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Gulf of Flames

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

Exclusive footage of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sinking while Coast Guards battle the intense fire. (National Geographic Channel) The Post Got It Covered: Red Carpet: www.youtube.com Post Movie Reviews: www.youtube.com News: www.youtube.com Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com RSS: gdata.youtube.com


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  1. BoredAtHome44 says:

    If we put half as much energy into fixing the problem as we did trying to find out whose to blame, we would have saved the Gulf by now

  2. CollegeLoheart says:

    Hopefully they can fix this problem. I know this is an outdated question. but I’ve been very busy lately. Who caused this accident, in other words WHO IS TO BLAME ?

  3. pokemaughan says:

    Looks like the fire hose isn’t doing anything at all, not even reaching the fire :/

  4. Pimpdogg95 says:

    This is going to make oil be never used we will be using solar powered things now lets all pray for the best

  5. turtleblues66 says:

    this planet is doomed…

  6. marcomariaz26 says:

    @MrMaryJanes politicians so corruptable.

  7. MrMaryJanes says:

    Just think, If oil companies weren’t so corrupt, we’d simply use hemp methanol which is completely environmentally friendly, and there would be no problems like this.

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