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Papantonio: BP, Does Their Conduct Rise to Manslaughter

Posted on June 06, 2010 by bp complaints

As the BP oil spill investigation heats up, the question has arisen as to whether or not BP’s negligence (which led to the deaths of 11 men) border on manslaughter. Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC’s The Ed Show to discuss the possibilty of criminal convictions against BP.


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  1. imaginepeace63 says:

    great job lawerence

  2. omarspence says:

    He is absolutely right

  3. Jai666666666 says:

    What about Monsanto? That’s coming up next…, monsterous plants that transmute viruses into flesh eating, H1N1, Bird Flu, cause lets call a cat, a cat, animals were not dying by the spieces before GMO foods came out in 95 did they. Monsanto mass murdered cows, chickens lambs and then said cows disease was from animal protein in the food supply…, another sick one out of every University in Bio-Chemistry

  4. 73849309378 says:

    Since the corporations want the rights of citizens, and the criminal, fascist, unelected Supreme Court gave it to them, they should also have the same penalties as citizens, at the least.

  5. JustB3NJI says:

    BP should be brought down – America: TAKE EVERY LAST PENNY!

  6. babyfran05 says:

    this is Mike Papantonio unleashed! i wouldn’t want to be in the defendant box if he’s the prosecutor. damn.

  7. 882me says:

    I watched “The Yes Men Fix the World” last night. I wish the victims’ families well, but I think Laurence is being naive here. Has Dow cleaned up Bophal or compensated any victims?
    The culture of greed and Milton Friedman economics will die hard or not at all.

  8. ubuibiok says:

    @ubuibiok 4 MILLION GALLONS A DAY….

  9. ubuibiok says:

    Don’t put me on the jury… I hope the Families get 20 Billion each….

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