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What Will Happen to Offshore Drilling With This Latest Oil Spill?

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. meyaxshavat says:

    ),so the star that will fall will cause almost the same disaster as chernobil by poisoning all the waters but more catastrophic,for that reason they will name it as chernobil,Thanks bro God bless you.your deep thinker.

  2. meyaxshavat says:

    you know even though i would desagree with you about actual chernobil in Ukrain was talked in the prophecy,but you just brought grait point without even realising,that sence every catastrofic thing that happens is being caled chernobil,you just answeared the quastion why would the coming prophecied disaster is caled Wormwood(chernobil),

  3. meyaxshavat says:

    ,but for oil and gas.but the wormwood that you said sounds to me fony blony,i dont think it actualy poisoned the 1/3 of the waters,and as far as i know thats in the 7 years tribulation period

  4. meyaxshavat says:

    yeh i would agree with you about the hooks God will put in there mouth,because when your reading it says that the hole point of this was to take the goods of Israel.before it didnt make sence to me because Israel didnt have anything,but after they found the oil and gas,now it totaly make sence to me,becides in 21 century nobody atacks another country for cows or ships

  5. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Remember the Movie AVATAR: A spirit leaves one body and takes over another. Isnt that what Jesus tried to tell people 2,000 years ago? Demonic possession is real, and Jesus knew about it.
    School shootings, Police brutality, Abuse, Fear, Paine,,,
    All this feeds Dominic Spirits.

  6. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Many Heads and horns, Rising from the waters, with a cup in her hand, Is that not a description of the Statue of liberty?
    I know of few people who have actually red Revelation. I have read it probably 30+ times, and listened to it on CD 80+ times and I have made 6 Videos of what I have found.
    Dont take my word for it or anyone elses, But check it out the clams, and decide for your self.

  7. StigmataBOB1 says:

    If you lived in Johns time, And saw Polaris missels being launched from a submarine, how would you describe it?
    And I saw 4 angels being launched from the grate river Euphrates,
    John describes the City that is destroyed by the Missals and even describes the retaliation.
    Take a close look at Johns description of the Hoer of the Mystery Babylon and compare it to the Statue of liberty.

  8. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    @StigmataBOB1 But Rev 12:9 reveals that the dragon is that old serpent, called the devil, and satan, which deceives the whole world. All three are names for Lucifer, the fallen angel who thought he was better than God. I am not sure where aliens may fit into the picture, but I trust God completely. His thoughts and ways are too far above me. God bless you and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

  9. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Take a look at Revelation 12:7 A Great War in heaven?
    The truth about Aliens was released 2,000 years ago By John when he wrote Revelation. John had no word for UFO, in his time they were called Dragons.
    Check it out Read revelation again knowing Dragon = UFO

  10. tgambill says:

    you are wrong on the Revelation scripture. You shouldn’t make light of the prophesy and misread. Wormwood has not been here yet. You are misquoting and misleading. Why?

  11. 33point3 says:

    what happened to the environment? Obama was all gung ho about electric cars then a few days before the oil disaster in the gulf he’s talking about drilling off the east coast? truth is oil is big business & these politicians owe a lot to oil lobbyist & oil companies – profits over common sense. no one really cares about global warming or earth – it’s all about MONEY. BP will make huge profits either way. I say everyone buy a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt this fall – screw big oil.

  12. unchainedunbroken says:

    @SilentPrayingmanTis than you are decieved

  13. SilentPrayingmanTis says:

    @unchainedunbroken i think it does

  14. unchainedunbroken says:

    @unchainedunbroken I know all about chernoble I have read the story and listened to lots of people talk about it. The fact is that it dosen’t match the description in Rev. but you’r just gunna ignore that aren’t you?

  15. unchainedunbroken says:

    @SilentPrayingmanTis dude you still aren’t answering my question, I’m beginning to think you are avoiding it. Look, think what you want. I’m goin by scripture, you are calling it as you see it.

  16. SilentPrayingmanTis says:

    @unchainedunbroken Churnobyl was not an oil spill. use google, in the last days knowledge will be increased, use it.

  17. unchainedunbroken says:

    @SilentPrayingmanTis lol whatever man if your not gunna answer the question than quit commenting back.

  18. ccrossroad6011 says:

    Good stuff brother.

    Jesus Bless You

  19. SilentPrayingmanTis says:

    @unchainedunbroken Churnobyl (wormwood) was a huge disaster of a nucleur plant, google it. >_> Big melt down and contamination.lots of peoples died.

  20. unchainedunbroken says:

    @SilentPrayingmanTis lol whatever I just showed you the scripture (KJV) does it really sound like an oil spill? If your not gunna answer that than don’t bother commenting back. God bless you too.

  21. citrine38 says:

    Are they trying to kill off- poison our food supply with this oil spill?

  22. SilentPrayingmanTis says:

    @unchainedunbroken your interpreitation as a man, not mine, God bless.

  23. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    Hey everyone, please forgive me. I know Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day but apparently I said that. My mouth does not always do what my brain tells it to do. Also I am lysdexic so I get things a little backwards sometimes. Please forgive me my Mexican friends. I live in Texas and I know when Mexican Independence Day is. My bad.

  24. Abbershay says:

    British petroleum people need to start calling it what it is.

  25. altops says:

    you got 5 other countries sucking oil outta the Gulf. And BP is a British Co. is it not? No Chernobyl was not the 3 trumpet, because a third of the rivers and a third of the waters were Not made bitter and 93,000 people did die, but is that “many” in the proper relation and perspective?

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