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Burning the oil from the Deepwater Spill!!

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

This is military footage of the burning of the oil spilled from the controlled, on-location burn in response to BP/Transoceans Deepwater Horizon incident. Produced by Petty Officer 1st Class Justin Sawyer.
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  1. ImDiscombobulated says:

    @Gunshinzero You think so? obomba has the worst rating during his 1st yr and pays homage to islam.
    Better? Anything is better than an islamic jihad saboteur. Even Jimmy Carter shooting a peanut out his ass (and I hate peanuts) would be better for the country.

  2. Gunshinzero says:

    @ImDiscombobulated Better than the last one

  3. ImDiscombobulated says:

    For some reason I have a hunch this is no accident. Maybe it’s our sketchy prez that makes me feel uncomfortable.

  4. tostrong4you says:

    I want more of these videos! I want to see actual footage from normal people, not news people, I cant seem to find any!!!

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