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Iran Offers to Help With Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Iranian oil executives say that Iranian energy companies stand ready to help respond to British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico if asked by US officials.

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  1. metalscale says:

    wow Iran……even BP couldn’t do that and when BP are not able, means that Most developed country in further stage of development like EU are nothing but, just SNOBBISH…….

  2. ronaldpatricia says:

    @nafreehc Planetresource(dot)net has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created
    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on .watch the youtube video title “COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL”
    by PRR7075

  3. hebrewjamal says:

    Iran is not a bad country at all. The United States/America and its allies are the real terrorist and are greedy evil people. I would trust the Iranian government anyday. fuck America they work for the devil

  4. fatezor says:

    The Persian gulf is one of the most polluted crap cesspools of water on the planet, how about they clean that up first.

  5. starlight1946 says:

    Thank you Iran, if only our Government would allow you to. Sadly we won’t see this generous kindness offered from the American mainstream media.

  6. buckylala says:

    Wow maybe Americas goverment does represent the people!!! What a bunch of jerks.Iranians are obviously way better Earthlings than you money hungry cry baby IRRESPONSIBLE Americans.What a bunch of Assholes!! You will lose!

  7. mapleloaf67 says:

    as if? why would anybody let alone the states let these nutjobs anywhere near their border. insane

  8. fatpius says:


  9. crypter27 says:

    See Iran isn’t so bad after all!

  10. KhmerD0g says:

    israel will ask america not to accept the help. that i am sure.

  11. theBritzed says:

    VERY VERY NICE! This is a wonderful example of Iranian foreign policy!

    After educating US citizens in health care programs this is yet another example of what Iran can do for the world if they let them.

    But why seek help from them if you don’t really care about natural disasters and just think about how to subdue and invade Iran in the next couple of years…

  12. neoldd1 says:

    Real news value here! Iran is such a great country is it?

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