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Obama Pissed Off At BP Oil Executives Over Spill

Posted on June 08, 2010 by bp complaints

President Obama and BP Oil executives hold a news confrerence.

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  1. TheMrhalo007 says:

    @TheMichelleEl YEAH! Fuck bp and the republicans tea baggers. thier here to fix the dept, THEN WHERE THE HELL WERE THE DURING BUSH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. AntoGaTV says:

    Dont’ the “TOP KILL” but ” TOP WILL” because YES WE CAN SAVE MEXICO WHITH OUR BELL ! Dear Sirs, our company owns a patent concerning a disposal to stop oil spill. You can see uor Idea on Youtube at ” Antogatv ” Our suggestion is a bell truncated cone made of reinforced concrete, whith a hole designed to route the petroleum spill in a pipeline. The bell includes a series of concentric rings whose decreasing diameter is partially piled up and so on with a decreasing diameter

  3. lMPLAUS1BLE says:

    Why praise or hate a politician? He is just another appointed figure, and he does what he does to repay the men that got him elected. Don’t take it personal.

  4. TheMichelleEl says:

    All of you that oppose Obama, try to make him responsible for shit that SEVERAL administrations failed to confront, and use him as a scapegoat for the fact that Bush was a POOR president: go fuck yourselves.

  5. JoanPatitucci says:

    Obama still refusing to clean up Vietnam after how many years!?????
    And that’s hundreds of thousands of unexploded cluster bombs that KILL children DAILY
    Not a little bit of Oil that belongs to Mexico anyways.

    It’s YOUR responsibility Obama
    Your Country
    You’re the president
    Your responsibility.

  6. cjm608 says:

    @baboonsquadron your response is a little dramatic. i hardly think “it;s the end of our country” i also think every president does help this country in their own way . i might not agree i might not like them ,but it does make us who we are as americans. i really do not believe a president can solve all of our issues, thats not what they are there to do. but, thank you for your opinion.

  7. InflatedLala says:

    Obama’s response to this crisis is incredibly rational and I personally respect him a lot for his ability to cut through the corporate crap and lay the blame squarely on the responsible. He has formulated 2 effective strategies; to prevent this type of disaster from happening again in the future, as well as to clean up the current maelstrom. BP oil is finished if either part of these strategies is realized.
    Thank god for Obama and its a tragedy we didn’t have him during Katrina!!!

  8. baboonsquadron says:

    @cjm608 lol.. u vote for this man ? what is wrong with you people ? do you really think this man will “help” you ? LOL. u voted for the end of your country bro. and it gonna be the BAD end. don’t forget, Adolph Hitler was Democratically Elected and was a national socialist

  9. videosouthafrica says:

    he has to let them off the hook …. he’s on it …. he aint gonna fry himself ?

  10. cjm608 says:

    obama is not going to let any oil co. or company involved in this off the hook.

  11. cjm608 says:

    @Mahoivlich i voted for this guy and i believe in him, but i have to agree with you on your point. i really dont think he’s going to let them off the hook.

  12. Mahoivlich says:

    Bp and the Cia is the reason Iran is such a pain in the ass these days as in the 1950’s they overthrew the democratically elected government and assassinated their prime minister. Bp has been ripping off the American taxpayer for over a century.

  13. Mahoivlich says:

    I hope he realizes that if he allows Bp to offload the cost of the cleanup and damages to the taxpayer then he is finished.

  14. EdisunSolar says:

    Don’t worry BP Obama knows how to con taxpayers into paying for to big to fail BS Don’t worry the obamanation of America is doing damage that cannot be reconciled just controlled.
    Wake up America

  15. GrandArchitect3D says:

    if you hate them so much why did you accept so much cash from them? YA NEOCON FUCK

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