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Solution for Stopping the Gulf Oil Spill How To Slow The BP Oil Slick

Posted on May 22, 2010 by bp complaints

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The Daily Energy Report for Tuesday May 4, 2010 discusses Governor Schwarzenegger ends offshore drilling debate, BP cleanup costs & Google invests in wind.

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  1. 52Cheve says:

    btw, those rings or booms should be called: “rings of doom” !

  2. 52Cheve says:

    Why not light a match and burn the oil till it’s all gone!

  3. paranoidnews says:

    why the hell aren’t they doing this?

  4. EdisunSolar says:

    To easy to simple you got to understand the Federal Governments involved its all about talk how much you need them and laws – do you think they even want to try something practical if it won’t help them
    Thanks anyway
    Wake up America your under siege

  5. beancube2010 says:

    Cover the leaking pipes with floating parachutes close to the seabed. Allow the oil rise to the ceiling of the parachute inside. Open some wide holes to the ceiling of the parachute to connect with some mile long flexible pipes to channel the oil to sea surface level. Cupped a big upside down funnels to each pipe. Oil risen from deep sea will accumulate into the narrower drain tube of funnel and those thick oil in the tube can be easily collected with pumps and engines on tanker on sea surface.

  6. matthewplamannemail says:

    with no regard to weather, fail! FIRE IN THE HOLE TIME!!

  7. videosouthafrica says:

    another idea would be to CLOSE off the gulf … a wall across from florida to cuba … hence making the gulf a big dam …. then give all the fish and crabs immigration rights … this will boost revenue as there will obviously be a FEE …nothing for free remember …

  8. bobodd5 says:

    vacuum bomb its too late for that the greedy tarts want the oil

  9. jsmythib says:

    floating booms..human hair..suck it up with hay..I have an idea- BLOW THE PIPE UP! I know the US military has the ordinance for it….OH thats right..letting it leak is better…

  10. uToobLovesBP says:

    meh.. come on man.. the booms can be moved. and you are really telling me that nothing is somehow better than something?

  11. thoop008 says:

    alright. so how do the vessels get to the actuall leak to try and stop the leak with 3 rings of boom in the way. The rig that is drilling the relief well will need to have vessels making multiple trips to it a day, not to mention that the skimmers will need to offload the oil and need supplies as well.

  12. uToobLovesBP says:


    that it is…
    this is how it should have looked when the may 7th amateur aerial video was shot.. instead it had zero booms around the site.

  13. drcolenrobinator says:

    Little late for this

  14. MrTabby5000 says:

    No drilling on arnolds coast,yay.

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