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BP Oil Spill Concept “Conical Stopper”

Posted on June 25, 2010 by bp complaints

An idea submission for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The rod is inserted into the leaking tube and as it expands, the oil pressure forges the conical “umbrellas” to open and lodge the stopper in place.

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  1. 1980littleboy says:

    I know, because I said it!

    Im fielding offers as we speak from BP and Haliburton. My plan is to train Dolphins first and then contract the work out to them of teaching the rest of the underwater. I am extremely confident of it being a better option then is currently on the table and will work a lot more effectively and quickly then what they are trying now.

    Pay me the money NOW FOOLS! The quicker I get it done the quicker all the sheeple can get back to worrying bout nothing

  2. DominicMetal1979 says:

    @1980littleboy That may be the most intelligent thing anyone’s ever said on YouTube.

  3. Kg277 says:

    the pressure direction is all wrong. that would simply blow right back up

  4. Chuck Stevens says:

    Nuke the Oil Well? Nuclear Option:
    While BP continues to be permitted to sit on both the situational and geological data about the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill, it is impossible from a distance to determine the extent of the threat that we face, or, what will work to end the spill. Under these circumstances all options should be studied. A leading expert on Peaceful Nuclear Explosives, Milo D. Nordyke, has given an interview on a possible nuclear option:

  5. 1980littleboy says:

    @captinseperoth Thats a stupid idea! They just need to train fish to breath in it and it will be fine. No need for nukes that will not work 100%. Once your train sea creatures to breath in high oil or oil fume % then it will work 100% of the time

  6. budgood099 says:

    @Ignashus plug it up

  7. XXXMikeHonchoXXX says:

    lol bomb it HAHAHAH IDIOTS!!!!

  8. Savsonic says:

    The MOABs are non-nukes bombs with a kick and could seal it shut with no radiation.

    Mass: 8,200 kg
    TNT equivalent: 11 tons / 20,000 Ib
    Blast radius: 150 m (500 ft)

    These are air ordnance but can be modified.

  9. Ignashus says:

    Looks like a tampon ad.

  10. captinseperoth says:

    The industry says-KISS these days


    Simplest idea,torch it so that oil wont reach the marshes as is now!


    Nuke(ones that are less powerful than MOAB) it,so that when you detonate the nuke near well,Millions of tuns of sediment would land on well and bury the sucker!

    The Russians did it like 6 times in the past and it had an 80 percent success

    Dont worry about radiation as the ocean produces alot more natural radiation than that!

  11. 12quillemall5321 says:

    Nice try but the gases makes it pressurized. Best solution is to reseal the hole permanently. They are looking for a temporary way to stop the well so that they can reopen it in the future.

  12. sulumbek100 says:

    Good idea , but should be moved in by other side of device.

  13. metsone says:

    I like this one!

  14. videosouthafrica says:

    IF a GIANT CONDOM is made …. open at BOTH ends …. !!! …. 1800 meters long and circumference 10 meters …. all that oil would be captive …. then at the top end of this condom you need a suction …. and pump it into an oil tanker … thats about it

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