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Papantonio: BP Leak Will Stop When Oil Well Runs Dry

Posted on July 07, 2010 by bp complaints

Will BP’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico ever stop? According to some experts, the answer to that question is “no,” and based on what we’ve seen from BP, they don’t seem to be getting any closer to stopping it either. Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC’s Hardball to discuss the latest developments in the case, and we’ll find out why Ken Salazar is still letting BP call the shots.

With deep sadness in the wake of the tragic Deepwater Horizon oil spill, I pieced together this video montage to bid farewell to the Gulf of Mexico as it was. If the Gulf ever recovers from this, it will not be in my lifetime. I wish the rest of the world could know exactly what we’ve lost. This is HOME, this is my HEART, this is tragedy beyond comprehension or words. That is why there is no wording….the photos and video speak volumes themselves….may God bless us all.
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  1. psyborgfnt says:

    EX-cellent video! Oh my I’m such a softie but this made me tear up! GREAT job, Denise! 🙂

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