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Gulf Oil Spill Tracker

Posted on June 25, 2010 by bp complaints

New Deepwater Horizon images:

Gulf Oil Spill Tracker
Deepwater Horizon
Image by SkyTruth

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  1. victorandcarrie says:

    After seeing this photo on your photo stream, I went and looked at the oil spill tracker on your site. It seems deceptive to include aerial photos of before the oil spill as "Incidents". There has been no impact to Fort Morgan AL but it is a big red dot on your map.

  2. SkyTruth says:

    An "incident" is any report – including a report that says "nothing happening here yet." The software we used to build this site automatically calls every submitted report an "incident." And we do want people to document conditions before any oil comes ashore, so we have something to use for comparison.

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