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Environmentally Correct Oil Spill Cleanup Solution with Hay & Straw

Posted on June 06, 2010 by bp complaints

In this video posted by the Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Department, Darryl Carpenter, Vice President of Florida-based CW Roberts Contracting and sub-contractor Otis Goodson, shows how hay, hay grass and straw can be used as a very effective environmentally correct oil spill cleanup solution. In a scene reminiscent of a primetime cooking show, the Carpenter and Goodson video shows how Coastal Bermuda and Bahia hay could be scattered over the surface of the ocean with hay blowers to absorb the oil. To start, the two men pour oil into two large pans of water, stir in the hay, add a little “wave action,” then skim off the oil-soaked hay. The audience watching the Walton County video included representatives from BP (British Petroleum), the Coast Guard and the Sheriff’s office. CW Roberts then asks BP and the Coast Guard for the chance to do a 10-acre live demonstration in Gulf waters. They were told that approval has to come from higher up, but can they say no to this environmentally correct oil spill cleanup solution, with just Hay and Straw? “We work along the whole Gulf of Mexico coastal area in Florida,” says CW Roberts president, Charles Roberts. “We have everything mobilized. We can have boats and equipment on the water in less than a half-day. We have been getting calls from all over, from people who want to supply the hay. We want to be given the chance to see if it works. If it works on 10-acres, then give us a bigger assignment.” CW Roberts, a 700-employee


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  1. TinsleyCarmichael says:

    this video had about amillion or more hits a few weeks ago

  2. mobbin71795 says:

    Do you have to stir it into the water?

  3. grumpydumper says:

    @slushomatic and the processed grain comes from

  4. slushomatic says:

    @AnfoMerc Im not sure on the Date the sent the robots down with the cams but they have been down there a while.

  5. AnfoMerc says:

    @slushomatic I’ve paid a lot of attention; sewer rooms deployed, I never saw them in the live feed. When did they start using them? thx

  6. slushomatic says:

    @eLLriDe420 are you just that stupid? seriously? they have never done that. your a moron for believeng the non news.

  7. slushomatic says:

    (continued) The Oil spill is man made and in international waters so it is the prsidents resposibility from day one and not the governors. If Obama would have given the green light for any comapny to do what they need to do then this spill would be stoped by now but instead he ties up other companies hands to let BP deal with it themselves. Again guys this stupidity has gone to far with Obama and you tring to justify his non action.

  8. slushomatic says:

    @gstrike13 First of both of you need to get better education. Secondly Katrina and this oil spill can not be compaired. Katrina was a natural disaster that the governor (which by the way is a liberal democrat) was givin millions of dollars per year to keep the levis updated and fixed but he used that money for self indulgence. Bush, after hearing the governor sat on his thumb, took action and sent humanitarian aid. (continued)

  9. slushomatic says:

    @Truthiness231 actually Bush gave the go ahead for the national guard to do thier job in humanitarian aid when the bastard of a governor wouldnt do it himself. Obama, on the other hand, he is actually telling Bobby Gendal that he cant set barriers out to keep the oil off the marsh land….how about you doing a little reserch before typing…and yes weedapeople typing that was kinda ignorant too.

  10. eLLriDe420 says:

    @slushomatic yea they have. they have nuked five wells and it worked 4/5 times. fuck head. we were going to do it but we are worried about the radiation. fuck shit.

  11. slushomatic says:

    @AnfoMerc ummm thats what those boxes were…have you not been paying attention?

  12. slushomatic says:

    @chasemacherzak I will referr to one of my above posts get a freaking education man, instead of being indoctrinated by libral proffesors. sheesh the stupidity on youtube is incessent with the smell of ass hence the word asshats(n. of or becoming an inraged idiot that does not think before typing or speaking) or asshattery ( adj. of or becoming inraged with stupidity to the point of realeasing uncontrollable brain farts)

  13. slushomatic says:

    @eLLriDe420 do even know how remotely stupid that is??? Russia has never nuked a leaky oil well…If they did we wouldve known about it way before hand.

  14. slushomatic says:

    @ZalgoZalgo Oil will not be submerged it is an insoluable liquid dude…go back to school..Oh and before you say well the video showed oil under water…..ever think that the heavier parts of the oil suspends a bit below the surface because of lighter oil particles on top of it to keep it held below the surface?…..

  15. slushomatic says:

    @grumpydumper Cows just dont eat hay dude….I take it you dont get out much to the country do ya? Cows are actually fed processed grain.

  16. slushomatic says:

    @ezradv well it isnt like Pbo hasnt spent 5 times that already. So whats another 200 billion?

  17. slushomatic says:

    @tsingh4 Hydrophobic???? oil has feelings now? lmao i kid i kid. seriously though the word to use here was insoluble.

  18. slushomatic says:

    @bondxxxmage it is obvious you didnt pay attention to this video enough to understand that only a qurater of that hay that was in the bowl was used. It is also obvious that you didnt notice over half the hay was unused. Great job on posting without thinking there bud!

  19. Avia0r says:

    @ezradv i bet u just made those numbers up dumb ass.. even if those are true.. i believe it is nessisary to do it anyway seeing how we are RUIINING THE EARTH EVERY SECOND WE DONT! killing of thousands of animals and habitats! so i believe that the money system that humans made up is less important then the god damn earth we live on! fuckin dumb shits these days dont understand!

  20. bondxxxmage says:

    The main problem is half a pound of hay cleaned a quarter cup of oil, Please estimate for me howmany pounds of hay it would take to soke up 1 barrel of oil? and multiply that ammount by mmm lets say 100,000 to start.. And then tell me how much hay the entire usa produces in “excess” than needed for farming. And then use the actual number of barrels leaked.

  21. Judeau0311 says:

    a much more efficient solution to the gulf oil spill environmental damage is microbes! there are certain oil eating microbes that hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life.

  22. WeedaPeople says:

    dump: Grass. Cows did very well on grass before man came along.

  23. WeedaPeople says:

    trik: I do not think we would be in the same spot as we are now if he had acted sooner…or acted at all. It was not just one news guy, it is pretty much all the news guys saying the same thing about his lack of response. It IS a terrible catastrophe and it DOES need attention. We have yet to see his attention.

  24. WeedaPeople says:

    trik: It is the same lack of response, in this case, worse, not the same disaster. You do bring up a good point; What exactly can he do…besides spenda whole lot of money we do not have?

  25. MicroMouse007 says:


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