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BP CEO Tony Hayward No Way To Tell How Much Oil Has Leaked So Far!

Posted on June 06, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com May 10, 2010 News Corp


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  1. assassinscreed00 says:

    So, humanity…good one, once again. You just don’t know when to stop, do you? Enough of this. Enough sacrificing so much to gain something so minuscule when thrown into the bigger picture. Here’s something to ponder: temporary fixes versus permanent solutions! God damn it!

  2. omsct says:

    @askysoblue What I am saying is that there are three companies involved. Obama has avoided comment on two of them and has targeted the British one because he enjoys opportunities to attack Britain. What I mean is that Obama’s demonisation of the company itself probably wouldn’t occur to anywhere near the same level if it were an American oil company. How about the man in Louisiana burning a Union Flag in protest? Does that mean that Americans burn Stars and Stripes if Exxon fucks up?

  3. heycolslaw says:

    A double volute spring would plug the hole& stop the flow.you need to stop it from the inside out . a double volute holds from the inside of the pipe and fills the gap in the middle.

  4. askysoblue says:

    Are you serious?? It has nothing to do with the fact that the company is british, it is the fact that this is seriously doing a lot of damage. I mean, it’s the largest oil spill in US history for godsakes, thinking that Americans anger stems only from the fact that the company is british not only seems to skim over what has happened but is just plain STUPID.

  5. kittenshateyou says:

    emotionless soulless corporate fuck.

    Someone is going to hell for this.

  6. guyNbluejeans says:

    If this greedy, stingy piece of vomit had any honor at all he would kill himself by chugging down a gallon of that oil that’s killing all the beautiful wild life in the Gulf!!

  7. duba3988 says:

    “LOL NOTHING WORKS SORRY!!” – Tony Hayward

  8. omsct says:

    @Tinyoak2 Do you mean ‘Britain’? Mate the Yankees couldn’t even beat Vietnam WITH countries stepping in to help. Lol, the American Empire couldn’t even take little Korea with the help of the UN.

  9. omsct says:

    @MANTGA43062 All true but you can’t expect Americans, and particularly the Anglophobic Obama, to miss an opportunity to drill its people into anti-Britain propaganda. Would they be so obsessed with the company if it wasn’t British? Doubt that.

  10. MANTGA43062 says:

    @siankane You ignorant thick bastard, in 1987 an offshore oil platform off the north coast of Scotland exploded resulting in a 167 deaths, the name of the platform was the Piper Alpha, it was owned by the Los Angeles based Occidental Petroleum, the accident was caused by the removal of a safety pressure valve. Our then Prime Minister Magaret Thatcher showed rather more dignity, and the use of less intemperate language than is being used by you and your disgrace of a President. Learn some history

  11. Tinyoak2 says:

    yet another war England can’t win without someone stepping in to “Help”.

  12. magusninex9 says:

    please go to YouTube and get on my channel magusninex9 is my name their I am in direct contact now with top execs at SIGMA ALDRICH and they feel I may have discovered a solution for cleaning up the oil in gulf and preventing it from shore contact I have emails from the chemical company and they said they are working on this VERY VERY SERIOUSLY right now their scientists and are commited to my discovery for use in gulf this will work I believe and is easy to deploy

  13. SuddenCatharsis says:

    i hate british people

  14. ASCowns says:

    Tony Hayward ” E-llo Govna me try in to put out E bloody Oi-al spill”! This is why the UNITED STATES is better than the United Kingdom! Because they always fuck shit up! THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!

  15. ASCowns says:

    @RijenRijen What the fuck did you just say? That made no sense at all!

  16. jsuglia says:

    God, stop blaming me for the damn oil spill! I’m sick of trying to contain the leak! Give me my life back!

  17. tpbdragon1 says:

    so he going to be just as calm and apologetic for the “inconvenience” it has caused the “americans” after it starts to flow into the gulf stream and starts spreading into the other oceans, absolutely no sense of sympathy to the sea life that is being killed by the thousands daily while this nightmare keeps “leaking”

  18. Idealmyowncards says:

    @RijenRijen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude it would be hilarious if you talked the way you typed

  19. ilikesouptoomuch2 says:

    @siankane and I wonder why Americans have a bad reputation, idiot.

  20. Kalikizz7o2 says:

    British Petroleum? more like Wanker Petroleums! fucking wankers

  21. siankane says:

    This Limey piece of petrified rat shit needs to go jail for life. Maybe someone will plant a bullet into this evil brain and safe the American taxpayer the expense of feeding his pig ass. What are the Brits saying about this? They probably don’t give a shit. If something like this happened in the North Sea, the puffs would raise holly hell from across the pond. Disgusting.

  22. SeymourButtz99 says:

    This guy looks like Gollum in a toupee.

  23. MG14SP says:

    and all his plan B-S has failed so far…

  24. pniemczyk says:

    “This is like the Apollo 13 moonshot.” Dammit maybe they need NASA since these pricks can’t do it themselves. See, and you wondered why we have so many brains sitting around NASA!

    This has got to be the most reviled guy in the world right now. Now that we are reading that senior management ignored their own safety warnings, BP’s senior management team needs to be in jail.

  25. josasszony000 says:

    cock sucker shit zioniths british shit

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