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Oil Spill Solved! Q&A with Horton5151 & Nikki LImo!

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

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Gulf Oil Spill Volcano In Good lighting. Massive amounts of oil continue to spew at a much higher rate than before hours after BP has installed the LMRP cap. Inaccurate title or description? Post a comment and I will fix it. Follow live blogging of this event blog.alexanderhiggins.com Watch it live here: blog.alexanderhiggins.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

0 to “Oil Spill Solved! Q&A with Horton5151 & Nikki LImo!”

  1. Bubbathepenguin180 says:

    What is your fav plac to hang out?

  2. CCGAnubys says:

    I think theyre secretly going out lol

  3. calculatorhead says:

    gah why doesnt this video work for me =(
    even restarted comp and tried different browser
    grr…i feel like i’m missing out since the other Q&A’s were hilarious

  4. GetLikeSteph says:


  5. TraNWhiZ says:

    40? no way man you look 25-30

  6. dashiell23 says:

    horton5151 reminds me of Taub from House

  7. kikoy0326 says:

    If I was stuck on an island with Nikki, the population would go from 2 of us to probably 100… =P

  8. mikeman8913 says:

    is nikki single?!?!?!
    that is the one question every man should be asking lol

  9. igeralddayawon says:

    she HOT

  10. ninhbac04 says:

    Nikki’s facial expressions are top notch!

  11. pootellytubby says:

    If I was stuck on island with Nikki I would rap……Yeah! I would rap about her 🙂

  12. relientkira says:

    thats 2 of these that nikki said shed want a non-youtuber, when the question was about youtubers

  13. TheEyegazer says:

    Your video doesn’t workkkk

  14. IceeCupcake says:

    If I were an STD, I’d be Chlamydia…because even if you didn’t know I was there, you’d always feel my warmth. lol

  15. horton5151 says:

    @TheKristinetv 🙂

  16. ChrisCouloufis says:

    Please subscribe and help me hit 100 subscribers

  17. 0thisisbatcountry0 says:

    Drinking at work… before you were… laid off?! LOL

    and Nikki got to third base with LisaNova.. im gonna go get naked and stand in front of the fridge with the door open..

  18. ganmanG says:

    Lmaoo @ craigslist!!!!
    These Q & A’s Are Awesome!!!! hahaaa!!

  19. horton5151 says:

    @cynicsfaith thank you 🙂

  20. dowling1981 says:

    @itsMeCodyD Their names are Zyleth

  21. TheKristinetv says:

    you where in the show baggage!!!

  22. McLardFace says:

    whos penis is bigger?

  23. cynicsfaith says:

    you guys have great chemistry. funny!!

  24. no40 says:

    How did you meet totally sketch?
    Nikki: Craigslist

    Well, that might explain all the “sex” theme videos she did for Michael……….XD

  25. horton5151 says:

    @NeverShoutNilsa 🙂

  26. pmgeorgic says:

    This is not oil. Crude oil is thick and tarry black.. These are gases from the interior of the planet.. This is more toxic then oil.. This is a volcano without the lava.. This is worst part of a volcano. This is what kills everything that breaths. The famine is sure to come.. Watch out for the fear mongers who want you to get you chip and get it now with your next vaccine…

  27. HackerMode11 says:


  28. LionCome says:

    As if it is not bad enough to have the oil we have to purposely add toxic dispersant, do we hate our oceans?

  29. dodgeman82 says:

    I sometimes wonder if the rov operator shakes his head when he is told to do something like wave a small magic wand of dispersant through the gushing oil like it will make a huge difference

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