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Papantonio: Texas Tea Party

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

There is increased heat on the White House to do more about the Gulf oil spill, with Senator Nelson saying that it’s time for Obama and the military to step it up on the oil spill. But with the oil industry and the government sharing such a cozy relationship – to the point where the government allowed BP to write its own evaluations – is it even possible for the government to do anything? Mike Papantonio appeared on The Thom Hartmann Program to talk about what could possibly be done.
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0 to “Papantonio: Texas Tea Party”

  1. AtlasShruggery says:

    Where are all the Teabagger Republicans who were chanting “Drill Baby Drill” just a few weeks ago?

  2. DojoNDude says:

    Mike Papantonio should run for office. We need descent people running our government again.

  3. 817505817505 says:

    i wonder how meny illegals work in cogress and the whitehouse and in the legislation they dont even have american names are americans being leaders in whitehouse or illegals from british or germany or italy or russia its time to chage NAY TO NO AND YEA TO YES WE ARE IN AMERICA

  4. dkkght46 says:

    Obama’s Chernobyl. Obama can’t be bothered with sand barriers for oil. He is trying to get out of the sand barrier on the 14th fairway. Where are Obama’s environmental radicals, EPA, and green czars like Van Jones who are so concerned with the environment and have all the answers to save the planet? What genius ideas are they offering? We should stuff the oil pipe with the Obama administration

  5. 1236bigcat says:

    Does it ever occur to you intellectuals that the reason Obama surrounds himself with the same people as other presidents … EVERY president is just another face of the same old Council on Foreign Relations, who meet in secret to decide who will be elected to lead, the Rockefeller CFR? I hope some day we can strike at the root. Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc … CFR posers. Same game of paperdolls. I must suppose you know this. Say it please?

  6. upsilon054 says:

    “Where are the teabaggers?” Now that is an interesting question. Are they so bereft of information and motivation that they cannot see that the rich companies who agitate them are working against their interest? ☺

  7. geffel says:

    ‘Colonel Sanders guarding chickens’ – absolutely correct.

  8. Mark Silver says:

    These tea party individuals are crazy. It extremely looks like they’re going to try to to something dangerous.

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