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Extra: Oil Rig Survivor Part 5

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

“We’re gonna burn up or we’re gonna jump.” With the most easily accessible lifeboats gone, Deepwater Horizon’s chief electronics technician Mike Williams ended up having to jump from the burning rig.
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  1. dgl1962 says:

    @husqyslinger Right,like bigshots from the government aren’t arrogant.

  2. felipipi says:

    Hey Tyler Florence ( the chef on the add ) make a salad dressing out of OIL and die !!!

  3. husqyslinger says:

    BP and the whole oil industry are greedy and don’t give a crap about what people they endanger or the environment. Anyone that does not know that is clueless.
    Have you ever met anyone in the oil industry? They all think their shit don’t stink. From the CEOs to the rig hands. They get that high paying job and nothing else matters. I’m from Wyoming and have kicked more ass on oilfield trash than I can remember. They’re all trash! through and through!!!!

  4. tangnatalaga says:

    As he talked I visualize everything he was saying and couldn’t help but feel like watching a movie. It is amazing how he survived that ordeal. Yes indeed he made it for a good reason, in fact a very good reason only he himself would have understand.

  5. cherylramjattan says:

    My God, safety is compromised for the almighty dollar! What a corrupt and greedy society we have become

  6. Nesnatae says:

    @brentwinn < are you forgetting the 15 people before that in the Texas disastrous explosion? BP was again found guilty of negligence! What we're not hearing in the Main Stream Media, is BP's biggest rig sitting out in the Gulf is in worse condition and if that one blow it will make this Gulf Oil Spewing look like a trickle! Check out 60 Minutes latest interview!

  7. Nesnatae says:

    @thadynastyrecords Amen to that!

  8. Nesnatae says:

    @thadynastyrecords -I agree with you see James 1:12…All American industries were sent off to third world countries leaving so many out of work…what a great way to re-industrialize this nation through clean green energy sources and products!

  9. thadynastyrecords says:

    @Nesnatae thats it so think about this when some in the obamma administration dissapproves of whats going on in this age, some one will yet again blow the whistle….i can feel it….satan is going to lose this control battle….POWER IS THE GOAL FOR THE ELITE,ILLUMINATI ETC…..BUT THEY ARE BEING FOOLED BY SATAN…..I ENCOURAGE MORE TO THINK, READ YOUR KJV AND LET THE HOLY SPIRIT GUIDE

  10. Nesnatae says:

    @thadynastyrecords —-Yeah they’re called Whistle Blowers and we all know what happen to them! First responsibility is to let the company know…once you do that you get fired!

  11. thadynastyrecords says:

    @mjgjhb just think he is speaking out because he was left and abandon he probably doesnt have a job anymore….think about it most of the time when ppl speak out about a company the worked with an things went wrong its because they finally realized it was wrong or they got fired or mistreated….remember the story about C.I.A. CHIP TATUM…GOOGLE HIM

  12. thadynastyrecords says:

    @mjgjhb everything has to do with the spiritual warfare the oil spill is the distraction, your comment is controversy….wake up and stop polluting positve messages, i understood your message an what you had to say about what i said was immature and speaking with a carnal mind….the oil spill was planned it had nothing to do with what people purchased, this is an act or pure hate towards GOD ppl satan loves the fact tha you contested what i said….wake up

  13. thadynastyrecords says:

    @mjgjhb this was a message to those who are doing these things and cought in this type of situation, personally i pray that we get to te point to where we are using under water current, wind tubines and other natural resources…to power our needs….this is not a sermon but a warning to the non believe…i do my best to find away to implement god in every situation….the guy obviously felt like satan abandon him and turnd to god!

  14. mjgjhb says:

    @thadynastyrecords -are we talking about an oil spill disaster or a religious sunday sermon? If this hadn’t happened, this guy would’ve gone on working for one of the most destructive industries on the planet. Unfortunately we are all slaves to the banks, multi-national global corporations et al. because we choose to be, if you want to make a difference, and really prove that God will should prevail, stop supporting these companies, stop buying your big-ass TVs and ‘Big’ everything…

  15. thadynastyrecords says:

    his survival was to inspire the lost to call on GOD when all is lost…follow this as an example on how to call GOD….believe he will answer!

  16. brentwinn says:

    He survived for many reasons, one is so he could tell the real truth.
    A true hero. It is perfectly clear who caused this catastrophe.
    BP’s greed has taken our country,as we know it, from us along with 11
    peoples lives. BP must never stop paying for the destruction caused by
    their greed. We should order the immediate shutdown of all of BP’s wells
    until they are inspected.

  17. SageSofa says:

    God bless this man.

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