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Suggestion Box or Publicity Stunt?

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

Suggestion Box or Publicity Stunt? BP’s Rapid Response Hotline (281) 366-5511 Why was this # set up a month in advance??? www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com Letter to Obama Idea on how to stop the oil leak, which has been ignored since May 5th www.congress.org Inventors say BP ignoring their oil spill ideas www.google.com Man determined to pitch leak-stopping ideas camps outside BP office: www.khou.com ‘Titanic’ director Cameron joins effort to plug Gulf spill news.yahoo.com OEG Operations Excellence Group www.oegllc.com

When the BP rig exploded the people of Louisiana, who make their living from the sea, began to prepare for the worst. This is the story of thousands of workers and businesses preparing for ruin. When the oil rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico few expected the ramifications to change life in Coastal Louisiana forever. But locals are now facing an end of life as they know it. Jerome Jones, local shrimp fisherman, says the spill will be devastating for an industry that was already struggling. “A lot of fishermen probably won’t be in business after this”. And anger continues to mount over the cosy relationship between government and the oil industry which allowed safety standards to lapse so terribly.

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  1. LottsaLasagna says:

    Robert wise is another corporate peon who supports corruption

    Another failure in life

    death on 2 legs

  2. klard says:

    One must consider that the oil industry is not in favor of the USA developing its own energy. They make much more profit selling imported oil. The intent is to make the citizens of the US dependent on foreign sources. This catastrophe has surely delayed or stopped further off shore oil exploration in the USA.

  3. klard says:

    Like everything else about government/corporate responses, this is nothing but a scam to make people think they care and are trying. I would doubt that they use these suggestions for anything other than to circulate the silliest ones for a laugh at their meetings.

  4. klard says:

    Like everything else about government/corporate responses, this is nothing but a scam to make people think they care and are trying. I would doubt that they use these suggestions for anything other than to circulate the silliest ones for a laugh at their meetings.

  5. AquarianPublius says:

    Nice, Sacred Reich!

  6. Muzevni says:

    yes it was planned, it is a plan so no they will not fix it unless they “fix” it.

  7. anyusmoon1 says:

    P.S. V 🙂 so sorry i missed your first show. Only feeling a little better just now after coming down with terrible virus. Maybe you’ll send out vid promos again for the next episodes as a reminder when we can log on and catch you live? Truly hope it was successful.

  8. anyusmoon1 says:

    @cv1122 lol ok :-/ just throwing some ideas around. Nope, there’s no coincidences.

  9. Rockin2Long says:

    BP isn’t trying to stop the leak. They don’t give flying f about you, the sea, or the life within it. They are trying to recover the well. They are trying to control it. They’re just trying to make money.

    Our government, which is so busy nitpicking and micro-regulating us little people, is just sitting on its ass letting BP walk all over us for more campaign money sweetheart deal bribes.

  10. cv1122 says:

    @55ella2007k yes. refer to the end of the video….coincidence?

  11. cv1122 says:

    @anyusmoon1 haha you are so over my head right now…as I said I have NO technical knowledge (and will not pretend to)….I was just referring to his suggestion and the non-response, is all…
    What i find intriguing is that their support /suggestion line (Phone center) was set up almost a month in advance….coincidence???

  12. 55ella2007k says:

    @cv1122 I hadn’t heard this. You mean a month prior to the explosion?

  13. webduncetv says:

    I see 3 possibilities so far:

    1. The spill and the inefficient clean up are due to incompetence and greed.
    2. It is far worse than they are letting on (like a cover up of a much larger catastrophe that has made that area basically an underwater oil volcano and that little video of some oil coming out of a pipe is fake or just one tiny little part of the problem)
    3. it was a planned catastrophe with nefarious goals I could not begin to fathom.

  14. webduncetv says:

    “Why was this set up in March?” Good catch!

  15. anyusmoon1 says:

    Hi V. Why ‘balloon’ / plug? The pipe ‘aperture’, whether actual leak site or another chosen & created, then vacuumed by penetrating w/graduated male connector into the female/breach, eventually clamped / welded into position. Forcing a vacuum hose with rigid, slender, sheath into the breach should be easy. If the force of the escaping oil is the issue than it’s only a matter of engineering proper length of ‘sheath guide’ + vacuum pressure to defy the resistance, right?

  16. YiuTeub says:

    3000 lbs c4 pushed 100 ft down that hole otta close that thing up!!

  17. curiouschem says:

    energy and oil related products being purchased by consumers gives them security of dollars to buy off regulation and pay for protection. when consumers stop buying their products, their power stops.

  18. pughmecdoc says:

    why did goldman-sach get rid of 44% of BP stock the days before the accident? thanks V

  19. craigslist04 says:

    There is more money to be made letting the oil poison the gulf.

    Google, Bombshell expose’

  20. thetimman00 says:

    My comment from one day ago has 9 thumbs up, no front page exposure.

  21. byblosadvocate says:

    @LYinKansas – no dummy – read again (you lack basic reading comprehension skills). And did you even try and watch the video I recommended?
    I’m telling you oil spills can be cleaned up in a snap.
    I’m telling you Big Corps and the Gov are full of shit.

  22. SomedaysDreamersBC says:

    What kind of ideas would Celeb’s have? hahahahaha esp Kevin Costner? thats funny.

  23. Kearnspalmbay says:

    Really great research! I think you’re right. Stopping the leak (gusher, severed artery) is not in their best interest at all. If they can complete the side drilling, they can save their damned well, and all that oil inside the reservoir. What is the possible motivation for them to stop it now? Humanitarian or environmental concern? You’re on to something here! Love the diagrams, really ‘splains it

  24. stinkbug2012 says:

    @cv1122 – I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.

