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AP: Gulf leak could be contained by Monday

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

The terrible cost of the beautiful cars
Deepwater Horizon
Image by Valeshel

AP: Gulf leak could be contained by Monday
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The BP oil leak could be completely contained as early as Monday if a new, tighter cap can be fitted over the blown-out well, the government official in charge of the crisis said Friday in some of the most encouraging news to come out of the Gulf in the 2 1/2 months since the disaster struck.
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  1. David C. Foster says:

    Excellent photo and we’d love to have it added to: U.S. Politics and the World; Political Debate & Discussion Blog http://www.flickr.com/groups/worldpolitics/ and any other photo that fits the scope of our group.



  2. Jerry Sherow says:

    BP finally eliminated the run of oil into the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday — 85 days and up to 184 million gallons.Wow

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