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Deep Water Horizon sea massacre

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Deep water Horizon massacre Sign the petition to say NO MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING! secure.avaaz.org The oil coming out is now estimated to 70.000 barrels a day only from one of the few leaking pipes Every 4 days more than the amount that was declared from the Exxon Valdez disaster (11millions gallons) According to Reuters 14 may 2010 about 4 million gallons a day from the last 3 weeks have being spilled and so far only 4 million gallons have being recovered This is the biggest maritime environmental catastrophe ever recorded in history Also 11 workers where killed and 17 wounded No estimate of the amount of damage to the sea life as being made yet nor of the total amount of chemical dispersants that will be thrown in the see The oil and chemical dispersants will wash on the shore of Mexico and USA in the next days I posted this video cause the english main stream medias are trying to cover up the story Also the estimate of the leak is 8000 barrels but the media have told 1000 first and now 5000. Say no to oil drilling platforms. Here is some interesting links www.ens-newswire.com www.ens-newswire.com Latest www.ens-newswire.com www.onearth.org www.thedailygreen.com motherjones.com !4 may 2010 www.ens-newswire.com Coast guard www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com in Italian www.corriere.it www.corriere.it Music by Pianowarist@ letMEaskYOUaQUESTion on youtbe Save the planet
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  1. marcellogentile1 says:

    @quenuca I was blocking acidmak after he posted some offensive comments, I think that is not wort to waste time with BP trolls
    Thank you for the comment anyway and let’s organize for a ban on oil rigs.
    Now the US government must call in all oil companies to come and clean up the oil. At the moment BP owns the spilled oil and to my knowledge they don’t want to give it up.
    The other oil companies must bring their ships and suck up the oil before it all goes in the golf stream.

  2. quenuca says:

    OK. You win the dumbest post award, hands down.

  3. quenuca says:

    Sorry but your argument that “the planet is tough and will get past this” so let’s not worry about these oil spills is just idiotic, plain and simple. And so is the notion that alternative sources of energy cannot replace oil. Are you even aware that oil is a finite resource? Ah but I bet you see no irony in your calling others idiot & stupid. My advice: get informed on what’s happening to our “tough” planet. Read some books, take a class – and for godsake, turn off the Fox News!

  4. Imforeverone88 says:

    People please check out the solution for the oil spill on my page- it is environment safe, can help the oil be burned better, and can work on the large scale!

  5. MrTomatoes123 says:


  6. oswarrior2005 says:

    WOW! What a bunch of cry babies. There were 11 men who lost their lives and everybody is bitching about a bunch of fish!!!!!

  7. marcellogentile1 says:

    @1gooddevil Yes thank you
    I hope that man kind will realize and change before is too late, we must demand a stop to oil platforms NOW

  8. 1gooddevil says:

    Acidmak is BP, no surprise this video is disturbing for them
    Any way their insane comments are only helping people to realize the greed and evil those people represent.
    I agree with your quote
    We must stop our cancer like society which is making as growing greedy and with out attachment to nature.
    Just like cancer man is killing his host (Our Planet)

  9. marcellogentile1 says:

    @acidmak Exxon, Chevron and others all use Haliburton and these other corporate liability-cut-outs. BP pulled the golden bee’bee this time, its JUST A MATER OF TIME before another company blows out with devastating consequences. Stop consuming oil and oil products, that’s the ONLY answer. Biofuels and bioplastics are viable alternatives and ARE available. Better to avoid the NEED than convert suppliers.

  10. acidmak says:

    marcellogentine1 is an idiot plain and simple. There is no way that the alternative fuels that he speaks of can fully replace oil. The planet is tough it will get past this just like everything else that has hit it. Also, reytrapaet is stupid too. To say that “Oil patch alumnae in the White House encouraged agency personnel to engineer weakened safeguards that directly contributed to the gulf catastrophe” is just plain stupid. I was on this rig a month ago. I

  11. joseantqm says:

    el daño es impagable a s e s i n o s….

