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BP Oil Spill Crisis Solution / Science Fair Part 1

Posted on June 09, 2010 by bp complaints

This is a comical look at potential solutions, but they are real. I spoke to a friend who works as an engineer at NASA and he does not believe there is any reason that these ideas will not work This is a list of potential fixes for the BP oil spill crisis that is wreaking havoc across the entire Gulf of Mexico. I have been trying to contact people since May 4th, with no luck, as they have not responded to my queries. I have tried contacting: – The US Coast Guard – Louisiana EPA – Coast to Coast – BP Deep Water Horizon site – Hardball – Local News Station – Nation News – Sierra Club .etc, and no one has responded.
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Even with more than 200000 gallons of oil being pumped directly into the Gulf of Mexico everyday (thanks to BP’s negligence on the Deepwater Horizon well,) right wing wackos are still clinging to their “drill baby, drill” mantra. We’re being told that yes, this is an atrocity, but we still need that oil at the bottom of the sea floor. Mike Papantonio appears on The Randi Rhodes Show to take on the offshore drilling cheerleaders, as well as explain the basics of his class action suit against BP.
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  1. FancyPantsElitist says:

    @882me Randi is on 12-3 pm PST at green960 dot com.

  2. 73849309378 says:

    The almighty dollar is more important than safety.This is just one example of the sad result of corporatism. With the unelected Supreme Court’s recent un-American, fascist ruling that corporations can now donate unlimited amounts to political candidates, it will just get worse unless new laws or safeguards are put in place.

  3. 882me says:

    Randi, wow. Haven’t heard her voice for so long. Pap and Randi would make a great radio, TV (web or traditional), team.

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