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Oil rig explodes off Louisiana coast 11 missing

Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints

NEW ORLEANS An explosion rocked an offshore oil drilling platform, sending a column of fire into the sky and touching off a frantic search at sea Wednesday for at least 11 reported missing. Most of the 126 workers on the rig Deepwater Horizon were believed to have escaped safely after the explosion about 10 pm Tuesday, Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike O’Berry said. The rig, more than 50 miles southeast of Venice on Louisiana’s tip, was still burning Wednesday morning and was listing about 10 degrees. There was no estimate of when the flames might be out. Helicopters and boats searched the Gulf of Mexico for any sign of the workers who had not been accounted for. “We’re hoping everyone’s in a life raft,” O’Berry said. The Coast Guard said Wednesday that seven workers had been critically injured. Later in the day, West Jefferson Hospital in suburban New Orleans said it treated four people, three of whom had been released. The University of South Alabama Medical Center said it was treating one person in its burn unit and evaluating five others. O’Berry said many workers who escaped were being brought to land on a work boat expected to arrive Wednesday evening. When the explosion happened, the rig was drilling but was not in production, according to Greg Panagos, spokesman for its owner, Transocean Ltd. in Houston. The rig was under contract to BP PLC. BP spokesman Darren Beaudo said all BP personnel were safe but he didn’t know how many BP workers had been on the

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  1. ausdiv says:

    I dont think anyone realises what has happened here. We have had a catostrophic break in the earths crust, some say caused by the LHC in Switzerland. The sinkhole that appeared in China is on the exact oppostie side of the world to the gulf leak. This was not a broken rig, that is what the government is saying until they figure out what to really tell us. I have studied many oil rig leaks in the past, there is not one drilling operation in the world that could leak the amount this has so fast.

  2. thewizardofrhythm says:

    @HUMANSAREBENEATHME Thing is, it isn’t really BP’s fault, they do the safety procedure every other oil company does. I think it could be to do with the way American culture always has to have someone to blame, but actually, there was little that could have been done here, and boycotting BP will only result in less money for the clean up.

  3. downtownvage says:

    @ramerican i know huh wtf..

  4. austinartwar says:

    <<<<------click austinartwar to view. I made anti Bp clips . I need the community's support. Make your own if you have the time and video post a reply. Give this a thumbs up if bp should pay!!

  5. missyL1973 says:


  6. ramerican says:

    um… who was sitting there waiting to take a picture of it blowing up?



  8. unitywave says:


  9. EpicSC says:

    You just wasted another 5 seconds reading this comment. Have a good day.

  10. Fox250R says:


  11. CheesePieJoe says:

    Wow… Now i will have to do something 55 seconds faster to get that time back…

  12. walkerwarbler says:

    @walkerwarbler ok I’m repeating myself now,dammit. Knowing that greed is inherent is a reason to get a grip on this not just shrug yer shoulders and flip off your kids and grandkids who are very real victims.
    The std. corporate model puts profit to investors (and who are THEY, by the way??) WAY ahead of human life, safety and environmental responsibility and as you point out places witless calculator jockies in positions they have no business anywhere near. This CAN be changed

  13. walkerwarbler says:

    @mdjarhead Ain’t cryin’. PISSED. You should be too. Lifetime in thechnology, machine trades, “corporate” environment. Know tons actually about procedure and simple right from wrong. Never said anything about abandonning all technology, not even once, dude Since you ask, what I think is stupid is punching a hole in the earth into a ball of poisonous glop, UNDER THE FREAKING OCEAN, for God’s sake, like it’s never gonna leak or something. Never supported this at all.

  14. walkerwarbler says:

    @mdjarhead since you ask, what I think is stupid is poking a hole in the earth’s crustous goop, into a vast ball of poisonous goop, UNDER THE OCEAN, like it’s not gonna leak or something. Never supported this,ever.

  15. walkerwarbler says:

    @mdjarhead have plenty to say but it takes like thirty tries to post

  16. mdjarhead says:

    @walkerwarbler @walkerwarbler I guess you agree that Greed is inherent to human nature. Let me clear up my other point, You are correct we all live off the earth, I should have made it clear that I was focusing on you to giving up all types of technology and live more like the native American Indians did 500 years ago. I am willing to bet that if we stopped supplying oil to everyone that crys about this, we would not need to produce offshore oil or import it. THE MIDDLE EAST IS LOVING THIS!

  17. MahajiHaji says:

    Wow fucking annoying clicking.

  18. walkerwarbler says:

    @thebeautifuldance If you mean that because somebody drives a car it follows that this unprecedented disaster is somehow justified..that’s just Pathetic. At least from mdjarhead I got something like dialogue in the second post. From you? just punk-bitch, third grade insults. Pretty obvious who the ignorant asshole is. Listen up: The Right wing contingent is good at one thing: getting wizzards like you to vote against their own interests, and then snickering all the way to the off-shore bank.

  19. walkerwarbler says:

    @mdjarhead don’t smoke and don’t give a hoot in hell about oil, soda and food companies which make zillionaires out of assholes selling poison. I’m not moving anywhere. How about you go shit in your own crockpot? And here’s a newsflash for you Forrest: We ARE living off the land! C’mon! for a few thousand years now. Jezuz.

  20. walkerwarbler says:

    Can’t post. Thanks to YT

  21. Basicpiviot says:

    asshole OP

  22. dahoss2x says:

    @spacemanlrs333 This is an attempt by the Obama administration to stop oil drilling alltogether. There are over 4,000 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. One disaster by BP(a major obama contributor), and this idiot wants to Monday morning QB, when he waited 12days to act.

  23. spacemanlrs333 says:

    @dahoss2x You have got to be kidding me…

  24. dahoss2x says:

    BP was an inside job! Obama is an enviromental terrorist.

  25. alfader1 says:


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