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Leilani Munter: Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill and Tony Hayward

Posted on July 04, 2010 by bp complaints

One month after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, race car driver, environmental activist and National Wildlife Federation Ambassador Leilani Munter talks about her experience visiting the Gulf of Mexico, her thoughts on BP CEO Tony Hayward (who famously said the oil spill was “relatively tiny” in “the very big coean” and said the environmental effects will be “very, very modest”) and what we need to do moving forward. PS. Yes, I realize I that it is the one month anniversary of the explosion, not the sinking – but by the time I caught it, it was too late.

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  1. Avatarclone says:

    You are so beutiful. Thank you for beeing you! The BP + Obama is a tip of the ice berg and this will be revealed. Take a step back and you will see this. And we will get help, and not from where we think it will be from… New energies is coming and it is not a thanks from our goverments or corporations, it is from true humanity. Corporate owhange is on fall and all powers are dying, moneysystems, goverments, religions… We are all One humanity! Humanity with our mother, earth, we are part of.

  2. justcallmeassinine says:

    Well Leilani you gave a superb talk.Its now been 2 1/2 months since the rig went down and its still gushing.Please make another vid and say some about the stage we are at now.It helps us all to hear your voice.It provides us with some comfort.God Bless You.

  3. darcybieber says:

    thank you so much. this video is really true. i live in florida on the gulf and my life has been constantly affected by this oil spill. i am so glad i saw this video, I really related to it. Thank you!

  4. indyfanforlife says:

    @SuperElectricFox actually her last name is Münter – it’s German, spelled with an umlaut over the u but it’s sometimes difficult to do the umlaut on youtube and other sites. In German it means “lively, merry, awake”

  5. SuperElectricFox says:

    LOL, your last name means “an ugly woman” in British slang.

  6. Studentrepreneur says:

    @leilanimunter First of all BP is just as much an American company as anything and secondly Tony Hayward HAS to do media interviews because he is CEO of the company. What happened was a tragedy. Do YOU know how to deal with an oil spill? No. Does Obama know how to deal with an oil spill of that magnitude? No. Jesus christ it was an accident what do you people want? Always looking to shift the blame onto somebody.

  7. ASKIAOTA says:

    Europeans are going to destroy the earth

  8. eheister2006 says:

    This is what happens when you put a pretty boy in office who doesn’t have a brain in his head.Thank you to all the idiots who elected the moron sitting in the white house. Wind, Sun and Ocean renewable energy? Please, if that was viable people would be making a killing in that market already. Still listening to the unrealistic rhetoric of the left. NUCLEAR ENERGY is the only solution. If you don’t go to that, everything you say is about switching to alternative energy is laughable.

  9. givebirthathome says:

    That’s the key..”there’s not a price that they could pay to fix this at all”..and that is what offended me so much about Obama’s continuing to say, BP will pay the clean-up costs…as if everything was for sale, or could be bought.

    That doesn’t make Obama worse than most of the rest of us, but he needs to not “get upset” but to have a deeper level of empathy. (Don’t mistake me, most of the Republicans are far *more* morally confused, but its Obama’s failings that are key now)

  10. bonestorm99 says:

    wtf Youtube?? this isn’t a music video! O:

  11. ivebeenburned says:

    more videos please.

  12. Tyrfingr says:

    Kind of hilarious about all this upset about the gulf and this one isolated-although-major incident. Compared with the “Spills” in Nigeria, go check that out. I believe the combined oil spills in Nigeria is something likeThe exxon valdez times 50. Fishing and everything in those areas are wiped out a long time ago, the life expectancy rate is 40 years!.

    But as always, shit has to happen in the west before we notice anything.

  13. 05swanbe says:

    @leilanimunter Union Carbide was forced to pay $470 million (they fought every step of the way against the puny $3.3bn demanded) and also built a tiny 500 bed hospital for the survivors (again, they were forced to by the Supreme Court).
    I am angered by the oil spill, and don’t deny that BEYOND Petroleum fucked up, but far worse things have been done by US companies abroad without America caring. Also google Piper Alpha and note how Margaret Thatcher responded compared to Obama. Peace 🙂

  14. 05swanbe says:

    @leilanimunter In total, 520,000 people were exposed, including 200,000 children and 3,000 pregnant women. In total, there were around 25,000 deaths (2/3 of which took weeks or even months to die, in agony) along with 180,000 permanent injuries (blindness, destroyed lungs, brain damage etc). The stillbirth rate tripled, and the neonatal mortality rate doubled. To this day, the tank CONTINUES TO LEAK (albeit more slowly), and children are still born with severe birth defects.

  15. 05swanbe says:

    @leilanimunter Also, do you have any idea how outraged people in India are about the public outcry against BP? Bhopal, 1984: A storage tank in a pesticide plant run by Union Carbide (US) explodes in the middle of the night. A cocktail of gases including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitrous Oxides, Hydrochloric Acid, Phosgene and MMA silently enters the surrounding slums, where everyone is asleep. People awake choking, eyes burning, in agony, and flee the area.

  16. 05swanbe says:

    @leilanimunter The amount spilled by BP in the Gulf is the same amount spilt by oil companies EVERY YEAR for the last 50 years in the Niger Delta, where 30 million people live. The US is perfectly happy to drill there (or let others drill on their behalf), and since the people living there have no political power the oil companies are not forced to clear it up. In some areas there are fires EVERY day, and some people say they have never seen a night in complete darkness.

  17. RiiDDiiM says:

    @frederickus Child? You sick fuck, Interpol should be informed.

  18. Squarehead29 says:

    People need to understand, oil doesnt just make fuel and energy. Paint, plastic, steel the list goes on. Oil wont go away anytime soon. Don’t bash on BP the federal government has the final say on what rigs get used (they do a safety check before it can be used). They allowed the rig to be used and so the owness is on both the BP and federal safety inspectors.

  19. frederickus says:

    @RiiDDiiM A bit off topic, aren’t you, little boy! Are you 12, maybe 13 years old? Tha’s certainly your mentality. C’mon, your on my age…how old are you, child? LOL

  20. RiiDDiiM says:

    @frederickus LOL at you calling anyone a troll, you’re the one leaving comments with the sole intention to provoke and gain a reply. You’re one stupid fuck aren’t you? Acting like a big man behind that computer screen. I bet you’re a failure just like your overweight , unemployed father.

  21. frederickus says:

    @RiiDDiiM If all you have to offer are personal attacks, go home, grow a brain, and come back when you grow up TROLL!

  22. RiiDDiiM says:

    @frederickus Does your colostomy bag not get in the way?

  23. frederickus says:

    @usernametaken1932 Just this post has caused me to NEVER give any credence to anything you say. How drunk were you when you wrote it?

  24. frederickus says:

    @RiiDDiiM LITTLE BOY, I am what is known as a MAN. Keep eating your Wheaties and maybe someday you’ll be able to do an hour an the treadmill like I just did! LOL

  25. frederickus says:

    I hope Tony is enjoying the yacht races this weekend,,,sheesh!

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