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Gulf Oil Spill Hurricane Imminent @BPglobalPR #bpcares

Posted on June 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Will next BP fix raise flow by 20 percent? we all know by now that every solution BP has tried has failed. The Obama administration warns that BP’s next effort to contain the oil spewing from a damaged well in the Gulf could result in a temporary 20 percent increase in the flow. Hurricane may be the best thing for the area, will it break down the elements of the oil? Or will we have to worry about slick roads? Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com Download Twitter for your phone, Lets keep in touch! Go to this webpage ON YOUR PHONE. www.ubertwitter.com My website www.uncletroll.com
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Hey BP i thought of this idea this morning and its very simple and would certainly work and cost you very little compared to what you are spending now.

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    Due to the depleted particle cannon on your planetary spaceship mongoloid 1, i ask that you beam over a spectronised 1st unit zargon ship so that all the zargonites on planet zargon can get back to thier own planet.

    I hope the plutons are of no inconvienience.

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  2. BRAVOADD says:

    @theMastrgamr lol Bp wanted to show god who the real god was

  3. torolof says:

    i think u r more worried in how many views u get than the oil spill!

  4. multiverse3 says:

    The petrol is the birth and the death of our modern civilisation..

  5. ClownLoachCity says:

    @ThursdayChild420 lmao!! someone needs to call them ahaha no joke.

  6. ichijorox says:

    there is a bp gas station where i live and these ppl with picket signs were boycotting it lmfao

  7. dangerrat456 says:

    @theMastrgamr The world gunna die in a massive wad of oil.

  8. italy1677 says:

    Worst case scenario: We all have to move to Canada

  9. TheRandombk says:

    No the hurricane won’t do much. oil doesn’t evaporate into the air. The only problem is, when a hurricane does strike, it will produce massive waves, spreading oil all over the place

  10. maskedtruther says:

    @1ANGELMIND I know. It is called the elite. A secret society that controls the world.

  11. 1ANGELMIND says:

    @maskedtruther Obama is a puppet there is a bigger entity working!

  12. 1ANGELMIND says:

    i smell a rat..Why can’t people go to help out,ie scientist,biologist and some citizens etc why does there have to be S.W.A.T teams and military there,I don’t trust any body there,something’s up guys,something BIG and we are all told to sit back and watch what they want us to see….
    What a joke! there are more of us than them! this is our childrens lives,our families,our future they are messing with!!! WAKE UP!!! THIS IS REAL NOT A MOVIE CLIP!!! They planned this!!!

  13. loveallhappiness says:

    @srang12345 true.

  14. loveallhappiness says:

    @theMastrgamr the chemical in the water is 100 times worst than the oil itself..
    so we are going to see people dropping like flies around 2012 from the chemicals
    I hope what i just said is not true.. let me think positive.

  15. loveallhappiness says:

    yes you are right they can send a man to the moon but they can’t stop the oil spill

  16. srang12345 says:

    @AreYouKilluminati well let america trie it that way?why hasnt obama allredy!!!???BECORSE HE WOULD LOOSE….no judge on this earth would say BP is guilty…that is why obama came up with that shit in the news directly anyway…so that noone would even question his image..well id say that failed pritty much as bad as any of bps trys to close the wholes..?obama has given authorisation knowing about the dangers…it is his responsability now he wont stand up against it..america should be ashamed

  17. srang12345 says:

    You know…BP musst not do nothing..look up the facts..BP does not have to come up 4 any of this…still they do..and how does this world thank them..they say how crap there work is..see im actully not pissed of by BP..they are doing evrey effort they can..what really pisses me off is that ignorant american way to look at these things..obamas governement gave the authorisations..knowing how dangerous it is..If i could decide 4 BP..america would stand alone..completly..becorse of shit like this

  18. bluebird1494 says:

    0:12 poor bird T_T

  19. 1stGenGamers says:

    so what happens when all the oil drains out? would water rush in the void and cause a huge tsunami?

  20. v44forme1 says:

    Elect Don Cordell For President.

  21. AreYouKilluminati says:

    I bet those people who like the Quasi Satanic Freemason Homosexual who got sucked off by Larry Sinclair and had gay relations with Donald Young (before he was murdered by BO goons) are loving this oil spill. Just wish it would have happened in the oval office so he’d be saying “I did not have sexual relations with that man, “Larry Sinclair” or “Donald Love. Michelle is the only man for me.”

  22. AreYouKilluminati says:

    @Seldona So stripping BP of all their assets and equipment then using their money and equipment would not be something? Which is what any judge would do to a criminal who got rich off their crimes, take all their assets and put them in jail. So yeah the Government isn’t doing shit and I can say that with 100% honesty. Take their money, hire your own scientists, use their equipment to implement it..what they’re doing now is like letting OJ do the CSI on his house after being accused of murder.

  23. TheOnlyTyrael says:

    I tried to find the humor in this, but it just gets old after a while.

