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Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints

Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Barack Obama placed a hold on all offshore oil drilling that drilled deeper than 500 ft. That moratorium put many people out of work and jeopardized companies engaged in offshore drilling operations. Some filed a lawsuit. The case was assigned to federal judge Martin Feldman. On June 22, 2010 the judge issued an injunction lifting the moratorium. There is a major problem with that order. Judge Feldman reported in 2008 on some ten pages his investments, many of which in companies that engage in offshore drilling or related business. Among those companies is Halliburton, which caused the Horizon disaster by delivering a faulty cement job. He even owned stock — some 000 worth, in Transocean. Now, how can a judge not be influenced in deciding an offshore moratorium when he owns stock in companies that engage in offshore drilling?


  1. bondwooley says:

    Obama told America that if we can win WWII and put a man on the moon, we can solve our dependency on fossil fuels.

    But there’s a missing piece: the soldiers in WWII had the Pentagon and Neil Armstrong had NASA. What’s the man on the street supposed to do to solve the fossil fuel problem? Is it time for an organized, funded effort?

    The following link is to a satirical video, but it underscores this issue in real terms.

    Link: You’re Soaking In It

  2. JeepChew says:

    @hobieslug45, I like your way of thinking! Maybe somebody should “Hidden Cam” these Israeli Loyalists in power to see just what flag flys higher in their homes.

  3. JeepChew says:

    @bvongrabe, I wikipedia’d Bayes Theorum, makes sense. But alot of math just to figure out whats probable. Good example with the Monte Hall effect and 3 doors. if you never open that first door, it never drops ratio to 50% probobility. Of course what you don’t see is back stage hands rotating merchandice on coaster wheels while Monte Hall makes you think twice about it so that throws a curve ball into the outcome mix. Corruption always throws a curveball in.

  4. JeepChew says:

    @hobieslug45, I hope hurrican Alex slams another rig down and then the public can have there way with that judge. They are never held accountable for their corruption. Take the chicago gun ban just overturned, just how many thousands of man years have people spent in jail over last 3 decades from an unconstitutional gun ban? They Paid their price, now how about the Judges that put them away? But wait, now a Manditory Gun Liabilty insurance policy is in the works to further feed corperate america

  5. thoughtchallenge says:

    @JeepChew -Perhaps I will have a look at the movie. It was not my intention to suggest that shale oil was a clean alternative, simply to point out the economies of it’s use. Somebody else brought up the issue of using shale to make gasoline.

  6. hobieslug45 says:

    @JeepChew “He has sold out his country for a few bucks ”

    this statement is not true . you have no proof that he sold out Israel.

  7. hobieslug45 says:

    this is just another front we are being assaulted by. we are slowly being worn down to this point where justice has no meaning .
    he knows he can slap us in the face. what are we going to do about it . I’m betting nothing . even if he loses his appointment . he will be well compensated for his actions ,but I don’t think that would happen . what would probably happen is he will be up for a position in the supreme court because he stood up for the workers of america.

  8. JeepChew says:

    @thoughtchallenge, You had better see movie GAS LAND before you think Shale drilling is so great. How would you like natural gas seeping out of your kitchen faucet? a real eye opener movie, yes, made by a Jew, but a Good Jew who wouldn’t be sold out like the rest will so easily sell their souls for a buck. They have systematically ganied power and hired other Jews to take over the US and its about time they are exposed. and I hope Dick Cheney croaks real soon.

  9. JeepChew says:

    @rob2049, kind of ironi, being spill happened on 4-20 (420) which is Hitlers Birthday, and here many Kike attornies are flocking to Gulf to charge a massive 40% in claims? all JEEPCHEWS! and a Jewish Judge cashing in? and a Jew attorney dispersing funds? Hitler would take care of these bastards. This in 1939 Germany all over again. There was a REASON the Holocaust happened. When 2% of population controls it all, its time to fire up the ovens again.

  10. bvongrabe says:

    @JeepChew You must have read my book “Bayes’ Theorem”

  11. JeepChew says:

    @bvongrabe, This Judge is just another Kike in Power for decades and is like a zillion years old who won’t even be alive when the cleanup is finally done in decades. He deserves a massive heart attack like Cheney. He has sold out his country for a few bucks like the JEEPCHEW he is. It seems like every damn Judge sides with Corperate america because thats who they work for. The people have No representation and should have another revalution to set things straight. Bring back the Guilotine too.

