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Extra: Oil Rig Survivor Part 2

Posted on July 01, 2010 by bp complaints

“As I got to the next door, it exploded.” The Deepwater Horizon’s chief electronics technician Mike Williams was trapped below deck as the rig exploded. All he wanted was to get topside.

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  1. Judy101101 says:

    @everysomenoany or usually it’s a sign of outrage – usually when someone makes a comment like “argument is weak” usually that kind of statement comes from someone who can’t comprehend the hardship others are trying to express. Only a closed mind would respond like that – you look like the weaker person for your own judgements of others

  2. MrTSBOND says:

    Let me put it in terms you can understand.. When you comment like that , listening to someone poor his heart out to what they have amazingly enough LIVED to tell about and 11 of his co- workers – brothers- are killed and he is reliving the ordeal in his interview so that people can understand what risks people like US take everyday FOR OUR FAMILY, it helps people like you understand what things you take for granted . So take your story teller comment and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ENTIRE ASS !!!!

  3. everysomenoany says:

    @MrTSBOND “Profanity is the common crutch for the conversational cripple.”
    “Profanity is the weapon of the witless.”‘
    “When a man uses profanity to support an argument, it indicates that the man or the argument is weak – probably both.”

  4. MrTSBOND says:

    ” he’s a good story teller ?’ you sound like an uneducated dip shit….

  5. freshhug says:

    He’s a god storyteller, I can see why 60 min took him for an intervue.

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