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BP Complaints

Senate Hearings on BP Spill

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Executives from British Petroleum appeared before a congressional hearing committee on Capitol Hill in order to explain the recent massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Joel Brown reports.
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  1. dangermous1968 says:

    Are these fucking people too stupid to understand the importance of the oceans and the ecosystem….WTF…. Lets start plugging that hole with a few hundred corporate lawyers and if it’s not enough …send all the lobbyists, followed by the oil cartel leaders… and the politicians better hope that does the job

  2. islamDick says:

    Three Stooges.

  3. TheTwoheadeddragon says:

    Don’t leave this world to these clumsy jackals!

  4. crashman889 says:

    BP employees often boast that their safety record is far better than anyone else’s in the business. Contractors are the ones that pay because if they want to work for BP, there are certain insurance and safety programs that have to be in place. All of that money is spent so BP can still have the worst safety record of any oil company in the world. WORLD.

  5. Striker4928 says:

    China would have executed them for this. They should have solved this leak in a day. Soviets closed these leaks successfully five times with small controlled undergound nuclear explosions, hire them or somebody who is professional and actually knows what he is doing and close down these oil companies. Halliburton is a piece of crap they’re only good for killing families in Iraq.

  6. marsCubed says:

    Amnesty International informed me today that Shell dumps as much oil as the Exxon Valdez spill, every single year into the Niger Delta one of the ten most important wetland and coastal marine ecosystems in the world.
    This affects not only the eco-system but also pollutes people’s drinking water.
    It is time we hammered the oil companies into sanity.
    We can have a world economy which works. This means we must make it responsible sustainable and safe.
    Blind profit chasing is disaster

  7. LCROASTER says:

    Why didn’t BP install somthing like water heating elements or heated water jacket in the ” bell” to defrost the pesky ice flakes?

  8. sep0507 says:

    Why do we allow the oil companies to put OUR coastlines at risk when they export oil to other countries? If they weren’t allowed to export, maybe there wouldn’t be such a great need to drill off shore. Let the other countries bargain with OPEC for their energy needs. As long as America views oil as a national security risk, then NO US company should be allowed to export.

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