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BP fails @ oil booming

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

“Booming” is a method by which oil spills are contained through the use of booms. More info at : www.mass.gov Boom Deployment Each oil spill presents different challenges depending on the type of oil spilled, the location, weather, time of day, the manpower available and the equipment at hand. It is important to plan a practical strategy to protect sensitive resources utilizing the resources available and keeping safety in mind at all times. The effective and timely deployment of the oil spill boom can lessen both cleanup time and money. There are three types of boom deployment: Containment Deflection Exclusion This video’s expert narrator asks why this oil isn’t being contained. Who will be accountable for this? These are questions all of us should be asking. Make the “powers that be” ANSWER us! This video is mirrored from www.youtube.com Please mirror it on your channel, too. Make this info go viral!
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