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VIMS prof studies fish affected by BP oil spill – Daily Press 0

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VIMS prof studies fish affected by BP oil spill
Daily Press
By http://bio.tribune.com/corynealon, cnealon@dailypress.com | 247-4760 Scientists are conducting the first surveys of deep-sea life in the Gulf of Mexico since last year's Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The expeditions, organized by the National Oceanic
Deepwater Horizon's Top Manager Won't Testify in Spill CasesBusinessWeek
BP, Weatherford International In Settlement On Deepwater HorizonWall Street Journal
BP unveils liability deal with WeatherfordAFP
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Gulf’s complexity and resilience seen in studies of oil spill – Houma Courier 0

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Boston Globe

Gulf's complexity and resilience seen in studies of oil spill
Houma Courier
DISASTER AREA In June, oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico was absorbed by booms in Bay Jimmy, south of New Orleans. In the year since the wellhead beneath the Deepwater Horizon rig began spewing rust-colored crude into the
Florida wants BP to replace lost revenueBizjournals.com
Louisiana, Florida residents differ on views of long-term effects of oil spillEurekAlert (press release)
FAU Experts on the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillNewswise (press release)
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Gov. Jindal: Need Quick Action To Save Our Coast, Not More Studies 0

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Gov. Jindal to Feds: No Time for More Studies, Act Now & Restart Dredging Operations so LA Can Win this War against the Oil Spill 0

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Obama, Bush Exempt Offshore Drilling from Env. Impact Studies – Oil Spills & Paper Mills 12

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Permits for offshore oil drilling, including deep water drilling and specifically the Deepwater Horizon, were rubber stamped without environmental impact studies under the Bush administration, and shamefully, under the Obama administration as well. These so-called “categorical exclusions” exempting them from an environmental impact study are reserved for projects that could never possibly harm the environment, like building a hiking trail or an outhouse. Well, we’ve built a very big outhouse, and its contents have hit the fan. How many trees have died to print these meaningless permits that we rubber stamp with no government oversight? Well, this video contains a little information on the paper industry as well, specifically on Botnia, the Finnish paper mill in Uruguay that was recently the center of international controversy, at least here in South America, due to accusations of treaty violations and pollution of a shared river on the border between Uruguay and Argentina. The international court just passed down a ruling… and showed a clear bias in favor of big business. They claimed the evidence of pollution presented by Argentina was unreliable because Argentina has an interest in protecting its people from pollution… but the evidence presented by Uruguay, compiled BY THE PAPER MILL ITSELF, was admissable and proved that there was no contamination. The governments of the world have been taken over by big business interests, and every industry, from the coal
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Who was ignoring Ken Abbott 2 months ago? Everybody – including the public, government agencies, elected officials, newspeople – and BP. Now when a whistle blows – listen. NEW ORLEANS — The Deepwater Horizon leak is now leading to safety concerns on another BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP Atlantis is located in more than 7000 feet of water, 150 miles south of New Orleans. According to a lawsuit filed Monday in Houston, the rig is plagued by some of the same possible safety problems as the Horizon. It claims the Department of the Interior allowed Atlantis to operate without completed engineering blueprints needed to operate the rig safely. “This is not a mere paperwork. Without these as-built drawings, the people that are working on these rigs, are flying blind from the standpoint of how to safely operate BP rigs in the Gulf of Mexico,” said plaintiffs’ attorney Mikal Watts. Watts represents the environmental group Food and Water Watch and former BP sub-contractor Ken Abbott. BP fired Abbott, a project control supervisor, last year after he voiced concerns about a lack of documentation on Atlantis. “At BP, I beat my head against the wall, they didn’t care, the government agencies didn’t care,” said Abbott. Abbott said a congressional investigation into the Deepwater Horizon spill indicated that BP could not locate detailed drawings for the rig’s blowout preventer and that workers wasted half a day trying to shut off a valve that had already been disconnected. “BP and
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Studies suggest MMS knew blowout preventers had ‘critical’ flaws 0

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Studies suggest MMS knew blowout preventers had ‘critical’ flaws
The federal agency charged with setting safety standards for offshore oil exploration failed to act on at least four warnings about vulnerabilities in subsea blowout preventers, the critical safety device that failed to shut down the Gulf oil spill when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded April 20.
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Governor Jindal on Dredging Plan: Time for Studies is Over, We Need Action 0

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