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Oil Spill Solution Backyard Science Style “GreenPowerScience Technique” Pipeline Balloon Angioplasty

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil Leak Solution with DIY Balloon Angioplasty. Greenpowerscience backyard solution. Better than the “DOME” “TOP HAT” or the famous “JUNK SHOT” now called “TOP KILL” oil spill containment The oil spill Gulf of Mexico 2010 Deepwater Horizon BP 70000 barrel a day loss. Solution for a quick fix. Semi-submersible offshore drilling rig. energycommerce.house.gov

Strange star sighting – www.youtube.com Mainstream news of a similar object, though more UFO like – www.youtube.com videos=-txD3ZVD2vQ www.crystalinks.com You can find whatever information you want on the oil spill yourself, God knows there’s plenty of news coverage. I’ve seen articles across the board, rating the spill as high as possibly 200000 gallons a day, potentially much worse.
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  1. lsucowboy says:

    Sadly, even if you could insert this into the broken riser, it would do nothing. The oil is coming out of a 9 inch pipe inside the riser. Furthermore, you would just backup the pressure and force the oil/gas to come out of the other leaking spots and more than likely create new leaks at weak points in the piping. That’s not even mentioning the likelihood of creating a catastrophic “explosion” from the pressure that will build, resulting in a greater leak.

    • DAVEPLATZ says:

      The pressure will not build, this is a pinhole in a giant tank. Pressure is there, it is constant, this pipe is reliving nothing. plug it, it is done.

  2. lsucowboy says:

    @2123rj There is a 9 inch pipe inside the 21 inch pipe. You just can’t see it due to the way the piping is broken. The oil is coming out of the 9 inch, pipe, expanding and billowing out the 21 inch pipe.

  3. bosatsu76 says:

    Whew… I can stop holding my breath now. Now try that 5000 ft down and against 3000 gallons a minute flowing against you at whatever immense pressure there is, roboticaly. Not saying it won’t work.
    BTW, Home depot or any hardware store has these already on the shelves for the plumbers amongst us. Put em on the end of a hose, shove them down a pipe and turn on the water. They swell up and seal off the pipe.

  4. 2123rj says:

    @inetprez Fill the balloon up with oil or sea water instead of air.

  5. 2123rj says:

    Does anyone know why they are just using a 4 inch collector pipe? The collecting pipe is currently pulling in 5000 barrels per day and you can still see the main pipe leaking oil (AP news video). If a 4 inch pipe is working that good a 8 in pipe will work twice as good. If they have problems inserting a larger collecting pipe, they should let the public know. That problem can be solved by changing different variables. If pressure is a problem, that can be solved also.

  6. isaacnd200 says:

    Do you really know what is going on ? Please take just 10 minutes and read the 3 blog posts on my yahoo profile, Isaacnd200….then take a deep breath.

  7. atomicFlyer says:

    Look up Peterson inflatables…they have videos on youtube

  8. pranachimana says:

    how about just a big ass rock?

  9. inetprez says:

    One wonders how this would work at 5,000 feet under water with such low preasure.

  10. DavidWilliamson1982 says:

    I love you, Dan!! 😀

    The balloon could be made of a fricative surface. If it were long enough, with a solid core, you could twist it to insert it, and untwist it for deployment. With a long enough surface along the sides, you could mitigate the pressure.

    Inventors, yo!

  11. derkandersongmail says:

    Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. That was so funny lol. I really like your stuff, it’s practical and isn’t snake oil like all the scams on youtube about green energy.


  12. zcxvasdfqwer1234 says:

    hhahhahaha this was great. Junk shot! hahahaha

  13. 1foxtrot70 says:

    As I said the other day Dan, Great Video! Unfortunately because of the arrogant, Oil Corporations and BP in particular, mind set is, that if we (the oil companies) did not think of it obviously it is not a good idea. Frankly this should have been plugged within 48hrs of the incident.

  14. CRX7510 says:

    That really is sad because this is having such a negative effect environmentally, economically, and politically ;(

  15. KeeperofTheMountain says:

    I don’t know what the presure is. However from a physics stanpoint presure and volume are seperate but related. for example if you open s valve on a garden hose only a little you will get the same presure but less volume and the hose remains the same size. Thus 70,00 psi will build even if the volume is not enough to maximize the flow potential of the pipe.

  16. aceyorba says:

    BP knows how HUGE this reserve is… the word is out.. just look at the drop in wholsale crude prices of oil since the spill.

    …it is all about supply and demand

  17. trailkeeper says:

    Maby use a large collection pipe to insert into the oilleak pipe, and then use your “baloon” method to seal it in good, to hopefully let most of the oil flow into the collection pipe.

  18. FrankCashio says:

    This is not a better solution.The best solution would be to use a method we know could work. This method (as far as i know) has not been used so there is really no way of knowing if it will work, especially considering the depths involved and that it’s oil your trying to stop (highly viscus) not water. The Dome method has been used before so it’s logical that they would use it. The only problem was that it was never used at those depths.

  19. XSlayerALE says:

    I found a basic fundamental flaw in your design. Your goal was just plug up the leak and nothing more which caused your failures. What you should have done is provide an outlet for the water coming out of the pipe then blow up your balloon to seal the pipe. That way you stop the leak and still get the oil ..er water coming out of the broken pipe and you wont have problems pushing in the angioplasty pipe thingy. you owe me a million dollars BP!