  24. TheOnlyTyrael says:

    Yep, that’s all you are: a troll, but the sad thing is, you’re not original. You’re just bitching and moaning like everyone else. Sounds like you’d rather them just sit tight and not do anything instead of actually trying one of their solutions. God knows that if they stopped after one attempt to plug the hole, you’d still whine. Some people are never satisfied. They content themselves with stirring up a bunch of unnecessary crap. Congratulations! How do you feel?

  25. maskedtruther says:

    The U.S. is fucked, and Obama is a liar. Does anyone even believe that joker anymore?

  26. onelayer1111 says:

    come on man, do you actually think they don’t know how to fix the problem? This oil spill is done on purpose and they don’t want to fix. Your ideas and everyone else’s don’t matter. Just stop watching tv and start converting to clean free energy. Its all about money. There is no need for oil anymore, the use of oil is ancient there are alternatives. Using oil proves how sheep like and primitive people are. There is no need for it, or any other kind of pollution. Educate yourself.

  27. blueeyes314 says:


  28. rockyjuneau says:

    i got an idea. cut them garbage bops off that dont work, and run a big orbit valve down, bolt the orbit valve to the casing bowl, shut the orbit valve…. then you can tie the rig thats there onto the orbit valve and start killing the well with cement and cement it off. when you release the bops the spill is going to get worse until you get the orbit valve on top of the well and bolted on but after you are done it will be 100% sealed…..

  29. 565Customz says:

    this is retarded dude…sorry but to many “ifs”

    i say nuke the fuckin hole, let the rubble fill the drill hole

  30. YouKnowTheyExist says:

    Barge = fast fix and buys time. Another good fix: Get BOP clear or gone. Iron billet 14 inch diam 20′ long on 3 mile cable descend to impermeable layer. Add 3000′ stack 14 inch iron, first 200′ must be debris-maker low yield glued-up grenades. Detonate. Debris achieves deep plug, stack achieves counter pressure. Upper Seabed layers may leak with top capping, not deep plug method. Please disseminate both solutions worldwide.

  31. LtHarkness187 says:

    The problem is it would take to long and the depths are huge, but from your idea I started thinking , I may post a video explaining my idea, I know my idea would proberbly sound ridiculis, but hey some one else may get an idea from that, so to all of you saying what an unrealistic way to plug the hole, start thinking 100 years ago we could barly go 25m under the water all because of crazy ideas, dont be so quick to critisize.

  32. frakattak says:

    dude. you need to get a job

  33. Sutherncutie6721 says:

    Hey all you idiots,,, At least someone is trying to think of some damn thingto help.. What are you contributing other than your adolecent comments. If we had more people to think of ideas, maybe,… Just maybe there would be something that worked. IDIOTS!!!! I swear!

  34. handsuvlove says:

    @shadowwbn Really well said! I am pissed for the same exact reasons. If there was not a fool proof way to stop any possible catastrophe…then no way they can drill. This can very well kill every ocean on the planet if hurricanes take this oil in to different oceanic streams.

  35. handsuvlove says:

    @woodyaee Hey man..it’s somebody contributing their ideas in a desperate shot to help with a catastrophe. What the fu*k did you offer big shot? NOTHING!! except your stupid opinion on people offering their opinions toward a solution. You my friend are an absolute douche bag…Oh! and learn how to speak English you retard!

  36. woodyaee says:

    Can’t belive I waste my time watching this… Pleople you don’t have a minnium idea about what is going on down there, you don’t even know what is a BOP and how big it is, what is a riser and what happens to it if the Rig sinks like the Horizon did. The problem is not any simple, its hard. Study prior to open your mouth to talk shit dumb asshole

  37. rabblerouzer1 says:

    I cant believe they cant plug this leak. I think it was done deliberately.

  38. shadowwbn says:

    If the pipe spewing oil, was not so deep, then your idea would work. Thats the main problem right now, the depth. This is the first incident of this kind at that depth, so they dont know what will work. Which pisses me off, because if there are no ‘workable’ countermeasures at the depth, then why the hell did they get to drill there. It should have been mandatory, proof of concept countermeasure requirment if you dont have ANY countermeasures for your activity.

  39. shadowwbn says:

    @shadowwbn the current’s effects on the tanker will be like the wind on a sail boat with a reall really big sail, so much for it to push on. Plus there is the risk, if the tug boats lose control, it could damage the pipe even more, or break it off, or bury it causing all efforts to stop until they clear the way. Plus their is the risk of the integrity of tthe tanker being breached due to the pressure, all it would take is one weak point like a halfass wielded joint and its now a bigger mess.

  40. shadowwbn says:

    That has to many problems with it, first thing is the leak of over a mile down, controling its decent and trying to to maneuver it with the tug boats will be extremely difficult, keep in mind the ocean is not going to stop making waves, and underwater currents arent going to stop so we can do it, plus the size of it will make the curren…..see next post

  41. Majorjoy6565 says:


    Thank u
    A l l : l l

  42. redmoonspider says:

    I’m no engineer…I think they’re afraid of damaging the riser and making it worse. That’s why it’s been so slow and delicate….at 5,000 feet.
    Is any reason to believe it’s no more than 5,000 feet?
    ….remember that’s coming from BP.

  43. Probesoul says:

    the weight will drag the tug boats under but other than that it may be a good concept

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