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Oil Spill Solution! Cheap and Easy!!

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

Spread the word. They are stalling this technique for unknown reasons. Please send this video out to all your friends. Copy and re-upload if you can. “CW Roberts employees demonstrating the use of hay to assist in a defense against the oil spill in the Gulf. This is the method that is included in the Walton County Plan of Action. ” www.saucertubeufovideos.blogspot.com
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  1. sentry777 says:

    Insert a bag like fire stations use to lift heavy items into the 19” pipe deflated. Before inflating, insert a “jaws of life” type of 3 way spreader above the bag and have it open to wedge itself into the pipe and can’t be pushed out. Now inflate the bag through hydraulics and it will seal the pipe and can’t come out due to the wedge above it. From the pictures, the water pressure at this depth is almost equal to the oil pressure and this insertion could be done!

  2. blossomblizzard says:

    Oh wow! ♥

  3. physicsbugga says:

    You guys need to test this with crude oil, not motor oil

  4. jeffreyyyy says:

    omg is it a chock or a mobile phone?

  5. LivinThatHighLife says:

    @GlassByThaddeus that would be killing alot of trees

  6. GlassByThaddeus says:

    Saw dust will work too. Then you ship it to a dump that burns trash in steam generators

  7. BLACKKINGMOGUL999 says:

    WOW! these dam guys are amazing/ just dam amazing…. Do it don’t wait just get it down there and dam do it. B.P. just begin too clog the dam get this dam hay out there don’t wait call the president just do it.

  8. GpunktHartman says:

    @silentmachine101: otherwise the trapped in the oil … in the hay they can find something like a “ground”

  9. GpunktHartman says:

    great …

  10. JayandJenn07 says:

    @silentmachine101 Well, they ¨ARE¨ getting trapped in the oil slick anyway, at least then we would be cleaning it up… Nothing is swimming in the infected areas anyway, wildlife can be more aware of danger then we can be and they will NOT go near the oil. fish know its poison… We are going to lose some life regardless. just more the reason for BP to be held liable for their poor judgments and actions.

  11. JayandJenn07 says:

    Great idea… Period. As he says himself…, ¨you cant screw up, its hay.¨ So lets At least do this until something else comes along. Time is running out !!!

  12. G33kJiroux says:

    200 Gallons per minute, per machine… That’s faster than it’s leaking out from what I undestand… 1 machine can handle the leak at the source (until it’s properly capped), and others can handle the cleanup

  13. G33kJiroux says:

    Type in “Ocean Therapy” in the search box above

  14. G33kJiroux says:

    I like the approach, and the thought that was put into this video, however I think Kevin Costner’s “Ocean Therapy” solution is much better, given that there’s nothing to clean up afterward… It literally separates the oil and water through centrifugal force, and no chance birds and sea life might try to eat or land in oil-contaminated hay.

  15. silentmachine101 says:

    COULDNT animals like birds and fish get trapped in the oil soaked hay?

  16. batfly says:


    From the Millions of acres of farmland.

  17. benbutterell says:

    @losisupertruck Listen before you type, he said waves, Listen buddy he said it 4 times?

  18. losisupertruck says:

    ok whos gonna stir this and then go clean it up? wont work

  19. postpastx says:

    I have the solution! I can fix this now. Sink an old ship over top of the leak. If a 100 ton dome was suppose to do anything; 100 000 tons WILL. Help me get heard

  20. douglong77 says:

    clean up is great, stop the leak is most important, lower a gigantic multi-story grid onto the leak area, screw it into ocean floor as a base to work off of. this will divide the area into quads that can be dealt with individually, capping or pumping each square as needed, attaching caps etc. onto studs on each square, eventually controlling the whole grid, and securing the pressure

  21. sfcviper says:

    one question: where do you get the large amount of hay to cover 30% of our contaminated ocean now?

  22. rag4k says:

    Just as long as its free of fertilizer though… Nitrogen in the fertilizer has already caused some areas of the ocean with scant amounts or even no oxygen. This mean organic hay would be needed which is not in huge abundance. …and that’s when bad news becomes worse. There is no organic hay to be had. Supply cannot meet today’s demand. Its simply tapped out.

  23. MattFrooj says:

    The guy in the green sounds like charlie manuel

  24. YiuTeub says:

    Apparently the problem isnt whats on top the water but whats under. Giant plumes.

  25. onunez730 says:

    keep spreading the good word and make those farmers unite and take action on containing this!!!!

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