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Pig Radio interviews David Corso Part 6/6

Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints

Jeremiah Duncan, Dave Corso and Richard Rowell discussion the Vatican, Hollow Moon, ET Invasion, False-Flag event. Are humans being quarantined on this planet? If so should Americans be quarantined as well? The US Constitution, mind you, is also literally hanging by a thread due to rampant corruption and circumvention of our constitutional rights. Lastly, the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill disaster was discussed, as were similarities to other false-flag event disasters such as 9/11 Hollow Moon users.belgacom.net Alien Threat www.davidicke.com Ronald Regan Speech www.reflectionsinthenight.com Humanity Quarantined www.thespacereview.com Click on The Pic for Oil News. 1) Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico (source: Huffington Post) www.huffingtonpost.com 2) BP Surprise Visit by Bureau of Land Management www.nalco.com 3) Media Ignores Goldman Sach’s ties to Corexit Dispersant www.picassodreams.com 4) Gulf Oil Spill: The Halliburton Connection latimesblogs.latimes.com According to experts cited in Friday’s Wall St. Journal, the timing of last week’s cement job in relation to the explosion — only 20 hours beforehand, and the history of cement problems in other blowouts “point to it as a possible culprit.” Robert MacKenzie, managing director of energy and natural resources at FBR Capital Markets and a former cementing engineer, told the Journal, “The initial likely cause of gas coming to the surface had something to do with the cement.” 5) Mother of All
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  1. pigradioidareu2think says:

    It is not necessarily known whether or not Goldman Sachs directly, maliciously, and intentionally ‘ensured’ that the Deepwater Horizon rig would explode and spill, but may have assessed that the conditions and risk were so high that they would capitalize on the Deep Horizon rig, in the event that it sunk. However, as with AIG, American Airlines, and 9/11, a put-option, works best if Goldman acts on Intel from partner corporations, or participates in destroying the Deepwater Horizon.

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