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Papantonio: BP – The Manslaughter Felon

Posted on June 06, 2010 by bp complaints

Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire Radio discusses the history of BP and Halliburton, including their past as convicted felons. These two felons are responsible for the oil spill that is dumping millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and we’re supposed to expect them to tell us the truth about what happened? Given their histories, that seems highly unlikely.


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  1. cycle002 says:

    Mike Papantonio is correct, and all the comments are correct, but they do not go far enough, we also need to point fingers at ourselves. Our demand for oil to power our gas hogs, and not being willing to say stop it now, and mean it , this will never be stopped. STAND UP AMERICANS AND MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT.

  2. TheLILYANNROSE says:

    I thank Pap for finally saying it, I’ve ‘known’ it for weeks this well isn’t going to be fixed. If it could be fixed it would have been done. I’m concerned about the Top Kill plans as success is iffy and the possible end result could be to make it worse.

  3. 1bearsfan2008 says:

    Attorney Papantonio is right these two, BP and Haliburton, like other evil corporate citizens are felons. They are performing private drilling for oil hundreds of feet under the sea without safety measures. They knew how to drill but not how to stop leaks. That’s irresponsible and tortious. Someone needs to pay because the most scariest thing now is that this spill will never be brought under control and the oceans of the world will be lost before we know it.

  4. 1bearsfan2008 says:

    Pap not only has guts but he is tenacious and very believable. He has his finger on the pulse of the culprits who are victimizing the worlds population and the earth. He has the right attitude and indignation which the government officials should have if they are serious about their occupations. I wish he would run for public office because he is the type of personalty and voice this nation needs in governvment.

  5. clarkeharris says:

    Pap…tear these bastards a new one!!!

  6. JustB3NJI says:

    @MarquisdeBarrabas dont even get me started on that! It is diabolical, Epic pay rises, epic ticket cost rises and an epic amount of deaths due to poor maintainance.

  7. MarquisdeBarrabas says:

    @JustB3NJI along with the rail system.

  8. MarquisdeBarrabas says:

    You’re turning personhood against the bastards? Love it!

    Get them!

  9. JustB3NJI says:

    BP are scum. America take a look at it’s history, from the British Perspective BP were in the 80’s 90’s and still today the best case against privatisation.

  10. mapleloaf67 says:

    now they’re before canada’s politicians without any answers and wanting drilling in the arctic I think they should clean up this mess first and if they can’t explain why this happened then refuse them

  11. IsabellaVisconti911 says:

    Wow, locked in a shipping container… DEATH penalty for BP! DEATH penalty for Haliburton! Prosecution NOW!!!

  12. dizzymasekela says:

    Pap has balls. Taking on big tobacco, big pharma, and big oil. Our kids’ textbooks should be teaching us about Mike Papantonio, not Republican assholes like Gingrich and Reagen.

  13. bigtexansfan says:

    BP and Haliburton, they’re all fucking criminals!! My uncle and fahter-in-law have attended the Louisiana fishing rodeo for over 35 years. It had to be canceled along with many people’s livelihoods for their negligence and fuck up! MAKE THESE FUCKERS PAY!!!

  14. Aiden057 says:

    One thing that really bothers me about this is that Obama, by not challenging the LIES of BP, is making it better for the company in court. I’m waiting for him to say that we can’t look backward about this, or, maybe he can take the position of that genius, Rand Paul, and say “gee, accidents happen.”

  15. TainaAtheist1 says:

    Cool. It’s much nicer to see you talking than just that static image you had before.

  16. michaelastannar says:

    Thank you for the knowledge, courage and forthrightness. Most American’s support a huge change. Environmental lawyers please pursue this nightmare and the many others not known to the public. Time to Speak. Co’s in all segments of society are sprouting up by their example and it is time to stop. Hoping it’s the beginning

  17. politicalcustard says:

    Great Twitter spoof happening at @BPGlobalPR

  18. chenieee says:

    I directed Halburton to deliberately spill the oil in the gulf.New Orleans votes democrat. The loop current will contaminate the eastern seaboard liberal left.

  19. rfrantzt says:

    fuck BP

  20. sjcpal says:

    Get em Pap…

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