  20. 2123rj says:

    One way to deal with the high pressure problem is to divert the oil to a container ship with a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump can be powered by a 747 jet engine. That will create a powerful enough vacuum to cancel out the high pressure of the leaking pipe. The leaking pipe has a diameter of 20 inches and the collecting pipe can have a diameter of 15 inches. To make a water tight seal between the leaking pipe and the collecting pipe, they can use four expanding plugs around the insertion pipe

  21. TheSchetsofiel69 says:

    @561inurface i agree, but if 70.000 barrels of oil comes out each day what destroys loads of furtile enviroment, the price to pay to freeze it all is realy low. I am currently busy with peltier elements to make it real cold. I only have to know how to transport cold. I tried thin alluminium, but even with that i am not happy with it.

  22. badwaterfreak says:

    Check out youtube”Badwaterfreak#1″,

  23. xXxG3n0C1dExXx says:

    The thing is. BP, Transocean, Cameron and Halliburton are the 4 world leaders in the oil and gas industry. If they ‘wanted’ to actually fix this problem they would combine forces and FIX the problem. BP and Halliburton have some of the best engineers on the planet but for reasons beyond my or any of the public’s comprehension they do not want to stop this leak. But i’ll take a wild guess and say it will somehow lead to some sort of addition of more control over the people..

  24. havock89 says:

    Hahaha. You are allowed a booyah now-and-again.

  25. fulmetalmage says:

    only problem is with the oil spill that you are working under very high pressure, tho a nice little idea… i was thinking of a cork myself. however i have a fool proof way of fixing it. stop depending on oil and move to renewable energies, wind solar tide geothermic wave etc etc etc… problem is solved cause its not possible for it to occur. great vid! 😀

  26. awkword519 says:


  27. TheEdge012 says:

    * know (not put)

  28. TheEdge012 says:

    I don’t put much about Hopi but Revelation 16:3 speaks to the possibility of what is happening in the Gulf.

  29. walksat2 says:

    What you say of Hopi prophecy I believe is true. My family lives next to first mesa Polacca. I’m Navajo (Dine) and I grew up with the old people telling me stories of things that are going to come about. One thing you might try watching is Hopi prophecy 2012 rare video. Its full of Native prophecies that have come to be and the suppose end. For us its the purification of this world. People will survive this. Too many people talking of fear I think.

  30. sailbeyondthesunset says:

    You have a leg growing out of your left shoulder mate!

  31. moonshadow93924 says:

    @SmokinJoeTrainer I was thinking city streets and freeways

  32. moonshadow93924 says:

    What are the rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun? Thank you

  33. DrArt666 says:

    Hey great video , keep up the good work you do on here.

  34. woddensoapbox says:

    @LightCodeDemonH that could work too .. asphalt or concrete roads.. good call

  35. LightCodeDemonH says:

    @woddensoapbox i think the rivers of stone might actually be modern day asphalt roads.

  36. EdisunSolar says:

    No collar around the rig site? the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE? which let the oil spread into a national disaster? an Obama 911 back to work plan?- Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Governmental u tube sites block and edited American comments – Ban all block sites
    Wake up – a planed failed? government at work in front of your eyes
    O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica
    Wake up America watch but learn A prophecy or an Obamanation?
    Remedy – HAY tea bags to clean it up

  37. woddensoapbox says:

    snakes of iron= trains
    giant spider web =world wide web (internet)
    rivers of stone= volcanic eruptions cooled or cooling
    pictures in the sun= holograms made by HAARP (aka project bluebeam)

  38. Ladyradical says:

    @SmokinJoeTrainer What about the chemtrails, could this be referring to them, the grid pattern?

  39. TrueChristianSoldier says:

    I read one Hopi prophesy that said the white man will carry brown trails wherever he walks. I was wondering if they meant skidmarks in our underware.

  40. Allamericom says:

    Not only was there no collar around the rig site the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE at the rig which let the oil spread into a national disaster – Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Government u tube sites are blocking and editing the the American comments
    Wake up fools a planed failed government at work in front of your eyes O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica

  41. WordsAtWill says:

    Hey Joe you should check out Project Camelot they have some videos on youtube..
    The thing about prophecy is that they only show one possible time line . Although they should be listened to carefully, there are many other factors to be considered :O)

  42. 900wave says:

    Hey my mom saw that star She’s in Asia & she saw it around 11pm.

  43. BloodbrotherUK says:

    it will pass in the blink of an eye god bless

  44. videosouthafrica says:

    your video is refreshing … hobby prophecy … did it say they wore dark glasses ?

  45. moorelnda says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I subscribed and gave a thumbs up. Keep up the good work bro

  46. RebelStangII says:

    Ya Never Know!

  47. Nosheepfull says:

    Awsome vid brother…

  48. ORNGLOC says:

    I see it every night for a week now

  49. drzeus84 says:

    i saw the light blue star yesterday in new jersey at 5 30 am
    it was brighter than anything i have ever seen it was heading towards atlantic ocean.

  50. tcline614 says:

    The Hopi prophecy is really something but the star you saw at sunset was venus!!

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