Might want to ask the oh so, “caring”, Obama-nation why more isn’t being done about the Gulf oil spill? Where is the National Guard? Where is any federal aid/help at ALL? Obama……gag!

  8. dale3858 says:

    @JohnQuincyAdams1 I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your eyes and feelings with such terrible language. Haven’t you been watching the news lately, the oil spill isn’t at all appreciated either, a few %#&* words don’t even come close to the vulgarity of what’s happening in the gulf to all the innocent animal that is dying there…

  9. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @DianeDi – I think it possible that the mainstream media isn’t covering this story because it would make Obama look inept/incompetent and since the media is in love with Obama-nation, they don’t want to make him look as inept and incompetent as he really is.

  10. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @gmfutube – Before you use vulgar language, would you please at least think about the children who use YouTube? Adults don’t appreciate it either.
    Thank you.

  11. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @paolito777 – God is not here. We killed his son. Jesus doesn’t return until after the Tribulation and then there will literally be hell to pay for Satan’s followers.

  12. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @dale3858 – The vulgar language is not at all appreciated.

  13. JohnQuincyAdams1 says:

    @eye4lifephotography – Possibly the media isn’t doing a complete job of covering this because they support Obama and they don’t want to make Obama look as inept/competent as he really is? Me thinks so!

  14. deeza555 says:

    WHO gives a shit about the music u Idiots!!!!

    Look @ what they’ve done to our earth..u should be thinkin about your children, future children or your family. They’ve been lying to us this whole time!!

  15. anyusmoon1 says:

    @eye4lifephotography I’ve been wondering for weeks, ‘where’s the live, raw footage youtube testimony from folks in LA’?. Although this is good coverage it’s quite a trickle for what one would expect.

    So you’re saying the whole area smells of the stuff and your eyes and skin burn from being outside (or inside your home) too?

    I’m hearing rumors that folks are crying out for FEMA to help them, is this true?

  16. anyusmoon1 says:

    @neicy1957 agreed!

  17. dsmith6289 says:

    @eye4lifephotography – Because they can not blame Bush so it is ignored!

  18. eye4lifephotography says:

    witness this with my own two eyes..words can’t describe the smell!the chemicals in the air burn your skin!the media isnt really saying much about the thousands of animals that are dead from this,they are everywhere!the gulf will never recover from this!new orleans seafood with be extinct!

  19. paolito777 says:

    God are u there? we are in deep shit…please just 4 one time….fix the problem that nasty human has make….Guys .we are in deep oil shit. LETS DO SOMETHING 4 REAL.is look like a NASTY EVIL JOKE…………the powerfull people they stand and just look the planet diing. Years 2010……..and we DON T have anything to stop a leak……….i don t beleve.

  20. dale3858 says:


  21. tomchicoman says:

    The haunting music really makes one think. True heartbreak.

  22. natashia1111 says:

    thanks for the truth

  23. boostedgsrfoadoa says:

    @gmfutube whats with the name calling and to be technacail i typed it so i used my hands

  24. gmfutube says:

    @boostedgsrfoadoa How do you suggest he, or anyone else do that?

    Seriously asshole, learn something about oiled marshes before giving advice with your ignorant mouth.

  25. fathomthegist says:

    wheres the news of grand isle NOW

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