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The “drill, baby, drill” crowd must reevaluate offshore drilling

Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints

During the Exxon Valdez crisis, we were saying the same thing – we don’t know how to effectively handle an oil spill. The same holds true for BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster; meanwhile, Sarah Palin encourages drilling using her trademark slogan, “drill, baby, drill.”
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  1. alien8ted says:

    @EphesianRose She clearly doesn’t have sufficient intelligence to understand what alternative energy is, let alone the ability to form an opinion on it. We are dealing with someone EVEN DUMBER than George W Bush FFS!

  2. 816cameron says:

    Meet your Waterloo Rabid Republicans hijacked by the TaliBagger hacks.

  3. 816cameron says:

    How’s that drill-baby-drill thingy working for you Sarah Fail’n, air headed Vanna White wanna be, half-finished governor, shot gun wedding gone bad, queen of dingbats? When is America going to wake up and figure out this moose shit for half-brains, quitter governor, who talks in fear mongering platitudes smacking of sophomoric valley girl jabs, tweaked in urban legend logic, is a complete IDIOT?

  4. goldgrif says:

    The Truth is the people that voted for McCain, Jindal, and Palin, chose this disater, they wanted it, desied it. The people of the coast wanted this as well, sorry to say

  5. 58tkdmike says:

    Ya just cant HATE THE GOP ENOUGH…..

  6. EphesianRose says:

    @EphesianRose oops, I meant EVER not, not “never not” sorry, typo.

  7. EphesianRose says:

    And when has she NEVER NOT endorsed alternative sources of energy? She CONSTANTLY expresses her support for an all of the above, pro-environment approach to energy policy…t’s just so dishonest and really pathetic how people who are nowhere NEAR as in touch with nature and the wild as she is make it sound as if she wants to pour barrels of oil into the water and watch birds suffocate and die…absolutely ridiculous.

  8. rescuetruth says:

    @EphesianRose Unsustainable – I feel we’ve heard the word so much it no longer means anything. Well, let me reiterate. Unsustainable means that oil will run out. Gone. Can you imagine a world without oil? I didn’t think so. That’s a huge problem!

    Land drilling isn’t always safe either. Palin has recommended drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Great idea… let’s ruin another ecosystem. You are wrong about Palin *not* recommending off-shore drilling. Watch the video again.

  9. rescuetruth says:

    @EphesianRose You’ve missed the entire point of this video. That means one of two things, (1) I didn’t do a good job explaining myself, or (2) you didn’t watch the entire video. Your comments are troubling. America simply cannot “drill our way out of our problem,” as Palin believes herself. We need to find alternative means of energy, as we are relying on a substance that is unsustainable and not environmentally friendly.

  10. EphesianRose says:

    I recommend you read the book: “Sarah takes on Big Oil: The compelling story of Governor Sarah Palin’s battle with Alaska’s ‘Big 3’ oil companies, as told by the state’s top oil and gas editors”

    Dan Seamount, one of two commissioners who served with Sarah Palin in 2003 and early 2004 on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, had the following to say about Palin.

    ‘She’s pro-development, not pro industry. She’ll tell you, ‘My boss is the people of Alaska.’


  11. EphesianRose says:

    Who to trust? An Alaska native who served as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission to regulate Big Oil and got under their skin for holding them accountable? Or someone who voted for Obama: to whom BP donated their greatest campaign contributions.

    Palin is right. She is encouraging safe, on-shore, drilling on LAND. NOT risky *deep-sea* drilling in the middle of the ocean, or relying on foreign regimes like Saudi Arabia who could care less about the environment! Palin 2012!

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