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License to Spill: Cheney, BP and The Gulf of Mexico

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

Environmental Attorney Mike Papantonio explains to MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” how Bush-Cheney Deregulation directly led to the British Petroleum Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, by allowing Big Oil to skip a simple and inexpensive safety measure that many other nations require. The BP spill was threatening the gulf from Louisiana to Florida at the time this video was uploaded. “License To Spill” was granted by his majesty, then-vice president Dick Cheney at his infamous closed-door meeting with oil company executives (otherwise known as “cheney’s base”). Never forget, 11 Workers were killed in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig that led to the spill. Remember that the next time you see someone driving a Hummer or an Escalade. Remember them as we pay up to /gallon for gasoline this summer, maybe more. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
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How will the gulf oil spill impact the environment and the economy? Join host Patty Satalia and a panel of experts as they examine the disaster.
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  1. undertakerRach says:


    Animals dying are so raggedy I can’t bear to look at them.
    I want to tell the companies that why don’t they feel any sympathy.
    Especially, the Hyundai company officially said, the accident was not related to Hyundai in Korea. I was very dissapointed the words. Help animals please!

  2. KataVideo says:

    @Lettermaniacs I hope you are correct. a gop congress would mean gridlock, special prosecutors for nothing, wasted taxpayer dollars ad nauseum

  3. Lettermaniacs says:

    It’s no secret Cheney/Bush bent over grabbed their ankles & rolled back safety regulations for Big Oil more then every admin before them combined. I look forward to the Republitards crying again this November. “Boo Hoo we lost again” Tough shit racists

  4. KataVideo says:

    sounds good to me


    stop buying bp gas /petrol only together we can fight bp.

  6. sranjesuper says:

    be prepared youtube… our free sharing information over youtube will be closed and heavily patrolled in the near future.. The truth is only out on the internet, and it will be gone there … the truth will be closed soon for good

  7. 934johno says:

    you notice war criminal chenney has kept his pie hole closed finaly i;d like to go hunting with him

  8. KataVideo says:

    @934johno yep. those 12 oil rig workers killed in the initial blast are just another few names on the bush-cheney death list, following a half million or so in iraq and who knows how many more

  9. 934johno says:

    drill baby drill with no regulations way to go republicans and its going to take about 30 yrs to undue bush and the rupublicans

  10. Itchykk says:


  11. qicko100 says:

    the antichrist is behind this an his NWO

  12. qicko100 says:

    no one told about this all has been hide

  13. KataVideo says:

    @log140 hey, long time! unfortunately, the trail of blood and oil left by those two fucktards is long and wide.

  14. log140 says:

    please tell me that these war-criminals Bush & Cheney deregulations had nothing to do with this spill…

  15. ReduceGHGs says:

    Only a fool would still be fussing about Obama’s birth certificate. It’s juvenile.
    Cheney in secrete meetings had the energy industries WRITE our country’s energy policy. No problem, eh? Then he a w got us into a war on false pretences. It cost hundreds of thousands of lives!!!!!!!!!!! And trillions! And you’re one of the fools fussing over nothing because the election didn’t go your way? Maybe you’re just a racist.
    Get real.

  16. mattmatt115 says:

    Oh just wait! Just WAIT until the first hurricane!!!!!!! Oh man you Americans will have the oil you spill others blood for! Every lake river mountain and field in the south with have been poisoned with this shit!
    YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK AMERICA! JUST LIKE 9/11! Thank deregulation for this, thank Bush/Cheney for orchestrating the deregulation and thank Obama for PERPETUATING IT

  17. Luv2suckFemaleToes says:

    Who has an “AK-47” for sale with plenty ammunition. BP needs to be attacked. If I had the ammo, I would walk right into their headquarters and make demands to see the CEO, then blast his ass. And anyone who dares to fight back. Give me death since America’s gov. & the people is allowing them to feed it to us slowly.

    Im ready.

  18. MrTabby5000 says:


    If it were a fetus he would care,the fetus is the only life-form they care about.

  19. SidarthurSoluna says:

    What goes around eventually comes back around. A nation founded on Christian beliefs who breaks treaties and builds their success on broken promises and stolen lands will eventually have to pay when it comes back around.

    They would threaten us if we don’t believe in their Jesus. Well, let Jesus stop the oil spill and clean it up with His ‘rising from the dead’ supreme power!

  20. phillipmarch22 says:

    @Allamericom Oh, it’s gonna be 2020 and we will still be feeling the disastrous errors of the bushtard administration. Good God, we might as well have sent a gold embossed invitation to every country asking them to invade our country. They might want to prove we have weapons of mass destruction. Name ONE thing that that administration did right! We will be cleaning up that cluster fuck for decades!

  21. itbarthur4u says:

    The earth is Bleeding Petroleum

    BP is a Biocidal Perpetrator with no regard for Biological Plunder.

    It is time to Boycott Perfidy.

  22. 934johno says:

    republicans should never be allowed to run this country again this is what happerns when you don;t regulate corporations like this bush and chenney didn;t dothis by thereselves they alot of helpped with people like boehner.armey.mconelland all the rest of the doddam republicans

  23. Janet6961 says:

    People don’t get it…The government does not have any control..The oil corp’s have control..It’s that simple.Or all the rigs would be pulled off the water and we would switch now to free energy that is 100 % clean,,.All I can say is America is feeling it’s own Karma…it all goin down,,,God Bless America.

  24. TypoFootage says:

    @Allamericom … you can always tell a neocon by their fixation on fluff issues. But when a real issue arises, where are they? Burying their head in the sand of spin.
    Ever hear the phrase… if the shoe fits? Well, conservatives have a LOT of shoes to wear… because they’re the ones screwing up.

  25. Khultan says:

    It certainly is a very disturbing event. When will questioning the wisdom of these businesses and government end and turn into outright demand to put a halt to this pursuit. Too late now. We are going to pay for this. The environment is polluted and will permeate and affect everyone and everything. Another disaster happened in 1969. There is nothing clean about this business.

  26. narayananraveen says:


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