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Dr Reese Halter – MSNBC – The Ed Show – Global Ecological Disaster

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

Join award-winning conservation biologist Dr Reese Halter on May 17, 2010 as host Ed Schultz of MSNBCs The Ed Show asks about the ecological consequences of the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout.

This is an AMAZING solution to minimize the effects and recover oil from the tragic, Deepwater Horizon oil spill/ BP Oil Spill, in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil has already shown up on the beaches and marshes of three states. Someone needs to look at this video and know there is a soulution to solve this major problem. This video was not edited and the results shown can be done on a much larger scale. People and science are ready to solve the problem but BP is not listening. Please spread this video.
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  1. lqdwzrd says:

    58 views,,,I hope you all have a better promotion plan.The product IS impressive.

  2. userkc2008 says:

    cool…. Add this inside the boon, that should help… Can’t just spill this over because the area is too much to cover. you need mega metric ton of these to cover the area.

  3. Probesoul says:


  4. axelsfolks says:

    Thank you, too bad the powers at be don’t care enough to have already implemented such a solution. Stay Free…..

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