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Posted on June 14, 2010 by bp complaints

Interesting use of language by the BP chief executive who describes the environmental impact of the Deepwater Horizon rig as “modest?” I would hazard a guess that several NGOs and pressure groups may have a different description as the oil reaches the shoreline?
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  1. ch1ldpr3d3t0r says:


  2. Newworld444 says:

    Oh god *sighs* New world order people…

  3. sassygirl345 says:

    @ICEMAN3rdID In the New World Order.. We Are A Third World
    You hit the nail on the Head.. they are Making us just That

  4. ICEMAN3rdID says:

    I love how Tony Hayword has a tone in his voice that implies that the United States is like a Third World Country or something. Brittish Prick.

  5. SeymourButtz99 says:

    00:20 Tony Hayward looks like Smeagol when he stares head onto the lens.

  6. wols0003 says:

    “very modest” “very, very modest”

    NEWSFLASH… BP is finished.

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