  12. marcellogentile1 says:

    Fra poco la macchia arriverà a raggiungere le correnti del golfo del Messico che la trasporteranno verso il nord dell’Europa, nel fra tempo BP vende il suo oil Dispersant e scarica dalle tasse

  13. marcellogentile1 says:

    @pietrostasi1 Ti ho mandato l’indirizzo della guardia costiera perché quello e l’unico che rispondePur troppo a BP non interessa fermare il greggio, altrimenti l’avrebbero già fatto In questo momento raccolgono gratuitamente dal mare e in più vendono le sostanze chimiche che dovrebbero sciogliere il petrolio e prevenire gli incendi e milioni di metri di barre di contenimento prodotte da loro stessi

  14. pietrostasi1 says:

    Caro Marcello io sono un senior HSE manager e Fire Chief ed ho la soluzione per bloccare le fuoriuscite del grezzo ma non riesco a contattare la B.P. se mi contatti sulla mia e mail personale ti posso anche dire come fare…Cordilità

  15. cscracing1987 says:

    Just an fyi unless a product is derived from rock, metal, wood, or dirt then it a product of crude.

  16. marcellogentile1 says:

    Wrong, this is the biggest maritime catastrophe already bigger than Valdez, I will post some satellite pictures so that you can see what American and British news don’t want you to see

  17. marcellogentile1 says:

    That is true but in reality we are all responsible for not doing enough to make the seven sisters (Oil companies ) pay for the damage the create and not demanding the development of alternative source of energies and the commercialization of the new technologies.
    We must stop our cancer like society which is making as growing greede and with out attachment to nature.
    Just like cancer man is killing his host (Our Planet)

  18. marcellogentile1 says:

    @MrMonkeystylemack You call me moron
    Coming from some one like you is an honor
    Im not going to reply to your comment
    PS You have being blocked

  19. SamsEditReel says:

    not even close to the biggest catastrophe, unfortunately. there are around 10 spills which have been 10x as big as Deep Horizon is thus far.

  20. blueknyt01 says:

    @marcellogentile1 find me a fuel, to replace unleaded AND diesel in application (greasal is closer these days but not there yet) that performs equal to oz. for oz. as said fossil juice without rotting,clogging or degrading the fuel delivery systems already established, is cheaper to produce,transport, and deliver to end user, and doesnt change the cost of food crops on any major scale. Methanol and ethanol really fall short.

  21. reytrapaet says:

    “In truth, culpability for the disaster can more accurately be laid at the Bush Administration’s doorstep. For eight years, George Bush’s presidency infected the oil industry’s oversight agency, the Minerals Management Service, with a septic culture of corruption from which it has yet to recover. Oil patch alumnae in the White House encouraged agency personnel to engineer weakened safeguards that directly contributed to the gulf catastrophe”.

  22. MrMonkeystylemack says:

    marcellogentine1 is just a moron tree hugger that hasn’t done his research, as sad as it is, oil IS going to be used for a very long time to come. renuable and alternative energy sources are the furure but its a distant future. oil is huge money and no amount of hippy protesting is going to take money from big oil companies

  23. MrMonkeystylemack says:

    no seals are going to die from this even if it does reach finland, by the time any trace of it gets that far up the golf stream you might,, MIGHT see a sheen on the water

  24. marcellogentile1 says:

    @blueknyt01 if you want to insist with your precious oil you must understand that you become the responsible for catastrophes like this one, not the people who campaign against it and for alternative fuels.
    Also oil can NEVER END. it is EVERYWHERE and it is there for a reason, culling the planet, not for as to take it away and cause earthquakes or burning it ad cause cancer.
    It is up to as to demand changes and to protect our planet from the vampires that can only think about money profiting

  25. blueknyt01 says:

    @blueknyt01 continuded from below ….perhaps the well meaning owners didnt know what they were doing when setting/tuneing them up. Crude will get replaced by some alt fuels but come down to it, Crude will continue to get used every day of every year till its gone.

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