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Gulf Oil Spill Hurricane Imminent @BPglobalPR #bpcares 43

Posted on June 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Will next BP fix raise flow by 20 percent? we all know by now that every solution BP has tried has failed. The Obama administration warns that BP’s next effort to contain the oil spewing from a damaged well in the Gulf could result in a temporary 20 percent increase in the flow. Hurricane may be the best thing for the area, will it break down the elements of the oil? Or will we have to worry about slick roads? Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com Download Twitter for your phone, Lets keep in touch! Go to this webpage ON YOUR PHONE. www.ubertwitter.com My website www.uncletroll.com
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Hey BP i thought of this idea this morning and its very simple and would certainly work and cost you very little compared to what you are spending now.

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