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What Happened To The Old Cody? (The Oil Spill)

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints



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  1. alexfanx says:

    I think it’s okay to enjoy corporate greed, as long as you acknowledge its evil.

  2. remcomater336 says:

    your right about the oil crisis, I was thinking the same a couple of days ago…

  3. skkoz says:

    I like the new style better. stick with it.

  4. Love9Killed4Kurt says:

    LMFAO! Cody turns into Kurt Cobain during 3:19 – 3:25.

  5. ShadowScream13 says:

    You’re great. =)

  6. cacophonic7 says:

    “Coke if you wanna give me money, that will be all right.” While you drink from a pepsi cup. I loved that. 🙂

  7. therealjamesbud says:

    I agree with you man. We each are sharing the blame. All around the entire world our every product is made from oil, cars are just the most obivious dependence on the stuff. A boycott on BP has been suggested. that is like a drop of water in a barrel of oil.

  8. therealjamesbud says:

    @embracedestruction can you prove that? I have a BP Oil conspiracy playlist

  9. z0mbiiFiles says:

    Hey, New Orleans, I’m there… Lets hang out. Seriously.

  10. embracedestruction says:

    I like your new video styles.
    I don’t consider us responsible for the oil spill. It’s a result of BP/Transocean/Halliburton’s failure to put in an acoustic switch and construct a proper cement casing

  11. TheSpoonRooster says:

    I actually like the new video styles a lot. Heh.

  12. PwnFilms says:

    Cody Weber, didn’t you say on Formspring that you are not doing it for the money? And yet in this video, you would do it for the money.

    I’m just saying.

  13. nathanforst says:


    My thoughts exactly.

  14. lacek2700 says:

    also, you’re going make it. there will be goodness from your suffering.

  15. lacek2700 says:

    you’re smart, and god has a plan for you. i can tell you’re optimistic. its almost like you’re waiting for something or looking for something.

  16. OtacuTacos says:

    I personally LOVE this new attitude and video style, Cody, and I’m enjoying your videos now more than ever. 😀

  17. bendslikeawillow says:

    I still think you`re funny. Good luck spending all that time alone with this dude on your way to The Big Easy.

  18. Deshwat90210 says:

    lawl i’m really drunk what’s goin on?

  19. HugelyBig says:

    You look like something of huge importance came to your mind at 3:27. Something you really didn’t want to realise.

  20. stevenv27 says:

    @TheStig000 If you could reason like a normal person, you would’ve been able to understand that when I said “thanks for making me watch this video again, Cody already posted a link to that guys youtube page in his vid” you would’ve understood that I only saw the link the 2nd time ’round watching the video. I’m not trying to be a dick but, you kinda seem like an asshole.

  21. beardham says:

    THis is my favorite video of yours, Cody!

  22. ArachEye says:

    2$ meal?

    That sounds horrifying

  23. jabblesfan1 says:

    Hey Cody make another “kid imagination” video … It brought a tear to my eye man. Honestly, I was great. What about going around with your camera and asking people questions? eh, maybe too much work…. make the questions weird ones…maybe it would be fun.

  24. Zsmart says:

    Do whatever you like. Good video.

  25. TheStig000 says:

    @stevenv27 If you knew he had a youtube channel, why did you ask cody to convince him to make youtube videos?

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