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Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

The true size of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. BP and the government will not allow an independent measure of the oil flow. There is still oil just beneath the sand in Prince William Sound more than 20 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Scientist: BP’s Oil Spill Estimates Improbable www.vpr.net Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates ww.npr.org BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill www.telegraph.co.uk Goldman Sachs Sold 44% of its BP stock three weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion www.blacklistednews.com Goldman Sachs knew Gulf oil leak in advance. www.smirkingchimp.com Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America www.eutimes.net Media ignores Goldman Sachs’ ties to Corexit dispersant www.picassodreams.com Deepwater Horizon survivors allege they were kept in seclusion after rig explosion, coerced into signing legal waivers news.yahoo.com
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BP/transocean or Obama or BUSH? Who’s fault is the oil spill? Or does that even matter? The whitehouse has been too cozy with big oil for a long time. Even before bush’s presidency. We are hearing from obamas camo that laxed regulations & close relationships with the oil companies and Bush admin are to blame. Oil guys blame other oil guy and Obama blames them, then bush . Sometimes crap happens. That’s life. But from what these guys say supervisor and higher ups were more worries bout making more obscene amount of $ than the safety.


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  1. jimbobubbadj says:

    @galacticwacko I know that Bro. You are correct, calling it a spill is putting it mildly. Thanks for watching.

  2. galacticwacko says:

    @jimbobubbadj didn’t mean to sound rude…

  3. jimbobubbadj says:

    @galacticwacko Point well taken.

  4. IndigoPhoenix says:

    go to spill fighters dot com. there is a very simple solution. naturally occuring oil eating microbes. it has worked before in an eerily similar situation. you can go to my channel and see the video on this. its my main vid so u’ll see it right there at the top

  5. galacticwacko says:

    stop calling it an OIL SPILL… since when is a man-made volcanic vent an OIL SPILL?. oh… when the MEDIA tells you it is…

  6. causechange says:

    The only thing people need to think about is three words. !Toxic Oil Hurricanes! FEMA already has plans to evacuate all of Florida! This is it folks, this is where it gets interesting…..

  7. joanib says:

    Does it MATTER how much is out there? OBVIOUSLY there is a LOT…..and it is killing our gulf, our wildlife…….If you live in one of the states that border the gulf, YOU most likely are sickened by this sight……..Not so sure that anyone else takes it so seriously., they think they are not directly affected. I am in FLORIDA…you can bet your butt I just want it stopped….forget the excuses, just stop it and TRY to clean it up! NOW!

  8. mimounannouri says:

    @MichaelDane1 wow man so give me one reason that your are right? I know the goverment lies all the time, they said that “irap have weapon” that was lie, so is this body, exept the truth, you facts are came from a lier goverment try to find the truth

  9. Bagatronic says:

    Two patterns have emerged during Obama’s presidency: 1) Big business increasingly seeks profits through more government, and 2) Obama nonetheless paints opponents of his intervention as industry shills. BP is just the latest example of this tawdry sleight of hand.

  10. PopAntenna says:

    SUBMARINES ???????????????

  11. markb2323uc says:

    This is the greatest ecological tragedy ever – The current LMRP Cap is not working. Two thirds of the oil is still escaping into the Gulf. The sooner we recognize that this is a failure the sooner we can move on to a better solution. youtube.com/watch?v=FFUGv0iffe0

  12. Mystery207 says:

    What other news is out there?

  13. Scottgant says:


  14. PATTONM14A1 says:

    @MichaelDane1 The oil has passed the tip of Florida. It is now washing up on beaches on the east coast. Its only gonna get worse as it comes up. How is it until it hits the Carolinas or Delaware? This isn’t conspiracy theory it is fact. The chemical dispersants that BP used only helped to spread the oil.

  15. austinartwar says:

    <<<<------click austinartwar to view. I made anti Bp clips . I need the community's support. Make your own if you have the time and video post a reply. Give this a thumbs up if bp should pay!!

  16. jimbobubbadj says:

    @MichaelDane1 So if you want to spew propaganda be my guest. I’ll continue to state facts.

  17. jimbobubbadj says:

    @MichaelDane1 Read the links, view the Matt Simmons video. He is much more credible than the government. I also have links to professors saying that the leak is much more. Yes, indeed, the government lies, big time! Its unemployment numbers are too low, shadowstats (dot) com. It’s inflation numbers are much lower than actual shadowstats (dot) com.

  18. MichaelDane1 says:

    @jimbobubbadj So the government lies, BP lies, the Coast Guard lies…. 🙂 But somehow you know the truth. So.. given your calculations how much has leaked per day? How much has leaked to date? Of course you must have data on the leak rate per hour. What is the ratio of methane to oil? Please educate me and I will quit spreading my propaganda. 🙂

  19. jimbobubbadj says:

    @MichaelDane1 That’s the problem. One should not go by BP and government estimates. The government tries to sugar coat everything. Independent, reputable and knowledgeable people have estimated the leak to be more than the government’s. Check out my Matt Simmons video for more info. It is a video response below. Check out the links in this video and in that video.

  20. MichaelDane1 says:

    n all fairness to BP, How about we DO THE MATH!
    a) There are 7.4805 Gallons per Cubic Foot
    b) There are 42 Gallons per Barrel
    c) 48 Days of the Spill

    Government Estimates: 23 mill to 49 mill Gals Leaked into Gulf
    Calculation: (49,000,000 Gallons) / (7.4805 Gallons/Cubic Foot) = 6,550,364 Cubic Feet End to End
    Double that = 13,100,728 Square Feet of a 6 inch Surface
    THIS is LESS than 1/2 Square Mile 6 inches THICK. 🙂

    Does the truth matter? Naw’ what matters is HATING oil.. 🙂

  21. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    WANT THE TRUTH WATCH MY VIDEOS ~ NOT for the weak minded!

    You will also see how the 44 pOtus is Dipped in any of these dispersants you would die & fast!

    43 million G P D are being pumped into the gulf!

    Fluid dynamics don’t lie and at only 3500 psi the number is 43 million g per day

    Watch me prove that we are being lied to and then prove it is 43 M G P D

    NO JOKE ~

    OBAMA IS Lying though his ears~

    There is an Animal in the white house!

  22. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    Watch me prove that we are being lied to and then prove it is 43 M G P D

    NO JOKE ~


    WANT THE TRUTH WATCH MY VIDEOS ~ NOT for the weak minded!

    You will also see how the 44 pOtus is Lying though his ears~

    There is an Animal in the white house!

  23. Vengeance4Me79 says:

    Britian and the US saw the first JEW infiltrators since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the state of Palestine. Though JEWS were only a minority of the American intellectuals, politicians, and bankers by the turn of the 20th century, Jews began to dominate all aspects of US Government, banking, and foreign policy through bribery, extortion, and manipulation by the mid-latter half of the 20th century. Sadly today, most gentiles are obese, uneducate ponds because of the change.

  24. BobLamers says:

    BP = Maffia

  25. Alter1121 says:

    @JOHNNYH8STHENWO so true, i just say some pelicans on the fuckin news, it was making me sick to my stomach

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