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Bobby Jindal lousiana governor BP oil spill

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

The above video shows US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano, Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Ken Salazar, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao, speak during a joint press conference about the Deepwater Horizon response. Efforts to stop the flow of oil and minimize the impact to environmental and economic resources have been underway since the incident. BP Oil Spill and their plans for the impending cleanup.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this clip the ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is checking and adjusting pressures with a digital pressure guage on the BOP (blowout preventer). I think I saw 2200 lbs/sq. in. was the pressure read 9:35. They use the manipulator arm on the ROV to grab a pressure line and plug it in to a value. If they decide to do a ‘junk shot’ the junk will probably be on the sea floor ready to inject at the manifold which is located near the well head and is currently feeding drilling mud into BOP Kill line inlet. Recorded with Panasonic GP-KR521 Color Camera into EasyCAP USB Video Recorder See all my Oil Spill videos here www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. TrutherD1 says:

    There’s a guy at /antimatterradio who does good work exposing the hoax of many oil spill videos

  2. sarahtwit says:

    @myfagan ….I think you need to make friends with Mr. Spellcheck.

  3. myfagan says:

    @sarahtwit your a fucking moron. i hope you fall off your fucking liberal wagon and die. this guy is fucking doing more than anyone else in this country to get shit done and all you can say is that he can only lead 6 year olds.face it.you dont like him because he is a republican and is a conservative so you make childish rederic to be little the person that is actually busting his ass to get shit done. what is wrong with you? you probaly think that obama is still doing a great job, dont you?

  4. AgnesBojaxhiu2000 says:

    the 1 world govt wsj-foxnews-rushie ECONOMIC FREEFALL neocons is the obstruction politico of NO … the murdoch family (bod & largest shareholder) are mostly foreigners & rupert’s wife’s born in chicom Xuzhou … meocons CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH so they lie … take deep water drilling … totally safe the meocons say … they not able to stop the bp leak … more deep water drilling needed now meocons say … millions gallons/day spill won’t bother us … join the fox news sponsor boycott

  5. SOLFEACE says:

    @sarahtwit Sure ok you dippy dixxy americans do know that curry is the national dish in britain look it up you ugly part navahoe ugly freaks….
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  6. sarahtwit says:

    @MGGIH2 …The only thing Piyush (his real name ) Jindal knows how to lead is a group of 6 year olds singing the Mickey Mouse song. I’ll bet he keeps his car keys and his wallet up that big Punjabi schnoz of his. And not only that, he reeks of curry.

  7. sarahtwit says:

    @SOLFEACE …Here, have some curry powder.

  8. SOLFEACE says:

    @sarahtwit Really would you rather an ugly pubic haired black monkey or maybe an ugly greasy slant eyed slope nope!
    He’s caucasian not white= GOOD!
    And the last time i looked no one wanted an ugly pink pig white trash hokey kockey honkieeeeee in the white trash house and everyone laughed at obama and bush and clinton.The world things americans are scum because you don’t have a clean race in the white house and laugh at you everytime you put a smelly honkiee, nig or chinki in there instead.

  9. sarahtwit says:

    @meglea777 …Piyush Jindal is a freakin assclown . He looks and sounds like he should be hosting Sesame Street. Don’t you remember that speech he gave last year? The whole world was laughing at him. And the last thing we need in the Whitehouse is a greasy little dothead.

  10. SolutionSpill says:

    I have the solution to the Oil Spill. I need you to help forward my videos into the hands of someone at the White House or BP. Thank You, my solution will work NO DOUBT. Please Help before all Sea life dies out in the Gulf of Mexico. GET INVOLVED! Go watch my videos now and pass on to everyone you know.

  11. AxisAnalysis says:


    In your mind is Obama superman, or jesus? Just what was he supposed to do? Fly to the gulf, seal the leak with his bare hands, and suck up all the oil with superbreath?

    There’s nobody on the planet that was better prepared to deal with this crisis than BP, as bad as that tastes. There’s no federal agency equiped either with materials or training for this. You think they cover this in Navy boot camp?

