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This is what the oil spill will be destroying if left unchecked

Posted on July 01, 2010 by bp complaints

This is the extended cut promised. No its not the final cut as Google Earth has been being a bit of a pain on the location images. Still have a bit of the Florida coastline to get in there, as well as the Eastern Seaboard. ( will add the latter if it comes under state of emergency orders ) Thank you to NOAA for providing the best coverage on this as far as raw data goes. Folks, check out the link, if your asking yourself what you can do to help, there are some good links provided on the NOAA page that will hook you up. Be it donation of time, resources, or funds, the links are all there. NOAA Deepwater Horizon Incident page response.restoration.noaa.gov
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  1. jason34207 says:

    at 0:12 notice the gaping hole in the helipad. Thanks to carneyart for bringing that to my attention is his video I posted this as a response to. I honestly though it to be a raft, but after seeing the image on his video it is without a doubt a gaping hole. From what? I see no metal blown outward to suggest a blast came from underneath it. Very peculiar indeed.

  2. jason34207 says:

    @NotLuckyInLife Nuclear Rain of Fire. They do that, the game is over. Its like the evil genius when the game is finally up, hitting the self destruct button saying ” If I can’t have this planet, no one will “

  3. NotLuckyInLife says:

    @jason34207 Agreed on all points. Suck up the bottom mud and we have radioactive particles in the atmosphere as well as radioactive water to come back down who knows where as radioactive rain. I don’t think we can forecast where it will fall due to the extra particles in the lower atmosphere that moisture condenses on to form rain drops. More particles mean longer time to create saturation level to form rain. I think my understanding of this is sound.

  4. jason34207 says:

    @NotLuckyInLife A nuke is just going to make that pocket implode, what do you think the water will do when there’s this big void to fill? Nuking it is worse then the slow fix. Personally, from the looks of it, these oil domes could at least stop it temporarily till they get a more ” concrete ” solution in place. I still say plugging it is the only way.

  5. NotLuckyInLife says:

    @jason34207 I agree & this visual tour of what we stand to lose should be a highly motivating film you have put together. People are talking nuke it & I went & got some clips from the Bikini Island tests of underwater detonation. I don’t think the approximate 1 mile distance will prevent the sucking up of the mud. Radioactive mud as well as radioactive rain to land somewhere. I am also going to look for film on the effects of acid rains due to sulfuric acid in the air that caused it. THINK 1st.

  6. jason34207 says:

    @NotLuckyInLife thanks for the props. Its going to get even harder for me to expand on this project. I have it divided into 3 segments. This is the locations part. The others are the critters we may never see again, and the operations being undertaken. Which is my latest post. When I’ve completed the journey on each, it will be a message to take to Washington. We must take the moral high ground in this.

  7. NotLuckyInLife says:

    Jason; I have to say this may be the most powerful video I have ever seen here to this day. I trucked through all of that area but never had an aerial view as in the pictures you got and placed in here but have seen it a lot from an 18 wheeler. This is the pristine beauty we have been blessed with and soon to be covered with black ooze and rust colored ooze. Take a good look people ’cause it won’t stay this way. It will break my heart to see the after unlike any other disaster. Excellent job.

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