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BP CEO Tony Hayward New Oil Disaster Ad

Posted on June 16, 2010 by bp complaints

Revoke BP’s Corporate Charter: www.facebook.com I’m Davis Fleetwood & This is Independently produced. Individually supported: wp.me FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com grab my book Keyword: find BP on YouTube, Bp Gulf Oil Ad, Bp Tony Hayward Ad, Bp-Ad, Gulf Oil Spill, Poll, Tony Hayward, Video, Green News
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  1. ZonaFilms says:

    this guy killed my pet crane


  2. Chucktanium says:

    Fuck Tony Hayward
    and the oil-covered horse he rode in on.

  3. uncleavi2002 says:

    Tony Hayward needs to be Raped in an American Prison till this has ended.

  4. discomachomania says:

    well, the oil spill will destroy the gulf cost for many years to come! now to clean up the mess, will take many years to be clean up the mess! so thank you bp i cant go to the beach and swim.

  5. blueclive123 says:

    funny how this feller sold 1/3 of his shares on March 17th

  6. Baprener says:

    fuck it….. we no longer need petroleum to survive!!!! If we continue like this, raping this beautifull blue and green planet, we are doomed for sure!!!!

  7. dave54303 says:

    @jimwednesday well. Some may believe it was real. God bless

  8. TimeLapseSteve says:


    No fucking shit, Sherlock.

  9. dave54303 says:

    obvioulsy this is edited he dont even say that stuff lol

  10. daisex says:

    boo hoo, I’m a big CEOOO. Tony wants his liiiife baaaack. waaaaa I bet you my healthy pelican those 11 families want their loved ones back. Lousy piece of Brit shit. You jerk go for a swim. Unethical, greedy, flaky FUCK. Thanks for posting, dude. Well done Davis.

  11. pinskool says:

    fils de pu..

  12. wodanowitz says:

    Not dead yet?

  13. jimwednesday says:

    lol ha davis i love the way you say fucking its amazing ha

  14. FurStitches says:

    fake…… not Tony!

  15. godfree2canada says:

    read John Ralston Saul

  16. ldksparda says:

    Thanks for ruining the gulf Tony Hayward. Now I have to go either East or West now to go to the beach.

  17. matthewme23 says:

    I love you now, Tony…hell, I wanna let you come to my house and F*** my SISTER!!!

  18. gmfutube says:

    He made some money selling 1/3 of his Bp stock weeks before the DWH blow-out.

    So did Goldman Sachs

    Rig workers told their wives weeks before the blow-out that they were concerned about how Bp was handling a difficult well.

  19. FeelFreeToArgue says:

    Nice accent, Davis.

  20. wodanowitz says:

    How long will we have to wait, till action is taken and this motherfucker is sent to hell ???

  21. ThePunkPatriot says:

    The link to the facebook group is in the video description. Be sure to join! I did!

  22. ThePunkPatriot says:

    @missdivinestalls be sure to join the FB group for Revoke BP’s Corporate Charter as well!

    bit [dot] ly / revokebpscorporatecharter

  23. ThePunkPatriot says:

    @missdivinestalls Be sure to join the facebook group as well!

    bit.ly / revokebpscorporatecharter

  24. LT21DTOWN says:

    ” they should prepared for rain” no backup plan really.

  25. LemonPie17 says:

    haha, love that phony british accent.

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