  12. meglea777 says:

    Obama would you just watch this man’s leadership and learn a little something!!! BO you and you admin have been an absolute disgrace in your response to this tragedy. Bo you are not fit to be President much less an assistant to this guy Jindal. What a joke..you are in over your head and know it.

  13. Bcburgess says:

    Obama and the feds are just getting in the way, step aside and let the Governor help his people. They just couldn’t stand it if Jindal turned things around down there, it would get in the way of the dems green initiative.

  14. hspektre says:

    @XionXXXX Actually current federal law puts the executive branch of government in charge of all oil spills. Jindal is powerless to do anything on his own without the president’s approval, and Obama has barely fulfilled any requests from the governor to stop the spill from reaching the gulf, as his requests were too environmentally unfriendly.

    In the end, Obama has allowed this spill to become catastrophic so that he can push for “green energy.” Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

  15. RandomConcepts says:

    Wasn’t Jindal a drill, baby, drill hack before this went down? Republicans have a very poor track record on environmental protection. All they do is bitch about regulations, then take it for granted that Democrats enacted laws. Nixon, by the way, was no environmentalist. He created the EPA under the pressure of the growing 70’s environmental movement. There are relatively few examples of Republicans showing more respect for nature than Democrats.

  16. RandomConcepts says:

    Jindal is a right-wing hypocrite who ignores the decades-old Republican war on environmental regulation, and now tries to blame people (who they’ve historically labeled “tree huggers”) for the Bush/Cheney & Reagan legacies of nature-be damned.

  17. Cajaquarius says:

    @DougCameraMan Depends on who you ask. One side blames BPs greed and recklessness, paying off politicians and caring only about the bottom line and the other blames environmentalists for the disaster, citing that if the green movement hadn’t kept pushing the oil wells into deeper and deeper waters this disaster would have been stopped the first week. I am sure both have a kernal of truth to them so take your pick.

  18. muzzleflash7 says:

    that’s alot of oil down there. DBD

  19. dougiedoors says:

    This is just what the US needs…more power to the states. The federal government will not help states so states must help themselves. This governor shows a great example of leadership…taking matters into his own hands. More power to the states means more power to the people. The people DON’T need a corrupt federal government.

  20. hindu22696 says:

    This guy is amazing. He has a 80 Percent approval rate, and i know why. He would be a great president.

  21. CriticalGermans says:

    Jindal, Let the free market work! We don’t need the Federal Gummint spending our money on regulations!

  22. XionXXXX says:

    Why not just let the free market forces try to clean up the mess, we can all depend on BP to do the right thing, right? UH NO?
    Instead of letting Obama or the government, or any of those liberals try to do the job for you, why the hell don’t you just clean it up!

    This is why the Republican party is failing, because they’re all hypocrites. They criticize the government for doing too much, but at the same time they’re complaining Obama and Big Government isn’t doing enough to contain the spill.

  23. choters says:

    @gcsecsi & @ MGGIH2 What’s worse is that you, along with your Republican zombie pals, STILL think off shore drilling is a good thing.
    It lowers gas prices by 2 cents a gallon to DRILL BABY DRILL!!!
    Jindal for President 2000NEVER!!!

  24. cultofedward says:

    14 seconds ago Jindal has the drama of a little girl when he talks and this bitch should be doing his job instead of passing unconstitutional sex offender laws. This oil spill is catostrophic indeed and where was Jindal the whole time….Chasing sex offenders

  25. slickmon says:

    @MGGIH2 who is going to pay for this? the tea baggers? no, the federal govt. how bout this. be true to your words and pay for it yourselves. also let jindal deal with bp. they would eat him alive. your so blinded by your ignorance. drill baby drill. you got, deal with it. without the federal govts help. or beg for help from the democrats. or let louisiana pay for it.

  26. manvilletrain says:

    Boycott Arco, Castrol and AM PM markets! Boycott all BP companies until this spill is 100% cleaned up! Please pass it on 5 times!

  27. X2YeZCAMCNC says:

    @bubbleside Loads Keep watching 1TB

  28. bubbleside says:

    Damn how much of this vids do you have uploaded

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