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Posted on June 08, 2010 by bp complaints

New Deepwater Horizon images:

Deepwater Horizon
Image by Tara R.

Queen Bess island near Grand Isle
Deepwater Horizon
Image by dredwardhaight

Deepwater Horizon
Image by Brennan Cavanaugh

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  1. maia bird says:

    This Beautiful Bird Was Seen In Our Flock
    Birding In The Wild

  2. stacysmall says:

    Really amazing and touching photo. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Keith@Worldbirds.eu says:

    Let us hope they learn and please let us all learn that we are responsible for our actions.

  4. dermoidhome says:

    I saw this great shot in Birds of Louisiana
    ~Thank you for sharing!~:
    Birds of Louisiana

  5. Ed Schneider says:

    Great shot. I wish I could have gotten out there, I’ve not heard a response from Audubon regarding volunteer work as of yet…. thanks for all you do!

  6. Sschex says:

    Its not this clean anymore. I went yesterday(6-6-10) and oil is all over the rocks. very nice pic BTW

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