  25. 1madaboutguitar says:

    They are going to let this drag on so that people will say “OK, OK I’ll pay double for gas… do whatever your gotta do to stop the leak”

    Its very similar to how they handled global warming (difference, this is REAL problem). They deliberately act slowly to create maximum anxiety amongst people for a solution to be found. In this state of manufactured anxiety, people will accept extreme solutions with extreme consequences.

  26. weirdyandre1996 says:

    BP i dont want to hear you guys talk shit anymore. it has been too long, get your ass of your seat and do something about and not get someone to do it for you. BP cause this accident themself, and they’ll solve it themself.

  27. medicvet says:

    @cannoir I have news for you, we all live on the same planet, animals, plants, and humans, and there is no way to separate who and what is getting the massive damage from all this. I mourn for the lives lost and careers destroyed just as much as from all the wildlife that is being coated with death.

  28. REOcanada3 says:

    This situation has been left to officials who have a contempt for evidence, created an epidemic of lawlessness and lies to the American people and compromised the citizens of the Gulf region. This planet has been so generous to us, so kind, loving, so accepting – we are all welcome here. We can no longer be only observers of this catastrophe, collective participation is required. People will soon come to realize that ‘Life” is one global unity movement ! How can we help you Louisiana?

  29. PaulKendy22 says:

    I saw some news, you are ruined in the gulf, bilions dollars halps but only little help Rgds

  30. dhwestbroek says:

    ze hebben toch olie nodig daar,nou hebben ze olie.

  31. asianwannabeamerican says:

    @PaulKendy22 this is the worst environmental problem in US history. THOUSANDS of miles of coastline, jobs, lives, and wildlife is at risk. BP has ruined the Gulf of Mexico for who knows how many years. this is A LOT OF STRESS

  32. PaulKendy22 says:

    what is the problem?? is any?? I think that this is little problem in USA, no stress…

  33. shitonthisname says:

    fuckin shut that company down. i work on the construction site. when we do a huge mistake, the house we built is shit, we have to pay for everything, which has been deadly for many companys until nowadays. BP must pay for the ppl, that cant make a living anymore. They must pay for every fuckin killed fish, bird and tree. Not in 15 years, when the court condemned them to. Now! The fishes die now! the fishermen cant go work today! when will we accept, that we cant eat our money. 🙁 greetz, germany

  34. ishikawa92 says:

    @cannoir i know that i was replying to someone else. Ive studied biology before so all this informantion isnt new to me. only mechanics is new.

  35. cannoir says:

    @ishikawa92 it will take years.you remember this happened in 86 elsewhere and it took years to restore everything and reintroduce species that were almost extinct.It doesn’t look like they are trying hard to soak it up.all those execs should be dipped into that oil HEAD FIRST several times.

  36. cannoir says:

    @111hamish111 if this had happened in south asia, or the african coat.this would not have been mentionned anywhere.In a way I am glad this happened in the Yankland so they can see how deep excavations are destroying the environment.There is a scale of compassion and empathy and frankly I prefer the birds and fishes I don’t care if any of the humans drinks that dark oil.

  37. cannoir says:

    @wiseye61 no the americans are going to keep Tonie Hayward.They should lock his arse on 4 trillion bond. he is mega rich anyway.all that dough has to go.

  38. TheCrystalRiver says:

    Was I swearing at anyone in particular?
    Fact is, you can’t hold a real discussion.
    Leave me in peace.

  39. TubaGlider2 says:


  40. Eball06 says:

    @TheCrystalRiver Yeah, cussing in your comment is very “tact and respectful” buddy.

  41. idak12 says:

    @Hellscope1 r u from the South, what Obama should do is shut down every oil rig in the gulf until this is cleaned up and every company can show that they can prevent this from happening.

  42. ANALOGHIPPIE says:

    its the greed of the humans that cous this. poor bastards

  43. ishikawa92 says:

    @drumsofreckoning agreed

  44. drumsofreckoning says:

    @ishikawa92 yeah i was thinking about how they would dry it myself to bad we couldnt put like molten metal or lava or something on the well lol

  45. wiseye61 says:

    so when will the british be invaded?

  46. 111hamish111 says:

    its all well to get compensation but what about the future how can they stop this from ever happening again and what about the long term effects

  47. ishikawa92 says:

    @drumsofreckoning thing is the concrete if you pump it down there will take a while to dry im not sure how long cause im not a engineer either but i know it will take a while and it might drift and stuff like that..

  48. drumsofreckoning says:

    @ishikawa92 yeah i understand that. but shit man the hoover dam was built with that much concrete how and the hell did they create so much with so little i mean we have cars that can park themselves we have these massive ocean oil rigs but u mean to tell me we cant find a way to get that much concrete there? I am no engineer but im sure there’s someone with the knowledge to pull it off.

  49. Hellscope1 says:

    @xldjvista lololololololol you’re a funny one lolololol shut the hell up, you brainwashed liberals do not know shit about anything and you all have proven it too many times. Obama should clean this fucking mess up with his dumbo sized ears himself, you pussy liberals will come up with some of the funniest shit to blame republicans with you could make a comedy out of it. Get the fuck out of my country, you’re a disease that can’t be cured. It’s called stupidity.

  50. xldjvista says:

    @Hellscope1 In your warped book being called an idiot is a compliment. lolololol!

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