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Papantonio: BP – The Very Corrupt Side of Dick Cheney – Pt. 1/2

Posted on July 06, 2010 by bp complaints

While executives from BP, Halliburton, and Transocean were pulled into Congressional hearings today where they formed a circular firing squad, no one seemed to mention the man who was truly responsible for making sure that the oil industry was able to operate without regulations – Dick Cheney. Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC’s Hardball to tell us why he believes we might actually be able to prosecute Dick Cheney for his cozy relationship with Halliburton that led to this disaster.

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  1. TheBug1961 says:

    The truth is we’re not living under a deomocracy anymore. It’s a corporacracy ran by big money. Anyone who doesn’t realize that doesn’t know his vote is worthless since both sides are financed in their campaigns corp money and wall street investors thru lobbyists. This is why we’re at war with Iraq (2nd largest oil reserves in the world) under the guise of ‘terrorism’. Noone from 9/11 incident were Iraqis and terrorists are sponsored by our oil money thru places like Saudi Arabia and Syria.

  2. TheBug1961 says:

    @truthkoolaid Bush and Cheney ran on a course of lies that was backed up by the media. How many people didn’t think Bush knew spanish? He courted the mexican governor and spoke spanish on tv. He represented himself as a rancher with christian values. People looked at Cheney as a smart insider who could help Bush straighten things out. All lies and I was fooled along with others. Besides, he stole the election and Gore was and Kerry were scary as hell too

  3. spassycar says:

    Here,here goblinboy77

  4. TheOutlawWeasel says:

    @mjgjhb It’s good to know you judge all of us by the actions of our government officials. And you’re from South Africa? If only i could find some of your own country’s history to mock you with. Hmmm…

  5. nelson3300 says:

    fucking hardball… everyone is yelling@!!

  6. nastydrotaste says:

    Those oil guys are some cocky motherfuckers… Its like… “I ruined you little Gulf of Mexico, ruined the echo system, and ruined millions of lives, now stop asking questions im getting annoyed by this nonsense”

  7. KCArmstrongXIV says:

    cheney met with BP and other oil executives in order to deregulate the industry to the extent that THIS OIL SPILL IN THE GULF is now reality…republicans destroying america once again

    as dick “warmonger” cheney said himself “deficits dont matter” …except they do, DICK.

  8. Jpkrao says:

    @goblinboy77 : I agree with you. These mother fuckers should be executed!

  9. mjgjhb says:

    @TheRetiredtrucker -I agree, everyone has an option, but no one’s willing to offer up their nice comfortable lifestyle. However, never before in history has the conversation been so frequent with regards to government/corporate corruption, greed, etc. the general joe soap feels nothing can be done to stop these practices, but, hey if there’s no demand, then there’s no product. Start thinking a differently.

  10. mjgjhb says:

    Dick Cheney has been a corrupt arsehole for ever, that’s why he was brought into the Bush administration, for his ‘expertise’. Damn, you Americans are funny, you preach all kinds of righteous shit, but you are possibly the worst ‘leaders’ in the world -right up there with the extremist religious freaks.

  11. IExposeMormonism says:

    @1hmfwic Go soak your head in a vat of Cheney’s Urine. Piss off.

  12. 1hmfwic says:

    I’ll answer your question Chris, as to why Cheney got $34 million from Halliburton. Because you’re too stupid to remember, or you’re not stupid and just being dishonest about it. You are old enough to remember that before Cheney could become even a candidate on the Bush ticket, he had to divest himself of all his Halliburton stocks and earned bonuses. Cheney worked there. That’s where it came from, then he was no longer a shareholder and no longer had a financial interest in it.


    • Edmund Holmes says:

      You are the fool. You are fooled into believing Chaney no longer took loot. He took $34 Million dollars of taxpayers money, including yours, from Halliburton when he entered office as VP. He got million$ more for appointing his cronies
      at Halliburton for government “regulators” of the Halliburton rig, without the oil-blow-out preventor, to save $50,000. The caitiff, Chaney does not deserve your support or defense for his traitorous crimes of treason against you and all of the American people, you Fool!

  13. silkcat51 says:

    Don’t you suppose that Cheney will do exactly what Karl Rove did…that is, refuse to respond to the subpeonas?
    All he had to do was say, “my name is spelled out in capital letters on that subpeona, that denotes a ‘corporation’. I am not a corporation”, and therefore did not have to respond. That’s the system.
    I suggest they go for the jugular, and charge him with Treason.

  14. truthkoolaid says:

    I still can not believe there really are people in this country that voted for Bush and Cheney, they should prosecute everyone that voted for them also… Bunch of evil ignorant simple minded devil worshipers if you ask me…

  15. jklyank says:

    Cheney is an un-American COWARD

  16. TheRetiredtrucker says:

    @claudia1love If your so against oil you should boycott all oil based products in your life…start with your computer (plastics used in construction made from oil) so toss it out., electricity used to power your comp taken from a grid energized by oil fired power plants, so cut the wire going into your home….please show us how eco friendly you really are (and go away)

  17. cyaard says:

    “you’re a good gov’t guy” he says. BAHAHA


    @steelers7thheaven wow, didn’t know that thanks for the info. old saying (follow the money) Obama is a lier. we will pull out of middle east if i am elected, when 10more years? i think he meant we will pull in more. fuck Obama

  19. imaginepeace63 says:

    @bamboozlewatch check out youtuber nyprogressive. he has a video on john garamendi that says he is a DINO.

  20. 882me says:

    The only thing likable about Chris Matthews is his hate for Dick Cheney.

  21. dizzymasekela says:


    Those words are music to my ears.

  22. steelers7thheaven says:

    how stupid, Obama has investments in BP, he is President, he just awarded a contract to Haliburtan without bidding, does that make this Obama’s fault too. You guys are stretching this to the point of stupidity.

  23. PsychoticusRex says:

    This BP exec is trying to pull a US-Prez style plausible-deniability, he chose not to find out so he couldn’t speak to it. He assumes no one will hold him to account for Gross Negligence due to his unwillingnesses to apparently learn what he needed to know to do his job in such a way as to avoid this eventuality. PROSECUTE, don’t politely ask their freaking OPINION!

  24. goblinboy77 says:

    they should execute cheney and bush for treason

  25. mapleloaf67 says:

    greedy oil and canada is another country getting fucked up the ass by bp and others

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