  12. rob2049 says:

    Judge needs his ass out of that position, and can work for greedy oil companies !

  13. xmenrus says:

    @thoughtchallenge Well that should be pretty soon. The elite want GAS PUMP prices to RISE. They want to control every aspect of our lives.

  14. thoughtchallenge says:

    @xmenrus -Shale oil requires more processing that conventional drilled oil. The higher costs are the driving factor for it’s not being used. When oil prices are high enough it will be used.

  15. bvongrabe says:

    @thoughtchallenge AGREED!

  16. thoughtchallenge says:

    The Judge should have recuesed himself, however; he was right about the 6 month moratorium being arbitrary. The Obama administration should not appeal, but instead seize an opportunity and made this declaration: The Gulf of Mexico cannot withstand two oil spills at one time, therefor there will be no more drilling, until this one is cleaned up. While the other oil companies are not responsible for the oil spill, you can bet resources to clean it up will come pouring into the gulf.

  17. bvongrabe says:

    This Clip is not about liberal or conservatives. It is about a judge who “terrifies” attorneys in his court, yet does not comply with the Code of Conduct for Federal Judges, period. All he had to do is recuse himself and turn this case over to a judge who did not invest in energy corporations, as half of the judges in Luoisiana have not!

  18. highway234 says:

    haha, now xmenrus has sent me a hate-spewing PM and blocked me.

    teabaggers are so mentally unstable. your illness will consume you someday, xmenrus, if it hasn’t already. have fun smelling liberals over the internet, and thanks for the idle amusement.

  19. bvongrabe says:

    I do not make the laws. The code of conduct for federal judges clearly demands a recusal if a judge owns stock in companies that are affected by his decision. A disclosure changes nothing. Here he owned approx. $15,000 in Transocean alone and Transocean is clearly affected. If you don’t like that, have your Congressman propose a bill that abandons the code of conduct . This Judge likes to portray himself as “stern” but “fair”. He should look into the code, for once.

  20. bvongrabe says:

    @ehdezdet Oh, and while I am at it, half of the judges in Louisiana do NOT own energy-related stock.

  21. ehdezdet says:

    Where’s the impropriety? By your own admission, this information was properly disclosed years ago. Are judges to be banned from owning stock? How much sstock does the judge own? Does he stand to lose millions?? Furthermore, as you well say, he lives in the Gulf – what other industry would he be most invested in? I think you’re making way too much out of this. Overanalyzing is often the root of ill-crafted opinion.

  22. highway234 says:

    @xmenrus right, yeah, you’re a paragon of mental and emotional stability. that really comes across very clearly.

  23. xmenrus says:

    @highway234 Liberalism is a mental disease. I can smell you guys.

  24. highway234 says:

    @xmenrus you start off with “this is not a conservative/liberal issue” and then end up ranting some “marxist/leninist” drivel? you’re obviously some kinda john bircher so quit making like you’re nonpartisan. while you’re at it, post something that makes a modicum of sense. and lay off the cap lock. and turn off fox. the right in this country seems to be having some kind of collective aneurism.

  25. xmenrus says:

    @highway234 This is not a conservative/liberal issue to me. Of course we can always donate our cars, ships, motorcyclies and airplanes to the junk metal industry. So don’t turn it into a political argument. You OBAMAMAMA crazies really do get out of hand. I’m sick and tired to seeing you guys pop-up. You’ll find out that what happens to the usefull idiots if OBAMAMA is successful in turning this country into a MARXIST/LENINEST Cuban government. Just you wait!

  26. highway234 says:

    @xmenrus the ixtoc well was in shallow water and it leaked for 9 months before it was filled, using the same tricks — top kill, junk shot, etc. — that are being used now. so if we drill in shallow water, chances are we’ll just end up with an unpluggable leak in shallow water.

    conservatives’ answer to the gulf gusher is to drill CLOSER (!) to america, thereby putting us at even greater risk. it’s simply amazing.

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